1. Hugh,

    You seem to be showing the sure signs of exercise or calorie control. If so I say “congratulations”.

  2. The totally unneccessary gibe at northern Indiana was just rude. It was criminal that Dan Dakich was passed up for Mr.Basketball.

    “When was the last time a Mr. Basketball came from northern Indiana?”

    Answer: 2010(Deshaun Thomas from Fort Wayne). It is barely over a 30 minute drive from Fort Wayne to the Michigan state line.

  3. Did you forget Drew?

    1991 Glen Robinson, Gary Roosevelt
    1992 Charles Macon, Mich. City
    1994 Bryce Drew, Valparaiso
    1996 Kevin Ault, Warsaw
    1997 Luke Recker, Waterloo(Dekalb County)
    2010 Deshaun Thomas, Fort Wayne

    Though not receiving Mr. Basketball honors, there are plenty of very talented players representing Northwest Indiana in recent years(contrary to belief, Dan Dakich is not the only quality player to ever come from the section of the state near the shores of Lake Michigan). Here are a few names off the top my head: Luke Harangody-ND, E’twaun Moore-Purdue, Robbie Hummel-Purdue, Scott Martin-ND, Zack Novak-Michigan, Branden Dawson-MSU, Mitch McGary-Chesterton(transferred to Brewster)…and as Hugh mentioned, possible future Mr. Basketball candidate, Demetrius Jackson-Mishawaka.

    I got a kick out of Dustin suggesting Demetrius moving to Indy.

  4. Junior Bridgeman (Louisville) and Pete Trigovich (UCLA) on the same East Chicago Team.

  5. Although from a north central location I would certainly add Scott Skiles.

  6. Absolutely…Skiles heroics at the State Finals are among some of the most memorable in the history of Indiana high school basketball…He put little Plymouth on his shoulders and brought home the title game trophy when Indiana hoops was still a one class system!

    Red rover, red rover, send Matt Nover right over? Or maybe Delray Brooks?

  7. Oops! Sounds like Indiana non-natives know little about being a Hoosier!

    As a rule: East is East and West is West; Cleanliness is next to Godliness and Northern Indiana is next to Southern Indiana.

  8. In the past few years Asheville has become something of a Mecca for transient high school players with Christ School, Veritas, and a couple of others. As the father of three successful high school athletes (none of them basketball players, at least in high school) it just sickens me. Next spring the All Western North Carolina basketball teams will come out and it will be filled with names (like Plumlee) that showed up a few months ago. It’s not personal, my kids made their All WNC teams (it’s not like Indiana basketball) but I still think it’s wrong and I’ve written the newspapers about it. They tend to concur, but feel their hands are tied.

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