Report: Gunner Kiel commits to Indiana

The recruiting website 24/7 Sports is reporting that top-ranked quarterback Gunner Kiel has committed to Indiana. The Columbus East senior chose Indiana over dozens of offers, including Alabama.

Kiel is rated by many recruiting services as the best pro-style quarterback in the nation. Kiel threw for 2,700 yards and 36 touchdowns last season.

We’ll hopefully have more on this story. Obviously huge news for IU.

UPDATE: I’m striking out on attempts to contact Kiel and his coach Bob Gaddis — though so is most of the western world other than Steve Wiltfong — so I’ve taken to contacting recruiting experts to discuss just how big of a deal this is.

I asked Mike Farrell, a national analyst for, how surprised he would’ve been at the beginning of Kiel’s recruitment to learn that he would pick Indiana.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, a 10,” Farrell said. “This is the biggest upset that I can remember. The No. 1 quarterback in the country spurning Oklahoma, Alabama Notre Dame and on and on and on to go to IU, a place that was deemed a basketball school, a school that doesn’t have the winning history or the tradition or the facilities of the rest of those schools is just amazing. I’ve seen kids decide to stay home. But that’s to stay home play to for Florida or Texas. For him to stay for Indiana shows what he’s about. He’s about family pride  and pride in his state university. This is a football decision. Coach Wilson is a great offensive coordinator and head coach, but it still says a lot about him that he was willing to stay in Indiana to play for IU.”

Farrell and midwest analyst Allen Trieu  and Farrell both gushed about Kiel’s talents.

“He makes great decisions,” Trieu said. “He’s good at reading defenses. He’s going to come in ahead of where most come high school players come in in the mental side of the game. You throw in that he’s 6-3, 6-4 with a cannon for an arm and he can move well, he has the whole package.”

Said Farrell: “The thing I like about him the most is he’s big and he knows how to shuffle around the pocket. He has that Ben Roethlisberger feel for the pocked. He can sense when there’s pressure and move up in the pocket and run for five yards and get the next play. He’s not the guy that’s going to take off for a big run, but he can move around to the outside and make the throws.”

Trieu and Farrell both said they expect Kiel’s commitment to lead to an upgrade in talent for IU across the board, but they cautioned that IU fans should keep that in perspective.

“He’ll upgrade the talent,” Farrell said. “But four-stars and five-stars aren’t going to start flocking to Indiana. It’s not going to be BOOM, the floodgates are open and every kid looking at Notre Dame and Michigan all the sudden wants to go to Indiana. But he’s going to increase the notoriety of the program. Kids, especially on offense, that they were competing against the Iowas and Wisconsins with are going to take a serious look at Indiana. They’re not going to go into Ohio and pull out a kid Ohio State wants and they’re not going to go into Michigan and get a kid Michigan wants. But you’re going to see more 3’s than 2’s in that class, and for the next two or three years that’s occur. And that’s not just this year. He’s going to give them a face to put to the program.”


  1. This is awesome, great news!! Congrats to Coach Wilson and his staff, and welcome to the Hoosier nation Gunner!!

  2. My stomach just dropped with the same feeling as when I read the headline that Cody committed…pure nervous joy.

  3. Great news. Now, does he have any large, hostile, and mobile linebacker buddies who might want to give us a look?

  4. This may be the greatest upset in college football history. I’m almost embarrassed to email my SEC fan friends about this. Wow.

  5. I’ll celebrate when Gunner signs the letter of intent. If this is true, there’s a very good chance he will stick with is initial verbal committment, given that his brother is on the team. And if he does, that will be HUGE for Wilson and IU football! In the mean time, the powerhouse programs will continue to try to recruit him and some will go after him hard until signing day.

    Say what you want, but when you get the top-rated HS QB in the nation choosing IU over traditional powerhouse programs like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Tenn, that’s a major acomplishment. Wilson and staff can build on that and use it to attract other recruits that might not otherwise give IU a second look. It goes a long way to creating a positive “buzz” about IU football. Gunner is clearly a “blue-chipper,” a top five-star prospect with all the tools, and getting one of those (how long has it been since IU signed a five-star recruit?)is great news of any team, but its HUGE for one that is trying to take its program to the next level.

    Let’s keep our fings crossed. Signing day for the class of 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  6. Whatever anyone may thing about his ‘attitude’ we don’t get Gunner unless Wilson is the coach because of his resume’ developing quarterbacks. Lynch wouldn’t have had a chance. Now, let’s see some top flight wide receivers come out of the woodwork and commit to the Hoosiers (though, we’ve always done pretty well there). This is probably the biggest football commit in IU history.
    I am shocked, excited, thrilled and amazed. Can’t wait to keep hearing more football news. I am firmly on the bandwagon.

  7. Big Bob comes out of his Mom’s basement in West Layfayette and overwhelms the exclamation point key. What a sad day for Bob and his Boil Makers.

  8. Wow!!!! Thank you, Gunner!!!! Welcome to IU!!! As a long time IU football season ticket holder this is by far the best news I’ve heard in years involving recruiting! I will pray now for you to have a healthy, successful and historic IU career, as well as, the NFL someday!

  9. Podunker,
    Iu’s never had a 5 star before. Depending on which sevrice you follow, we’ve only had one 4 star. Rivals ranked Zach Shaw as a 4, and Scout gave Duwyce Wilson a 4. According to both Rivals and ESPN, Gunner is a 4 as well. But Scout and 247 have him as a 5.

  10. Podunker makes a great point. If we think bb recruiting is cut-throat (think of our own Eric Gordon) you ain’t seen nothing until you see Big Time Football recruiting. This is just going to turn the dial up to “11” for Alabama, Tennessee, etc. How many times did Tyrelle Pryor change his mind before OSU …ummm…made him an offer he couldn’t refuse? How many “final decisions” did Jermey Finch make? Hold your breath until signing day and hope that Gunner is the kind of kid who stands by his word.

  11. Just by the way Gunner conducted his whole recruitment, I don’t think there is going to be a problem with him de-committing and going somewhere else. I know we haven’t been the greatest in football but we have a great coach and word is that Sam Bradford even vouched for Coach Wilson and said this is the place to be!! Go Hoosiers

  12. I’m a believer!!! If Coach Wilson can’t turn the football program into winners after getting Gunner, it can’t be done.

  13. Mattsi4;it may be a matter of semantics, but I thought Anthony Thompson was a blue chip recruit coming out of HS?

    You know, it’s irrelevant what Gunner’s star rating is or which recruiting services has him at what level. What matters is that he is a top rated QB that picked IU over AL, OK, Tenn and other powerhouse programs.

  14. The headline in the paper tommorrow needs to be “GUNNER PULLS THE TRIGGER FOR INDIANA” with “Nation’s Top QB commits to the Hoosiers” underneath.

  15. Amazing. What a get. I am in shock.

    Big Bob is the worst troll on the Scoop since 4guards. Never had a nice word about anyone. This is one of the sacrifices we make with internet free speech – even the idiots get their word.

  16. Great news for IU football fans. Hopefully this will open the door for some other top flight guys to want to join a program on the upswing. I wish I lived close enough to attend games. Oh well, thank God for the BTN!

    I agree, Big Bob is an idiot. I’m guessing he probably did not come up with that moniker after a trip to the restroom…

  17. What great news. Hopefully this really gets things rolling for Coach Wilson. Way to go Gunner!

    Big Bob should simply be banned for being the flamer that he is. He doesn’t even have the craft to attempt to hide it.

  18. Great news…but I’m not sold until he signs his NLI. Coach Wilson has done a great job with QBs while at Oklahoma, especially #1 pick Sam Bradford. Kiel likes Wilson’s swagger and style of offense. Now…LET’S JUST WIN, BABY!

  19. Huge news – so happy for Coach Wilson and the rest of the team. Also excited that Kiel had the balls not to sell out to the high profile programs and risk it to help rebuild the Hoosiers.

    Great day for IU football and IU in general.

  20. Its great to get a great, talented kid from a great family, but let’s not put too much pressure on this kid, and do the disservice of not following/supporting this year’s team.

    Gunner is a big part of the future no doubt, but let’s be sure to work hard at the present too.

    Congratulations Gunner, it is great to have you at IU, here’s wishing you the greatest success.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  21. Congrats! Now, can you hold on? That’s just great IU got him. Too bad he and his bro will have to compete for one job, but at least Mom and Dad can see one play and one sit. With him there, no one outside the Big Ten…ish will probably ever hear from him again. But congrats on feelin like you’ve won something Hosers. Certainly could be a big ERROR on his part whereas if he were someplace competitive, like with a winner, the sky might be his limit. But not there! Sowwy!

  22. Wide receivers, tight ends, and left OTs, (and a few blockindg backs) B-Town is calling!

  23. Isn’t the world a classy place? Miss out on a kid, and that’s the response you come up with.

    Go away.

  24. Podunker,
    You may be right, I’ve also heard that Teddy Schell was highly touted coming out of high school.

  25. When is signing day for the class of 2012? We can all really celebrate when the ink on Gunner’s NLI is dry. And that celebration won’t be putting pressure on the young man, it’ll simply be an expression of joy and hope about a signal that IU FB is being turned around. I think anyone that knows anything about FB knows that no one player can win FB games by himself. But Gunner’s signing can attract other top FB athletes that want to be a part of building something special. Just by signing, Gunner will be the source of momentum, an excuse for other top prospects to sign with IU, a justification for bucking the trend.

    Every fire begins with a spark. If Gunner ends up signing his LOI with IU, I believe that will be the spark that fires up IU football. Whether Gunner ever throws a pass for the Hoosiers or not, when he signs the LOI, he will have already demonstrated great leadership and courage, attributes that abound in great quarterbacks.

  26. UAISGR8(“University of Alabama is Great”, Nice????) Sowwy, Keep calling the little pigs big boy and rolling in the pig crap. Sowwy!!! IU got the prize of a young classy ethical man and you just can’t handle it. Good guys do finish first!!!!! Way to have some guts Gunner and show what a Student Athlete is all about. You make me proud to be a Hoosier!! And Sowwy, how do you feel tonight???? Like Pig Crap??

  27. Nice try CHET.I always watch the Hoosier’s play football on the Big Ten Network.I root for them all the way but after watching The Tide roll watching IU has been like watching a high school team.

  28. Won’t get any argument from me there. Alabama is great at football and the Hoosiers generally suck. Meager talent, worse coaching. Historically, no comparison between the two programs. Hopefully, things will improve for the Hoosiers. Things are certainly looking up. The Tide will, no doubt, keep on rolling. No reason to think otherwise. They are the real deal.
    I’m still glad my college degree doesn’t say ‘Alabama'(or any SEC school other than Vanderbilt or, maybe, Florida) on it, though. I’m pretty sure Forrest was valedictorian.

  29. Chet,your a funny man.At Alabama Forrest probably was a vegetarian.However US News and World Report has Indiana ranked #75 on the “Best Colleges” list. Several Big Ten schools fared better.Not to bust your bubble but even Georgia placed higher than IU.

  30. Is this kid the next Reno Hightower? Will Taft finally take down Bakersfield? Will Reno wear his white shoes?

    “great catch my azz thats what your supposed to do when the ball hits you in the hands!!!”

  31. Sorry about my previous post, I ment Dave Schnell (the nation’s No. 1 player in 1985 according to Sports Illustrated) not Teddy Schell

  32. Mattsi4, I knew who you meant.

    By the way, reading some of the posts on the Bama FB blogs is really funny. There are some people in shock down there. It’s obvious that some of those Bama fans are bad loosers. And unfortunately, there are some very low class jerks making personal attacks against Gunner for his decision. I hope IU fans never tolerate that kind of classless behavior directed at a teenage athlete. A few loser Bama fans are giving that University a black eye.

  33. Podnuker,your right some Alabama fans can be jerks.Football is a religion down here much like basketball used to be in Indiana.You should cut them some slack.Unlike Indiana fans their not used to losing.Try to contain yourself.Gunner is ONE player.Like Bear Bryant said “act like you been somewhere boy”

  34. Much goes into the ranking and US News is pretty subjective. IU has over 120 majors and programs ranked in the nation’s top 20. Twenty-nine graduate programs and four schools at Indiana University are ranked among the top 25 in the country in the US News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools. Time magazine named IU its 2001 College of the Year among major research universities. Newsweek named it the Hottest Big State School in the Nation in 2005. The Institute of Higher Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked Indiana University as the 28th best in the world in the social sciences and the 90th best in the world overall. Also the Russian based Global University Ranking placed Indiana University among top 90 in the world in 2009
    But you are correct. All the Big Ten schools are considered prestigious research universities.

  35. RAM; I won’t ever cut anyone any slack for taking nasty personal shots at a teenager based on where he chooses to go to college. That’s just wrong. As I said, most of the comments were funny in expressing their shock, but some were way, way out of bounds. Those posters did the majority of Bama fans a disservice.

    And basketball is still a religion in Indiana. Just like Bama football, IU basketball was down for a while, but it will rise up again.

  36. Podunker, can you tell we which blog this was because I have been all over the Bama blogs and have not seen it.There are jerks every where and at every school,that’s just an unfortunate fact.

  37. Wow!!! It is fun having Big Bob here! Big Bob, don’t you ever die!! It is so gooooood hearing someone else dealing with the diarrhea!

  38. Can someone please explain to me the Scoop’s censorship policies? Case and point:

    1. Big Bob= deadbeat loser who posts nothing but one-line disparaging, negative comments about every topic. Fully licensed and welcome to post on the Scoop.

    2. Unnameable Blogger known to be an ardent fan of the University of Washington = mostly rational minded sports fan and Hoosier lover who engages in constructive conversations and occasionally goes off topic. Put on spam list for life; not welcome on Scoop.

    What gives, fellas? Any hopes that a regime change will end this despotism?

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