Q&A with Christian Watford

We talked to Christian Watford last night after the Indy Pro-Am. Here’s what he had to say.

How’s your summer been so far?

It’s been great. I’ve been working out and at school taking classes and stuff like that.. But it’s been great, very productive.

How was the Kevin Durant Skills Academy a couple of weeks ago?

It was good. There were a lot of great players there. I had a chance to play against some great talent and see where you’re at.

What do you think you got out of it that applies specifically to your game?

I felt more comfortable going into the camp. That was one thing. When I went to adidas Nations last year, I would say I wasn’t as confident. I went into that (Skills Academy) camp, I was pretty confident and I think it went well.

Where do you think you’ve made the biggest strides this offseason?

Ball-handling. Creating separation, getting my own shot. Things like that.

How do you work on just getting better?

A lot of ball-handling drills. That’s what I really have been doing a lot of.

All these guys at the academies want to go to the same place (the NBA). How do you feel like you stacked up?

I thought I stacked up well. It’s pretty different when you have five small forwards on the floor going against another five, but we broke it down and played through it. I felt like it was pretty good.

How do you feel physically? Have you gained or lost weight?

I am playing at like 230. I am pretty good. I am right about where I want to be.

How did you accomplish that?

I got a lot stronger. I ate a lot more and stuff like that.

What is having Cody on the floor going to do for you?

It’s going to free me up a lot. Obviously it will put me on the perimeter, but I’ll still be inside. He’ll draw a lot of double-teams and stuff like that, so we’ll play through him.

Do you just feel a lot more comfortable when you’re at the 3?

Yeah, I do. But it’s basketball. Playing the 4, I’ve been doing that for two years now so I am pretty comfortable with it.

Who has stood out as having made a lot of improvement?

Victor has. As you guys can see. (Note: He had a few more things to say, but I could not pick them out above the rap music blaring in the gym. My apologies.)

Knowing that this is your junior year, do you feel a real urgency to be consistent and at all all-Big Ten level the whole season?

Oh yeah, the whole season. I got to. I am on the downhill part of my career, so I got to.



  1. I really think if Pritchard can stay on the floor at center, allowing Zeller to play the 4 and Watford the 3, we’ll have a good rotation of guards and swing players that will allow Crean to adjust using bigger and smaller lineups depending on the opponent. That should really help the team be much better than the previous years under Crean. I’m optimistic–reasonable, but confident–about this season.

    Now hopefully the football team can get the year off to a good start and win some meaningful games!

  2. I am impressed with Christian’s maturity and focus.

    Well said Eric on your comments….

  3. I agree with Eric’s sentiments too, that front-court seems to be the best option to me. IU is thin with big guys so Pritch HAS to play smart & stay on the floor to give this team a chance at success. Hopefully DE can be much more consistent also.

  4. He says he has improved his ball-handling skills, but he had hardly any to start with. What kind of improvement will it take to get him where he needs to be to play the 3 spot?

  5. Am expecting big things out of CWat this season. I he uses his entire talent and plays smart and with passion, he will have a very good year.

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