1. You guys should go to Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta…just a few blocks away from the Drake at 864 N. State St. Enjoyed the chat. One king bed?

  2. Will keep that in mind Willie. Chicago-style, I presume? We hit up Smoque last night, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Best brisket I’ve ever had.
    Luckily, Dustin and I are in a room with two beds. Andy is on his own in a king room.

  3. Dustin – you a blinding, brilliant light from heaven. (at least with the lamp behind you)

  4. H-T guys, please give us something on how Nebraska isn’t on IU’s football schedule until 2015. I’m just unable to comprehend how/why the conference would do that. It makes no sense in any context that we’d play Wisconsin 3 of the next 4 years, and Nebraska none of those years.

  5. Hugh, Dustin, & Andy-

    Pizano’s Recommendations:

    -I love the thin crust(though I’m sure the deep dish is delicious, too). My mouth is watering just thinking about their buttery golden cheese.
    -Caesar salad(it comes in a pretty sizable bowl and can be shared)
    -If you walk out of Pizano’s without getting to indulge in the pleasures the “Holly and Little Rudy’s Chocolate Chip Cookie” (serves 2-3), then you have failed in experiencing an inseparable bond with a dessert that will forever impart memory onto your taste buds like no other temptation ever imagined. The owner offered this sinfully baked cookie and ice cream in a pizza pan as an “on the house” gift to my wife and I on Valentine’s Day. It was our first time in Pizano’s…He had me eternally hooked on the pizza, but this gesture was borderline evil. Oh my Lord..
    -Try to get a table near the bar…Great ambiance and Chicago sports figures of the past in framed poses adorn the walls.

  6. Braden Gault from Velencia High School in New Mexico…Could he be related to Willie? I wonder if any football program offered this kid. Rather small kid at 5-9, but the speed is quite incredible… Track and field star..Always a wonderful weapon to have a kid that can get behind any secondary and catch the deep one.

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