1. How ironic that this post and one pertaining the possible deregulation of texts and phone calls appear side by side. Perhaps if they had been deregulated then, we wouldn’t have gone through the last 3 years. But of course then we’d still have Sampson as our coach.

  2. Correction: deregulation of texts and emails. Perhaps it wouldn’t have affected Sampson much after all.

  3. I can’t help but wonder, if Sampson stayed around and won games but created a slime filled program, would there be a contingent making excuses for him because he was a winning coach?

  4. Why would anyone hire him for anything? The man showed that he has no respect for ethics and morals.

    Underlying evereything we do are honor, Integrity, honesty. Without those, what do you have?

  5. Is there any new updateds on Mitch McGary, not concerned with yesterdays trash we took out.

  6. Chet, most likely the answer s YES…UK fans are going through this right now, haha!

  7. Still don’t understand the fascination with a coach that brought down our program; yet 3 years later we post a story about him on an IU page. Nobody cares about Sampson and if they do, they aren’t IU fans. He’s irrelevant.

  8. JPat, yeah, I have a brother-in-law that I’ve been listening to making excuses for UK coaches since that piece of s**t, Adolph Rupp.

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