Reports: Gunner Kiel visiting IU and 24/7 Sports are both reporting that Gunner Kiel will take a visit to Indiana today.  The 6-foot-4, 210-pounder from Columbus East is the top-ranked pro-style quarterback in the nation according to some ranking services. He appears to be down to a top two with IU and Alabama, though he is also in contact with Tennessee and some other schools.


  1. Whoa. Nervous time, for Hoosier football fans.

    Gunner, if IU has made this many cuts so far, go ahead and take it the full 9 yards by making IU your final choice.

  2. Come on Coach Wilson… make it happen cap’en! This would be a huge sentinel recruit for IU causing positive ripples in signing other top prospective recruits. Keep us informed!!

  3. Would be a huge get for IU football. Would hold off on thinking this is going to turn into a domino effect, however. Kiel is a different kind of kid. He’ll spurn big name programs to stay close to home. Most kids wont do that.

    IU getting consistently better over the next 3-4 years is just about the only thing that will begin bringing in program-changing talent. Coaching should be better from the outset however.

  4. Not only is he a great prospect, but his name is Gunner. I could say that for four years…and a few bowl games.

    This would be a great get for IU. I’d love to see him pan out and help a home-state program become relevant.

  5. We know Gunner are his brothers are close. What are the chances that Gunner red-shirts his first year at IU to give Dusty another year at QB? He seems like the kind of kid that is very mature and may have already thought of that scenario. He would be scary good if he had five years in a Kevin Wilson system. But since his body already seems to be Big Ten ready, and the fact he is the #1 QB prospect, red-shirting him might not make sense. He does seem like the kind of kid to go to IU, take a red-shirt year for his brother’s sake, use that year to really learn the system, then go on to become a Hoosier legend.

  6. It’s weird to see Indiana mentioned with Alabama… Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I have a feeling he’s gonna pick the latter. But I have certainly been wrong before.

  7. Best of luck with the decision Gunner. I won’t lie though…would love to see you suit up for IU and help complete the revival!!

  8. I’ve also heard a rumor that his oldest brother has enrolled at IU to finish his buisness degree. Have no idea if this is true or not. But if it is, and taking into consideration how close he is with his family, Gunner’s starting to feel like a lock.

  9. With this kid’s talent, he would be making a big, big mistake if he signs with IU. Does Wilson even run a passing offense? Alabama, IU, one does not belong with the other when speaking of football.

  10. Big Bob. Why do you even bother coming to this site. I don’t think you have ever posted anything even close to resembling a positive. While IU and Alabama do have considerably different football history, it wouldn’t automatically mean that Gunner (or anyone else) automatically made a “big mistake”. Maybe the only mistake is that I bothered spending 45 seconds responding to you.

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