Video: Kevin Wilson at Big Ten Media Days

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson went through his first Big Ten Media Day on Washington, where everyone tried to talk about Gunner Kiel without saying the name Gunner Kiel.

Here’s a link to the transcript of his time at the podium. I’ll post video if the Big Ten posts it on their site. Below is video of Wilson in the hallway afterwards. He talked about pace on offense and JUCO back Stephen Houston, among other things.


  1. The more I hear Wilson talk, the more I like him. Given the restictions on what he can and can’t discuss, I think he did a nice job in his first big Ten Media Day.

  2. Podunker,

    I agree completely. KW clearly has a vision and a plan. I felt the same way with Hep, except that this coach seems to have a bit of an ‘edge’ to his remarks. Still very positive and confident, but not so much a cheerleader–more like a *gasp* “General.”

    I would doubt very seriously in that locker room that anyone doubts who’s calling the shots. And his resume suggests that he knows how to call them. It’s exciting.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Podunker- Totally.

    The more I hear him talk, the more I am also baffled about all the criticism saying that K.W. is “rough around the edges,” “abrasive,” “lacks social skills,” etc.

    The guy is a freakin’ football coach! He looks and talks exactly like a good football coach should!

    Yesterday I was listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN. On the subject of Pete Carrol, he said “the guy will not succeed in the NFL. He’s rah-rah, he’s a cheerleader. He’s funny. The NFL doesn’t treat “funny” guys well; ask Sam Wyche and Jerry Glanville. NFL guys are serious and detail oriented. They lock themselves in a dark room and get grumpy and/or fat studying film for years at a time. They are angry. Guys like Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid, Cowher, Bellicheck.”

    Couldn’t we say the same about successful college coaches on the whole? Lynch was more of a Pete Carrol type (in personality, not success). Well, now, we finally have our Andy Reid type. I will take it. The guy exudes confidence and toughness.

  4. He looks like a football coach. He talks like a football coach. He acts like a football coach. I think just maybe we have a football coach…yes!!!

  5. Bark the Stark; You’re exactly right. Wilson is “a freakin football coach!” That said it perfectly. I can only surmise that the people who have complained that Wilson “was rough around the edges” were either women, suffer from acute PC syndrome, or have never played football.

    I used to laugh at all the hand wringing weenies that complained about or referenced the “abuse” Bob Knight delivered to his players. My HS football coach made Knight look like a whimp. We received more physical and verbal “abuse” during a week of practice than Knight delivered in a year. I can’t remember how many times our coach slapped my helmet (hard), pulled me around by my face mask, knocked me on my butt, forcefully introduced his foot to my backside, etc. This “abuse” was all delivered while many of the players’ parents were watching practice from the stands. And I was a starter! I don’t remember anyone getting injurred from this “abuse.” I don’t remember anyone quitting the team over it. I don’t remember any one player being singled out (he was an equal opportunity abuser) or anyone becoming emotionally traumatized from coach’s behavior. We feared him, we respected him, some times we hated him, but we played for him. And when we became the undefeated State Champions, we loved him. And there were no complaints when 13 of our 22 starters got D-1 scholarships to play college football.

    Football is a tough, violent sport. It requires mental and physical toughness and discipline. Football players expect to be coached by tough minded, hard nosed, aggressive, intelligent men with a a lot of self confidence. I think Wilson has all those attributes.

  6. Podunker-

    Good points. A few things.

    1) I think it was a regular Scoop blogger who said Wilson was rough around the edges, not “women, PC people, or those who have never played football.” I remember it having something to do with pancake etiquette.

    2) The name is Bark for Sark. “Bark the Stark” – Where did that come from? Did you say that in jest? If you did, how would you like it if I called you Podumper?

  7. We’re moving to Nashville and my wife likes KW and all that he’s doing to get football on track. She said yesterday that we need to get the Big Ten package when we move so we can watch all the IU games…
    I’m not sure I’ve loved her anymore than that moment!

  8. Bark for Sark; sorry, it was just my bad eyes and/or my sloppy typing. Honest mistake! And by the way, I have been called “Podumper” on this site before.

    I remember, back in the spring, several posters on this site were jumping on Wilson for what was reported as his behavior. There was the dorm incident with the RA and their were some people not real happy with how he handled a QA session at some event. I remember thinking, “good grief, he’s a football coach, not a politican.”

    If he wins without cheating and his players graduate, he can be as crass as he wants to be as far as I’m concerned. But I’m confident that his public image will evolve as he gets more experience as a head coach.

  9. The funniest part will be when he has the Hoosiers consistently winning. With his bubbly demeanor the trolls from West Lafalotte, et al, will be absolutely losing their collective mind going after him. It will be a hoot.
    Pete Carroll was an aberration among college coaches. He overwhelmed the opposition with talent and depth, which all came down to recruiting. At USC he had a lot to offer kids (it turns out more than we ever suspected). I’m still not convinced he knows how to coach. Lest’s see how he does this year. Most successful football coaches are personality challenged grinders, as you guys pointed out.

  10. Fellas I have to admit I was one of the people thinking Wilson was a jerk. The main reason being I had to chase him all over Memorial Stadium just to get an autograph lol. But he was more interested in meeting the player’s families than giving autographs. But in hindsight I think it had more to do with the fact he’s been a lifetime assistant, and wasn’t used to the spotlight just yet. He seems to be more comfortable talking to fans and the media now than when he was first hired. But you guys hit it on the head, this guy walks and talks like a football coach. I’ve not been this fired up for a season to stat since Hep’s first season. GO HOOSIERS!!

  11. I believe he will be to IU what Alvarez was to the Badgers and Beamer to VT. He has a confidence about his successes and knows how they are earned.

  12. I was wondering what reporter made the comment about not knowing the last time IU won a game. In reading Kravitz’s latest column, he admits it was him (which is no surprise). Wilson did not sound very happy with that comment. I also like how he talks like he’s been coaching at IU for years. He doesn’t seem to blame last year coaches, but takes the responsibility in leading the way to improve IU..

  13. Not sure that “…football coaches are personality challenged…” as much as the fact that the game requires a hard edge, an aggressiveness beyond the means, a totally commanding demeanor and an uncommon assertiveness. Passivity and laid back personalities in football prove inadequate rather quickly.

    The individual has to be very sound technically, very strategic in vision and very tactically sound. But the same ‘strong, in charge’ individual has to be very self aware of his own limitations and secure enough to accept delegating responsibility and authority to assistants who have similar attributes and, who themselves, recognize their capacity and limits. I don’t think there was anything wrong with Coach Lynch as a person; or even technically as a ‘strategist’;…his personality just didn’t fit the challenge of the sport. He basically failed the tests of control and strength, particularly in his evaluation and empowerment of some assistants. In the end, that weakness cost him his job.

    The opposite of the personality I describe and the attributes I admired about Mallory and think I sense in Wilson, would be a very manipulative personality like Pete Carroll’s, a very good type for success in the ‘recruiting game’ but, as someone else has questioned, his judgment as a ‘coach’ is still out, though inevitable in his current setting.

  14. “….the game requires a hard edge, an aggressiveness beyond the means, a totally commanding demeanor and an uncommon assertiveness. Passivity and laid back personalities in football prove inadequate rather quickly.”

    Wilson reminds a lot of Hank Stram…size, shape, demeanor.

    Not sure if a hard-edged personality is the only “it factor” required for winning football. Bill Walsh was quite laid back. I remember him as being a fairly decent coach. I’m sure there are many more at all levels of football(high school, college, pro). Tony Dungy? Lovie Smith? I don’t follow the college game that closely anymore. All great coaches seem to carry an undeniable confidence in the swagger..They need to be able to do the Knute Rockne speech to the team, but also relate to kids on a personable/one-on-one individual level. They have to be extremely complex people..There’s a certain artistry in play-calling along with a thought process that must allow for transitioning outside the micromanaging, diverging away the brutality and susceptibility of getting caught up in the moment(bad ref calls, bad bounces of the ball) while still remaining composed and being able to see the bigger picture of the game unfolding. Some talent on the sideline and having at least one coach on the staff that can teach quantum physics to guerrillas is also helpful.

  15. White shoes, not sure we disagree. Joe Walsh- one of the best ever- was not loud or vocal, but he was very pointed and could get in people’s face without needing to scream. Players, several players in Chicago, repeat that “you don’t want to displease Lovie Smith”…he will let you know and he does it with his eyes, his body language and pursing his lips.

    I understand your statement, just don’t disagree with parts of it. You may be confusing hard-edge, demanding and intensity with loud, screaming and public exhibited anger tantrums. Lynch, for instance could show his anger, scream at the referee, throw his chewing gum and turn very red…but I would hardly say it was demanding since it was usually ‘venting’ into space, not directed at anyone and his point was never made clear.

    I believe Wilson is much more likely to state exactly what is bothering him and may be one of those who, while having a commanding voice in groups, may reserve his quiet scalpel…making it twice as effective.

  16. I think that there is also a big difference between the qualities necessary to be a successful college coach and a successful NFL coach. What you need to coach a 19-year-old hotshot and what you need to coach Peyton Manning are quite different. Peyton is probably a bad example as he is almost on the coaching staff. Let’s say Mark Sanchez.

  17. Tsao -Joe Walsh? He wrote the song “Take it Easy” and “Life’s Been Good to Me So Far,” and played a good guitar for the Eagles. But he didn’t coach football.

    Great comments overall about KW by Tsao and Joe Willie, Joe/Bill Walsh aside.

  18. Tsao,

    Well, I’m runnin’ down the road tryin’ to loosen my load….Didn’t Joe Walsh start with the James Gang? Funk 49? Woman? You probably had Joe Willie still on the brain.

    It’s also a lazy habit of people to attach negativity to an action/mannerism if the results they want don’t go along with the idiosyncrasies. If Lynch would have won a few more those close games Wilson reminded of in his press conference(e.g. @ Michigan), throwing his gum would likely be the pose they’d be casting his bronze statue in.

    We should be careful not to get too hung up on Wilson’s personality traits. Results is what will inevitably measure how much the long-suffering Indiana football fan base will remain vigilant supporters…At the end of the day, all the “acting like a football coach” before one Big 10 game is even played, doesn’t mean much. He’ll need far more in his suitcase than saying all the right things to turn one of the most notorious losing football programs in the conference into a consistently competitive squad.

  19. “Take It Easy” was written by Glen Frey. I think Jackson Browne co-wrote. That was a long, long time before Joe Walsh joined the Eagles.
    I don’t think there was ever much chance of casting a statue of Coach Lynch, unless that’s where they’d hide the body. Nice guy/wrong job.

  20. You are all correct about “Joe Walsh”. I meant to say Bill Walsh, my favorite pro-football coach, a brilliant mind. But, I also had Joe Walsh on my mind. This Joe Walsh is the piece of garbage Illinois congressman (R-Dead Beat) who lectured on the nation’s debt this week. The next day he was sued by his former wife for failing to pay more than $100,000 in back child support payments. Piece of c__p! My apologies to Bill Walsh.

  21. yes, chet, yes. Jackson Browne. He was the guy I was thinking about. turns out i corrected an error with another error.

    jackson browne’s solo version of the song is excellent, by the way. i like it better than the eagles’ rendition.

  22. Seems if we weren’t hell-bent on being constant occupiers of foreign countries, maybe we wouldn’t have this damn debt crisis placed on our shoulders. The way the government bills out defense costs, putting up a 12’x 12′ tent in a Middle East desert probably costs more than the average American earns in a year. And why on earth did we give bailouts to the financial institutions when the U.S. government can’t even meet its own obligations? So the corporate robber barons can still kick their feet up in their multimillion dollar Connecticut mansions, invest their parachute packages and handout profits in offshore accounts offering tax loopholes, while Uncle Sam claims a need to panhandle on the street?..All the while Ms. Jones, with deadbeat ex that won’t pay a dime of child support, works two jobs to try and keep her house out of foreclosure from the same banking institution the exec we just bailed out? What a mess. We defend the world of terrorists and evil dictators and never see a dime on the dollar the costs to make other countries safer. Doesn’t China have all the notes to our money anymore? Let China send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m sick of all this BS. Obama is a good man, but the a**holes in congress won’t let him govern nor move this country in a direction to help level the playing field and give the working guy/gal a chance.

    My favorite Eagles song was “One Of These Nights.” Most the rest their music had too much twang for my ear

  23. Joe Willie-

    I appreciate and agree with the thoughtful piece above^.

    There has always been something about the Eagles that has kept them from being one of my favorite groups. I wouldn’t call it “twang” though. It’s more that they border on “adult contemporary” music – Don Henley and Glen Frey being the fantasy of many a 40 year old housewife. Gotta respect Don for playing the drums and singing, but I will take Levon Helm and The Band over the Eagles any day.

  24. Well, maybe not as “twang” as Shania Twaing.

    Back when the light bulb was invented, I had major brain damage done by a pair of dudes from Southern Indiana(major twang) that shared an adjacent dorm room to mine. They basically only blared The Eagles and Springsteen 24/7. “Lying Eyes” and “Born in the USA” over and over and over and over vibrating and humming against the concrete block walls at 3:00 a.m. every night. Literally, every night… Biggest bongers/rollers on the dorm floor. One night I made the mistake of accepting an invite to share in some of their nasty weed.. Wow. Never been so wasted. These guys made Sampson kids look as wholesome as Bing Crosby in Going My Way. Whatever was laced in their pot likely caused far less brain damage than the torturous repetitive blasting into my skull tissue of their only music idols. When I hear Bruce or The Eagles I don’t think of 40-year-old hot ladies with hunger for a one night stand of everlasting fantasy fulfilled…..Damn, I just lost my train of thought…I’ll get back to you.

  25. Maybe now, in retrospect, it’s ‘adult contemporary’ but when it came out Hotel California was one of the finest, most original collections of music ever assembled.

  26. Chet- That’s true. When I think about the adult contemporary sound, I’m thinking more about songs like “I Can’t Tell you Why,” “Take it to the Limit,” “Lyin’ Eyes,” etc. Of course, mainly in retrospect, as you said, and this might have something to do with the post-Eagles Don Henley influencing my perception of the band at large.

  27. Enjoyed reading the above and here are some thoughts. Yes, I came on here after my first meeting and said I thought he was rough around the edges and even called him a jerk…I think I talked about poor social skills as well. I will say I met him a second time and he was the same way. I do not care…Wilson can act as he wants as long as he runs a clean program and wins…again, I don’t care as long as he runs a clean program and wins. I mean absolutely no disrepect to any of you but have any of you been around him once or twice for several minutes each tim? Just curious. I actually love the guy to death and am thrilled for this season to start. I am looking at 6 wins and maybe 7 and yes…I am going to a bowl if that happens with my wife and 2 little ones. GO IU!!!

  28. J Pat, I was around Bob Knight, during his hey-day in the 70’s, on several occasions. Talk about rough around the edges in social circumstances! Wow, meeting him and watching him interact with others was eye opening. And BK could be a jerk when he wanted to be. He had a low tolerance for fools. But having just won his first championship, no one cared. I mean some people cringed at some of the language he used, but no one really cared that he was lacking in social graces. Don’t get me wrong, he could be charming and funny as hell, and knew how to work a room. But if someone said something he thought was stupid or that offended him, he let them and everyone within ear shot know. He ruffled some feathers and may have offended some of the more delicate people, but he did not care and neither did the majority of the people that met him. I remember my Dad, who was with me when I first met BK say, “he’s a basketball coach, not a Sunday school teacher.”

  29. JPat- I’ve run into KW twice since he took the job. Once was at Bloomingfoods, and the other time was at a local restaurant. I said hi to him the second time in a polite and respectful way. He perked up when I recognized him, looked me in the eye, and gave me a sincere hello and thanked me for the well wishes.

    That’s really all I need to know about the guy’s personality. Like any high profile sports figure or other personality, I like to stay out of their business and let them have some relative piece and quiet. Absolutely NO autographs or no demands on their attention. They have enough to deal with on their plate. I actually think its ridiculous that the guy should have to spend his mornings doing pancake benefits. I’d rather him be watching film.

    Moreover, if he is indeed somewhat of a jerk, that should be nothing new to anyone in this town who has dealt with the likes of Bob Knight and Tom Crean.

  30. Bark, agree with what you said but benefits and speaking engagements happen to be part of the gig. It is alright for Wilson to act like he does but he will have to win. An a hole will get run out of town quickly if he loses…DINARDO!!!

    Po, nice story and funny comment by your dad. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I think Podunker has a very good handle on it. In person Knight could be very funny, more than pleasant and courteous; but he really “suffered no fools”- a very good summary of his limits. He also was a very pleasant, broad and informed thinker on several subjects other than basketball (US History and, particularly, the Civil War) and took great pride and gave much love (in his way) to his players. Ask them. There is a reason for their devotion and loyalty.

    Part of my point is that we (I do this as well) often pre-judge individuals based on our own biases and likes/dislikes about what good/bad behavior is. My old man was gruff, demanding…God I miss him.

    Kevin Wilson is who he is, the contract requires his participation in public ‘meet & greet events’ but I don’t know about the wisdom of expectations about ‘behaviors’ at these… other than normal, civil courtesy.

    TC’s mannerisms and ‘cheerleading’ drive me absolutely nuts. I don’t want my head basketball coach to act like a cheerleader or as if he needs serious anti-hyperactivity therapy. But, that is me. What I think does not matter and what I like or dislike, even less. What KW or TC accomplish, that matters and I owe it to IU to give them the chance to show it.

    I don’t think it is fair or courteous to call someone a ‘jerk’ based on superficial encounters or gossip. Instead, let’s give KW a chance to develop a relationship with us as fans. He doesn’t need to be my buddy, brother or preacher. Just a good, solid, believable mentor and football coach.

  32. Tsao, well said post. I stand by what I said months back and not to be stubborn just how I feel. As I said, I don’t care at all, GOD knows the nice guy routine was getting old…and losing! Great all around post and I agree with almost all of it.

  33. I don’t know the details about Dinardo’s behavior or his termination and I doubt many people do. But I heard rumors that he was difficult to work with. Oh my! Was he abusive? Sounds like IU administrators were suffering from BobKnightitis at the time.

    I do know Dinardo’s firing was expensive, in more than just the obvious financial terms (I think IU just finished paying off his severence a couple years ago). Did the Athletic Director that hired him get fired shortly thereafter? Did IU’s President get fired? Did any of the IU Trustees suffer any consequences for Dinardo’s hiring? I’m not saying his termination was or was not justified, but what was the criteria for hiring him and who blew the due diligence? I could just see it, “You said you wanted a good football coach, not a diplomat!”

    So, what I think we’ve concluded is, if you’re a new head FB coach at IU and not naturally warm and fuzzy at meet/greet functions, you’d better get counseling from a Public Relations consultant. Either that or you’d better win early and often.

    J Pat, I’m guessing that KW was under a lot of stress at the time. I mean he’s living in some dumpy dormatory, trying to move his large family across country (does he have a teenage daughter?), and trying to get started on what must have appeared to be the huge challenge of turning IU football into a winning program. I’m also guessing somebody got a memo about not scheduling him for any more pancake benefits.

  34. JPat-

    Quit kissing a$$! You are entitled to your opinion based on your own observations-whether they be completely ludicrous or anchored in everlasting truth. Don’t yield at every push a blowhards pinkie against your chest. There is not a poster on this website that has not been overly critical of someone at some point on this blog(Heaven forbid!). They may be more tactful in their approach and gain support by sinisterly lacing their arguments in offensive suggestion and unfair innuendo(possibly more dangerous than just saying what the hell you mean). Let’s officially proclaim them to be ‘Angels of Language’ for their artfully forwarded careful criticisms. It doesn’t make them right! I have a feeling a rough and tough football coach would much prefer your straightforwardness( though in the moment you may have got a bit carried away and hit too hard on instinct) than a pussyfooting Pollyanna that’s afraid their blogging buddies won’t like them if their cleats dig in a bit too hard and tear some pantyhose. Flip Wilson! These experts that are judging you tend to modify and adjust their opinions with the wind. Don’t you smell the foul gas being waved in your face? Are they ever wrong? Hell, you can’t even say a rock group is not of your personal taste without getting a class in music history that attempts to reduce your likes into a corner of irrelevancy.

  35. Yeah, they’ve been talking of winning football at IU for about as long as our government has claimed they’re going to get control of the increasing national debt. Been holding my breath for thirty-five years. Listen to more “Hotel California,” go out and soak up some nice sunshine on a lovely cool autumn day with your lovely snugglebunny muffincake under wool blanket, and just keep raising the loss ceiling on the giant band-aid known as Memorial.

    B-ball is Indiana, you bunch of nincomscoops.

  36. ^Ok, you can go sit in your non-believers corner and watch Jay Cutler throw picks instead.

    The rest of us will happily watch the Hoosiers.

  37. Po, I am confused. You tell me a really cool story and I compliment you and then in post 37 you kind of go at me in a way. It is what it is I guess. I said it and yes he did act like that and as mom says…first impressions last, with me at least. Dinardo was flat out hated by everyone in the ad dept when he was here. He did not have one friend and I worked within the dept at the time so I do know that for fact. I honestly have no idea if that had anything to do with his firing but it sure did not help. His wifes restaurant is damn good still! In your next to last paragraph, I don’t think it really matters to the general public or to me if the guy is nice or not, as long as he wins and does it the right way. I adored Knight through his years at coach but I am older now with kids of my own. Give you an example: Crean meets my kids and genuinely high fives them and poses for pics and talks for a while. I appreciate that and my wife and kids did as well and will remember that. My best friend met Knight when he was 10 years old and it is his fav story to tell. He hands him a pen and paper and Knight’s repsonse was…beat it kid I don’t have time. I have heard my frind tell the story and his dad many times. I guess I just need some class from a coach. Is that all bad, really??? I will agree that he was majorly stressed at the time but it was a pancake breakfast (taken too far on this blog) that has been done on and off for several years and the first major time the man gets to meet his fans and he is a jerk! The next week I here stories about his problems with coaches that left and his problems with coaches in other sports at IU and other stuff and then the dorm problem and so on and so on. I think he is a jerk and trust me, I am not the only one. I support him, want him to be here, want him to succeed and feel he will succeed at IU…even this year. The man is a football coach flat out. Go watch him coach from top of the hill or step in the gate if it is open. He knows the game and has an edge about him…he is competitive as hell and I love him…but he is a jerk and I am ok with that!

    Revenge, sorry you think I am kissing ass. I have had that said to me on here a few times in the past couple years. I don’t get it…I just try to take in the other guy’s point and I don’t like to argue. I did say I stand by what I said and I still think he is a jerk. I am friends with people that interact with him on a daily basis and have met him twice and my opinion will stay this way until he changes. I still want him as our coach and am thrilled he is here!

    Chet, I totally agree with your last post!

    I find it simply amazing that whether you think it is premature of me to call the guy a jerk or not that I come on here and post that after spending a long time with him and observing him. I post it to try and give the outsider some info on the new coach and I get slaughtered on here for months. I posted how much I enjoyed Hep and how classy he was and the same with Crean and I am honest and when I said this about Wilson people lost their minds…crazy world we live in. I am giving the finger to every one of you that has questioned me that has not been around him at least twice for several minutes, observed him interact for an hour, watched multiple practics and how he interacts with players and coaches, and knows peoople that interact with him on a daily basis…I bet not one of you has any/all of that so a birdie for you now!!!

  38. JPat-

    There is a local restaurant that I frequent, and I am friends with the staff and a few of the managers. Tom Crean eats there regularly. They tell me that Tom Crean is a jerk, tips poorly, and no one wants to wait on him.

    Yet, you give him so much credit for smiling at your kids, because of the context in which you met him. I’ve seen Tom Crean at the HPER before at a kid’s camp, sternly talking into his cellphone as he sips his Diet Coke, nary a smile from his lips. We could easily conclude that he is a jerk from my observations or the restaurant’s. WHo gets the last word?

    The point is, you don’t have the final ruling on KW’s, TC’s or anyone’s personality just because you ate pancakes together, looked at him walk around for an hour, and have “heard things” through hearsay. You don’t know what he is like in other contexts outside the public eye. In the end, whether or not someone is a jerk is a matter of your personal opinion and things people cobble together.

  39. J Pat, That was outstanding. Even when he came at us hard, fast and with the “bark on” we supported RMK and no doubt a tough guy like Coach Wilson will earn the same Hoosier Hospitality. How nice to return to yesteryear.

    Do you plan on being at the Luke for BSU/IU? My wife and I have one more item on the checklist to accomplish before we can make arrangements.

  40. May be my all-time favorite sentence ever read on the blog…

    “Revenge, sorry you think I’m kissing ass.”

    Jay Pat(I’ve often wondered what the ‘J’ stands for….James, John, Jessy, Jack, Joe, Juniper, Jupiter, Johann, Jasper, Justin, Jump shot, Jehovah, Jay?)-

    I was wrong to make judgment concerning your personality traits/motives. I’ve kissed more butt than a horsefly on a pig farm. I think this lonely misfit blogger would be mutineer on a ship lost its course long before you. Life is one big sell job. It’s kind of refreshing to see a guy like Wilson, a man in a prominent position, that believes in himself enough that he doesn’t need the suitcase of snake oil, a microphone, a podium, a camera, or a mountain of kiss-butt(pancake metaphor, anyone?) to manipulate public opinion. Hell, who am I to talk. I have a horrible personality. I often fall into a trap of negative thinking. I’m generally pessimistic and I tend to believe people are more crooked than good. I have trouble making friends because personal history has shown me animals are kinder and more loyal. I look for simple faults instead of giving people a chance and I often fail in discovering what makes each person interesting and unique. I’ll give you an example…I sometimes wish we could send Wilson over to Assembly and let Crean work over at the circus tent where he belongs.

  41. Bark, worked with Crean for several weeks dealing with camps and kids and got to know both he and his wife well their first year at other IU athletic functions and I think a lot of the Creans. You are correct in that I don’t have the final ruling at all and yes…it is my personal opinion in the end.

    Clarion, thanks…I had time today and still has spelling errors, haha. I am not sure about the Ball St game. My wife and I might throw a party at thee house for that game. We are following the team to Madison this year and I am pumped for that! Hope you are well.

    Flap, stands for Jamie but that is not even my name. I made the name up years ago before the blog…I came out of the hip hop/rap craze. Flap, no hard feelings at all. Life is at a hard time for me right now in the health and personal category and…hey part of the blog I guess…I do try to tread lightly but even I ruffle feathers. I used to talk to Korman about tailgating with the blog crew and maybe we should do that. I think we would increase our level of respect for each other!

  42. Funny, I was about to use the “Manifesto” line regarding JPat’s last post, and you beat me to it.

    JPat is sincere and believes in what he says. Gotta give him credit for that, no doubt. Maybe a touch sensitive at times, but we all have our weaknesses.

  43. Installing the new computer tonight and maybe it will spell check these blog posts, haha!

  44. J Pat; I did NOT intend to “kind of go at you in a way.” Sorry if you got that impression. My comments were not directed at you. The only connection was your reference to “DINARDO” in post #34. Unfortunately, your last sentence in the first paragraph, represents the way a lot of people feel about IU’s coaches. My post(#37)was a sardonic comment on what I believe is a problem with the thinking of a lot of people in Bloomington, etc, and the irony, inconsistency and maybe even hyprocricy that hovers right in plain site. Let me try again.

    It has been rumored that Dinardo got fired, in part, for being a jerk. You reinforced that hypothesis in post #34, then again by saying that according to your time working in the AD Department, Dinardo “was flat out hated by everyone in the AD dept.” You previously stated that you thought KW behaved like a jerk during some pancake function. You therefore suggest/imply that if you’re a coach at IU, you need to be charming in public. And picking up on that train of thought, I sardonically suggested that if an IU coach is not a charmer, he’d better win soon and win often or he’s going to get fired, as you suggested was a reason why Dinardo got fired and Wilson would get fired.

    It appears that, to some people(i.e., Lynch fans), IU FB coaches can produce losing season after losing season,finish last in the Big Ten, as long as he’s a “nice guy” with good people skills. To some people, it does not matter if IU FB is a national joke, gets humiliated by a conference opponant on national TV, as long as the head coach is a nice, classy, charming man.

    Given the years that Bob Knight was IU’s BB coach, and given the ample evidence that he could, on occasion, act like a jerk, display a lack of sensitivity, use foul language, be obnoxious, be “difficult” with people working in the AD, fail to be warm and fuzzy, and not suffer fools, he was popular and held his job for a long time. Why? Because Bob Knight won early, he won often andhe won big.

    A lot of people in the Hoosier nation hated Bob Knight and celebrated his firing, regardless of the fact that he was arguably the best BB coach of all time, in spite of the fact that he never cheated, in spite of the fact that his players’ graduated at a an extremely high rate (not likely to be equalled again), and in spite of the fact that he was extremely generous to the University, the community and to countless individuals. Some people despised Bob Knight because he was not always a charming gentleman in public or with the media. Of course, that’s their right.

    IU fans need to decide what they want in their FB and BB coaches. Do we want a gentlemen and a charmer that loses, or do we want coaches that produce winning teams and winning records. Do we want someone who charms us at a pancake function or do we want someone that fills Memorial Stadium and IU’s coffers? Of course, we want it all, but most adults understand that no one is perfect and that you can’t always have it all. We all have our flaws and no one can be everything to everybody.

    As for me, I’m with Chet, who posted, “Win football games, don’t embarrass the univerisity….Yeah, that about covers it.” I want coaches that win, don’t cheat, and graduate their players. If I want “a sunday school teacher”, I go to church.

  45. Whoaaa! …three incredible blog postings, all worth thinking about and all in response to JPat. You’ve turned out to be a pivotal comment on this blog.
    Great thinking stuff Bark for Sark, Podunker and Flapjack Manifesto and Chet.

    Chet said it in few words. “Win …, don’t embarrass [us]…yeah, that about covers it.”

    I think its a great question: Who do we want around us, running our country, protecting our communities and planning the future of our children. A narcisist with a publicity agent’s smile in need of Riglin or a hard, sometimes gruff (gruff is such a better description than ‘jerk’ Pat…it says the same thing and insults no one) man who looks you in the eyes, puts out a hand and grunts out “I’ll do my best.”

    Think of the last few weeks in this country…which one is believable?; who do you trust?(no partisan position revealed here… Leaders lead and never by Twitter.

  46. Tsao- You are opening up a whole can of worms there. To me the weakness of your insinuation is in your “either/or” mentality. Any American who believes right now that our country’s problems are a matter of choosing one of two parties or one of two faces hasn’t learned anything in the last 4 years. The faces change, the system goes on…

  47. Tsao; I remember back during the build-up to the 1980 summer olympics, expressing concern to my father (a huge IU fan) that Bob Knight might embarrass the country by being an a**hole to the media covering the olympics. I mean I was a young man, a student at IU, a huge IU fan. I was anxious that Bobby might be difficult with the international media. My Dad sat there pondering my question in silence and then said, “Son, what’s more important to you? That the USA win the gold medal in BB or that the media writes nice stories about the team’s coach? Remember, winners focus on what’s important.”

  48. Like most folks that took an honest look, my feelings for RMK are mixed. He batted one for two, but he was always nice to me on the occasions we interacted. I don’t think anyone should care anymore. It’s getting to the point that it’s like asking if Dwight Eisenhower was a good guy. (I’m guessing he was.) Anybody know what Branch McCracken was like? What’s done is done and the NCAA is never gonna come and ask for those banners back.
    Coach Wilson and Coach Crean are just at the beginning of their IU careers (my bet). Lots of legacy waiting to be written.
    More importantly, did you guys know that the album “Desperado” was originally recorded as the sound track to a film that “Bloody” Sam Peckinpah (“The Wild Bunch”, “Straw Dog”, “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid”} was supposed to direct, but, for whatever reason, it was never made. What a great film and sound track that would have made!

  49. Po, I read it back over and the post was fine. If I am one thing on here it is honest and you mention a pancake benefit and I see red at this point. Many cans of food were collected that day and from what I understand it was a record attendance so not all was lost. I also think I remember posting about K Johns (sp?) and talking to him at length, he is something special and our WR’s will reflect his class and leadership. I do try to be positive when I can. Again, sorry for jumping the gun on your post.

  50. J Pat; no problem. Again, did not intend to “go after you.” My guess is that KW will receive some “coaching” on his fan-interaction skills and will show significant improvement in his ability to win the hearts and minds of Hoosier fans. But as long as “he wins FB games, does not embarrass the university” I don’t really care.

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