Ron Patterson sitting out rest of summer tournaments

The Indianapolis Star’s Kyle Neddenriep reported earlier on Monday that Indiana commitment Ron Patterson will not play in any tournaments the rest of the July evaluation period. Chris Hawkins, a longtime coach of Patterson’s who is one of the coaches of Patterson’s Indiana Elite One team, confirmed that, saying that Patterson will instead use the rest of the month to work on his game individually.

“Individually he’s going to work on his game,” Hawkins said. “I have no problem with it. He already has a scholarship. The rest of the kids on our team are working toward getting a scholarship. He could’ve went down (to Orlando for IE One’s next tournament) and played. At the end of the day has to work on things he needs to work on to be better for his high school team and for when he gets down to IU. I have no problem what he did, and his teammates understand and stuff like that also, so there are no issues.”

The July evaluation period doesn’t have that much further to go. Indiana Elite One was scheduled to play in the AAU Super Showcase in Orlando, Fla., July 23-27 but that’s the last tournament it will play in.

Still, this is the latest development in a tumultuous travel season for Patterson. He was initially part of Indiana Elite Team Indiana, the top squad in the organization which at one point had all five IU verbal commitments for the Class of 2012 on the roster. Patterson left that squad after the Adidas May Classic in Bloomington in mid-May, however, to return to the Indiana Elite One squad that he had played with for most of his summers. Patterson said he was more comfortable with that team and wanted a greater offensive role to develop his game. With Team Indiana, he was mostly being used as a defensive stopper and rebounder.

Hawkins, however, said that Patterson’s decision not to play in Elite One’s last tournament shouldn’t be interpreted as another sign of unhappiness.

“When he plays, sometimes other people get overshadowed,” Hawkins said. “… I think it’s been a good summer for him. Toward the end of the summer, I don’t know if he needs to play in any more tournaments. I could see if he still wasn’t committed … but I don’t think he needed to prove anything for anybody.”


  1. I have no issue with this either. I think time could be spent a lot better working on his own game than spending more time on the AAU circuit. He has a big advantage over most in that he’s already selected his college and now he’s taking advantage of that.

  2. My guess is there’s more to this story and him leaving Elite 1 than we know. Wouldn’t be surprised if he decommits. Appears to me he isn’t a very good teammate. I thought his forte was defense and that’s why we got him. Now he wants to do his own thing. Couldn’t hang with the Team Indiana, then goes back to Elite 1, now wants to be alone. Yeah, I sure can’t wait till he gets to IU if he ever does. If he does get to IU he will leave when over shadowed by all the other guys so he can be the star on another team. Doesn’t appear to be a team player to me. He wants to be the BMOC and he’s not and won’t be at IU. He’ll end up at a MAC school before his college career is done. Hope I’m wrong, but my gut is telling me otherwise.

  3. Patterson has made his reputation when the games count. AAU games are selfish by default. The uncommitted players feel the need to show what they could do, while I guy like Patterson just wants to win and play the game the right way.

    Personally, who you are for high school team should matter most at this stage (especially as a committed player). If he feels like these AAU tournaments are more for showcasing individual talent vs. playing the right way, good for him. He made an adult decision and we should applaud him.

    If there is something more sinister lurking underneath, that is something that Crean can take care of. It is not like we will be hurting for wings next year.

  4. Anyone who watched him play for Broad Ripple HS knows that he is a ferocious defender, a total team player, a strong leader, and a guy who takes the responsibility for making the last shot to win the game. Ron’s areas to work on are dribble penetration, passing decision making, and shooting accuracy/consistency. To be a great combo guard in college, Ron needs to improve his game in these areas. He will be a great player at IU!

  5. i hate to lose,

    the problem with you formulating your thoughts in your gut is that they then pass through your intestines until you end up speaking out of your ass. when you start doing your thinking with your brain, let us know. until then, shut up.

  6. I can almost feel the coach wanting to rip him but he takes the high ground and good for him. “He could’ve went down and played.” And maybe there are no issues in the end. What’s the difference, he’s not coming back to AAU ball.

    I dont know. I want someone who knows his role and can accept it for the better of the team, a nearly lost thought in the instant impact world of AAU. I especially want that from someone in Ron’s position with IETI. Besides, again who’s he trying to impress if it’s about getting better?

  7. I can say when I watched him two games in Minneapolis he was not very impressive. Now I know it is only two games but he really got it taken to him in one game by a guy who must have scored 40. So I have no issue with him trying to work on things he needs to. The r
    decommit comment is probably premature but when you get many players committed early on odds are one or two will end up backing out.

  8. I would not read into much about a kid NOT playing AAU. In my experience (on the girls side I must add) The two main reasons a kid decides to quit AAU ball is…. 5% not having fun….. and 95% family reason. Both were non of my business. With that said I also expect decommit or more transfers. Crean in on a ROLL and IU won’t be for everyone. Fact of a growing powerhouse to be. Like I have said before…….. Watch the recruits…. Crean has joined the Big Leagues. AND THEY ARE Student Athletes!! And that makes me proud!! The way it used to be!!

  9. RP is mature enough to know what is best for his
    BB life. I have seen him play a handful of times and he is a performer of formidable work ethic every team would prize. He is preparing for his final HS season and IU beyond. If he is successful in improving what he has identified as needs, he will be a star in the B10. I think his independent thinking is actually emerging leadership skill.

  10. I would have thought decommit after he left Team Ind, but now he will only have his senior season to convince coaches to pick him up if he does decommit. Who really knows how all this will shake out. We probably will have some decomits coming, but there is no telling who. When the coach throws out 20 offers on the table, those won’t all be honored. I realize this is how it goes.

  11. IndyHoosier, no one plays AAU ball at that stage in their HS career to get better. It is about getting seen. Besides, have you ever seen an AAU game. College coaches cringe when they see how the game is played at the AAU level. It is all individual, one-on-one stuff with very little defense. I have seen tournaments in Ft. Wayne where if a team didn’t hit 100 points in that tournament, they lost. Think 1970s and 80s NBA. I think most of these guys should do more individual/private workouts. It is a great way to work on the weaker parts of your game and fine tune the better parts. AAU games won’t allow you to do that.

  12. IUHoosier1992, exactly. I don’t know why a kid going into their senior season who has already committed would play AAU ball. It takes away any chance at enjoying the summer. It is unlikely to improve their game. They can get hurt. I felt a huge sense of relief when my kids no longer competed in their sports year round. It’s a huge pain in the a$$.

  13. If I was a player I’d quit AAU the minute I committed to a school. You gain nothing from it, and your better off training on your own and making sure you don’t get hurt.

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