1. Is this is the same age division as the Jackson highlights? It looks like a completely different level of competition. Size and athleticism was drastically different. They are both class of 2013, just wondering…

  2. Geoff,

    Both are U16s, but we’re in far different pools. Dream Vision is one of the better programs in country and was placed in a “super” pool (the best teams play each other early, but all know they’ll move into the platinum bracket come time). MBA Select and Team Southern Indiana, the teams playing in the Jackson highlights, were not in a super pool. MBA ended up making it to the semifinals of the bronze bracket, I believe, but forfeited in order to start pool play at the Kentucky Hoopfest.
    As a general rule of course, super pool teams are going to have multiple DI prospects. Obviously not every team in the field is going to have DI guys, and when Bruce Weber, Tim Buckley and Tom Izzo all showed up to watch this game it was obvious they were there for Jackson.

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