Video: Kevin Wilson’s at Joe’s on Weed Street

As Indiana does every year, Hoosier staff and fans gathered at Joe’s on Weed Street Thursday night. And, as usual, the head football coach spoke for a few minutes. Here is what Kevin Wilson had to say. Most of it you have no doubt heard before, but he’s a little bit more off-the-cuff here.


  1. Where is Joe’s on Weed Street? I thought I knew Bloomington pretty well but have never heard of the venue or the street.

  2. Joe’s on Weed Street is in Chicago (on Weed Street… or for major cross streets – close to North Avenue and Sheffield Avenue). IU tends to hold events there on nights when the coaches have to be in Chicago for media days etc.
    The more you know…

  3. Well good grief, I totally didn’t make the Media Days connection. Obviously that event does not take place in Bloomington. Though if it did, can you imagine how hoppin’ Nick’s and Yogi’s would be …..

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