1. Well he looked far quicker, more skilled and more physically developed than anyone else on that court, but that isn’t really saying much. I live in Maine, and I am certain that our top AAU teams in that age group would smoke what I just saw… Seems like Jackson might have his way, but he isn’t working with, or against, much.

  2. Why do say that? U14 Maine girls just won AAU nationals… There isn’t quite the population, but Maine is high school hoops crazy. Not like Indiana necessarily, but I have lived in a lot of places and none are crazy like Indiana. Maine has put out several solid players and because of the population they generally congregate to 2 or 3 AAU programs. The Portland area schools beat up on Boston-area schools every year in holiday tournaments. All I am saying is that particular video showed me a bunch of not much. Mr. Jackson looked like the only real talent on the floor, so while I’m glad he looked far better than everyone around him, I just don’t think that is saying much.

    Now I watched some highlights from other games in this tourny and there seemed to be a lot more height, length, and athletic ability in those games… More like a D1 atmosphere. It would have been more interesting to see Jackson in that setting than in the highlights of the game above.

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