Report: Indiana pursuing LSU big man Garrett Green

Indiana may have found a use for the extra scholarship available this season that serves the dual-purpose of not affecting the future scholarship picture.

Garrett Green, a 6-foot-11 forward/center from LSU, has graduated the school and is looking to start a Master’s program in sports management (That is the same program Matt Roth is pursuing a postgraduate degree in). Indiana has contacted Green, as did Arizona State and Long Beach State.

Green has played three years at LSU (redshirting in 2008-09) and will have on year of eligibility remaining. Because of an NCAA rule that allows graduated student-athletes to transfer and be immediately eligible at another school (as long as it has the desired grad program and the former school does not), Green could play this season for Indiana.

What he would provide remains open for speculation: he started five games last season and averaged 6.3 points and 5.1 rebounds. He was a 44.8 percent field goal shooter, and had season-highs of 18 points (against Auburn) and 13 rebounds (against Wichita State).

Green will take a visit this week to Indiana. At 6-foot-11 and 230 pounds, he could allow for another body at the 5 position, thus allowing Cody Zeller and Christian Watford to play more of their natural 4 and 3 positions, respectively.

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  1. “Indiana has contacted Green, as well as Arizona State and Long Beach State.” So Indiana contacted the player, then contacted 2 schools?

  2. We will take all the big men we can get, even if for a year! This sounds like a good deal, he can spell Pritch when he gets in foul trouble and like they said keeps Zeller and Wat at their dominant positions! I like this, hope it works!

  3. Considering that we have the scholarship, I don’t see a negative in this. If he can help, great; if not, well, he can’t be less help than an unused scholarship. Between him and Pritchard, we can use 10 hard fouls a game and not have to get Watford and Zeller in foul trouble doing it. This would also let Elston back up Zeller and Watford rather than again trying to play center, which is not his strength. I say go for it.

  4. Perfect tactics and strategy in one action, and I think Eric rightly cyphered DE then supports a more natural position. Can we get this lucky?

  5. The way CTC is recruiting maybe he let the other schools know about him because he needed a little more of a challenge.

  6. What a great fit with no downside at all, if Mr. Green is a good citizen. We should beat out both AZ St and Long Beach St both academically and on the basketball court. But you failed to give us the KEY STAT: what is his FT%? Both Pritchard and Capo were around 40% We need a bigger “peach basket”!

  7. 40% free throw for career and 44% last year. Go to LSU Athletics web sight for complete stats.

  8. Who cares about free throw percentage at this point? We just need a big body to take up space and rebound.

  9. This would be a win even if he never sees the floor in a game. He’s a big guy who can lean on Pritch and CZ in practice, muscle the hell out of them, and get them ready for B10 play.

  10. I like the kid’s vids and he’s obviously a heady kid that fills a need while not impacting the future. Have heard IU’s location doesnt help us, but also dont think ASU has the masters program he is looking for. So that leaves LBS.

    Something really tells me this kid with by a 2011 commit before Monday hits.

    Here’s a nice link I found with his game by game stats for last year. He put together some really solid games against decent SEC (and others) teams. Was averaging some nice boards until the last couple of games that brought is average down. Nice off rebounder as well and doesnt foul much.

  11. I think Johnfrombeyond is right. I bet this guy is a plant by ESPN. I think his girlfriend’s, uncle’s, mother-in-law works at IU as a custodian and just got a pay raise a month ago. I heard Mike Fish was seen at the Taco Bell on College Avenue last night around 2 am when the bars closed.

  12. 2011 class cracked the Rivals Top 25 recruiting classes when we added Remy. Adding Green could inch us up the list a bit more.

  13. He fills the need GMM was supposed to, though 3 years at an SEC school is a whole lot better background.

  14. who else could say they played for LSU and INDIANA… The kid would be an idiot if he did not come here. Plus we have what he wants as far as education.

  15. Let’s wrap this kid up. Would be a big boon for our class of 2011 and provide a last-minute reason for more optimism for the upcoming season, continuing the momentum from the Abell signing.

    Make some noise, Crean! To paraphrase an old friend, put the “amp” in champion!

  16. This could be what IU need’s to get into posy season play . If IU could even get into the NIT this season that would be great.Even for just 1 season..GET HIM!!!

  17. ASU, LBS and IU? What’s there to think about? That’s a no-brainer! If he had not grown up in Southern California, LBS would not be in the running. It’s a commuter school and might get 4,000 people in the stadium for a BB game. And the quality of the education it provides is not in line with IU.

    ASU, while offering a slightly better campus environment with more interest in the BB program, is not known for its high academic standards. I mean when you can’t get accepted to any other school, you apply to ASU!

    Basketball, campus environment, and quality of education points to IU. Its not even close! Unless he’s a weather weenie and can’t tolerate temperatures below 40 degrees, IU is the only real choice.

    As for his impact to the 2011 Hoosiers, it’s always good to have big men, especially an experienced and mature big man, but he’s not going to make a huge impact.

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