A win is a win: Indiana overcomes all-time record penalties for first victory of season

As sloppy as it may have been, Kevin Wilson finally has his first win as Indiana’s head football coach.

The Hoosiers committed an all-time school record 20 penalties and allowed three touchdowns to a South Carolina State team that scored just two touchdowns on offense in its first to games, but they still won comfortably, 38-21 in front of an announced 41,203 at Memorial Stadium.

“To get some Saturday reward is something deeply needed,” Wilson said. “Hopefully that will continue. You keep trying to go to the well and ask them to keep working hard and have a great attitude and come to work. When you have a couple of hiccups, and get on the wrong side of the ledger, you worry about that.”

Freshman tailback D’Angelo Roberts, a Bloomington North graduate, became the first Indiana freshman to rush for over 100 yards since BenJarvus Green-Ellis in the Purdue game in 2003. Roberts finished with 102 yards and an important third quarter touchdown that put the Hoosiers up 31-14.

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Ed Wright-Baker also showed significant progress from Week 2 to Week 3. He completed 21 of 27 passes for 273 yards and two touchdown without throwing an interception. He was pulled for one drive because he fumbled in the red zone, and Wilson was less than thrilled about how he handled that, but Wright-Baker was back out for the next drive.

Redshirt sophomore Duwyce Wilson caught six passes for 101 yards, including several highlight-reel catches and the game’s first touchdown. Sophomore Kofi Hughes caught three passes for 47 yards, including a tight-rope walking touchdown catch-and-run. Redshirt freshman tailback Matt Perez rushed for 52 yards on 16 carries, and accounted for the other touchdown.

Many of the Hoosiers’ penalties came on the offensive line. That had something to do with a significant shake-up on the line. Wilson elevated true freshman Bernard Taylor, redshirt freshman Collin Rahrig and true freshman Peyton Eckert to the starting spots at left guard, right guard and right tackle, respectively. That meant the demotion of junior Marc Damisch, redshirt freshman Cody Evers and senior Justin Pagan at those three positions. Eckert had several penalties, but senior left tackle Andrew McDonald was also called for several false starts and holding penalties and was briefly benched for sophomore Charlie Chapman.

South Carolina State totaled 377 yards of total offense, which was more than the 348 they accumulated in the first two games. Quarterback Derrick WIley threw for 216 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for 63 yards. Wide receiver Tyler McDonald caught seven passes for 159 yards and a touchdown.

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  1. KW is the greatest coach EVER! Forget Rockne, Bear, Paterno and Bowden. KW is the man!! Okay just kidding but hope that satisfies all those who ripped me last week. At least Tsao was nice.

    It is a work in progress but after watching OK tonight I can see what he is trying to do. We will see how it progresses throughout the year. Evidently the buyer for Dick’s Sporting Goods is confident of IU Football. In the store in Merrillville they have tons of IU football shirts and coats.

    As long as we win 4 or 5 and beat PU it will be an okay season.

    Later the Dude is gone……………

  2. Old Sports Dude….everybody gets ripped here. But none of them like getting hit themselves. Most, just like to get their number on the screen, just like #23.

    We’ll just keep getting better, game by game. The wins will come, as a result.

  3. Well said TTG, everyone likes to hit, but nobody likes being hit back, well too bad, football is like life, people need to toughen up or go play a non-contact sport like tennis or swimming.
    Liked the win, aggressiveness, and the progress, but MUST work on mental errors.
    Hey old Dude, you never know, one big win, say over Penn St. or Ohio St., and the shirts and coats will be flying off the shelves. :o)

  4. As long as we’re discussing IU apparel, did anyone get a load of the band’s uniforms? White baseball hats and red hogwashers? (That’s what people who grew up with electricity and flush toilets call overalls.) Egads! Were they barefoot, too? I’m calling the Athletic Dept. on Monday to find out the band’s once-a-season road game; I sure don’t want to show up for that one. How did they ever get the music majors from New York into those get-ups?

  5. Davis, I didn’t notice it (wasn’t watching for them…though I thought I did see a band dressed in real band uniforms, maybe SCSt?). But, what you describe…more than Egads! add my support to the complaint. Tradition (as in band uniforms) and the good parts of our folk culture are not only worth conserving, if forgotten will turn many of us ‘old-pfhhts’ into non-contributing ‘attenders’ (during good times only and only with a favorable tax-deduction). Please hear us Mr. Glass (you’ve been on target with nearly 100% of it) but, don’t throw out the good earth with the old bath water.

  6. Tsao- “I’m with the band!” Or at least with Spinal Tap. I met my wife in Europe, and the first time I took her to a football game was about ten years ago at IU v. NU in Evanston. In Euro-football (a/k/a soccer) there are no bands, no hoopla, just a football game and drunken louts in the stands. At first she was apalled that anyone would “take children to a football match.” Both bands played and she was amazed. (NU is a popular spot for bands to visit ’cause after the game the players can hit the jazz clubs in Chgo.) Well, Mrs. Davis is still not a football fan, but at least I can take my boy to a game without her worrying about whether we’ll get home in one piece. I just worry that it might be a form of child abuse to raise your son to be an IU football fan. At least he can pull for the Bears!

  7. Davis, thought there was a lot sensible about you. I grew up playing the ‘other’ futbol, and having my old man take me to some of the wildest stadiums on Earth (La Bombonera, Monumental, Nacional). I also scratched my head when I saw bands, cheerleaders, Pom-Pom girls…etc. Once, I witnessed a lineman running the line by the stand actually picked off the ground by the fans in the When the sport is good, the game is on the field and the ‘spectacle’ in the stands. Flags all over the place and the crowds singing the official and the ‘unofficial’ hymnals. Nothing can beat it…anywhere, at any price. I think it was one of the London papers (the Observer or the Telegraph)that published a ’10 Sportd Events to do Before You Die” and number one was to see a Boca v River in La Bombonera (even ahead of Celtics v Rangers, Real v Barcelona, Milan v Inter, or Arsenal v Chelsea). It is Carnival in Rio multiplied X 10.

    When my kid was 9, (we were there on a visit) and I took him to that game…when we got back to the apartment, his mom was ashen white…she had watched it on TV and when we opened the door she began crying in gratitude that we were still alive. She also wondered why I made sure we had our rain coats on a totally sunny day. I explained to her that the folks on the second deck tend to make their feelings clear to the opponents in the deck below them.’Rain’ is 100% likely. So IU v Purdue, Bears v Packers or NW v Illinois is a cake walk.

    Still, no one wears hogwashers and they all wear shoes.

    See you at the Green Mill some day. I also live in Chicago. (Some of us really should figure out a way to get together some day. I have a feeling quite a few of the bloggers are Chicago residents. It would be fun to have a ‘life blog’ from time to time. Maybe we can sacrifice someone, as a gift to the football gods to smile upon the Hoosiers.

  8. Tsao- Nice story about Boca and RIver. I started reading about that rivalry recently after seeing all the chaos that ensued when River was demoted to the second division for the first time in many decades. Read about the infamous “Borrachos del Tabl√≥n” gang that is probably largely responsible for the “rain” that you talk about, as well as many other nasty things.

    You could also throw in the Milwall/West Ham rivalry as one of the most tense and hate-fueled of all time.

  9. I did go to one soccer match in Europe. I was with my brother-in-law in Moscow in 2008. He wanted to go, so we went to an internet cafe and found a game. It turned out to be Moscow Dynamo v. Kazan for the league championship. The crowd was rather small (at least to what I had expected, maybe 20k) but very enthusiastic. Let me think about how we can meet up.

  10. 8 comments? Only 8 comments this week? Last week when I was critical of KW the board exploded with comments on how crazy I am. But this nooooo! Oh well I have the cutest grandson in the world so I have no worries. Yes I do too! Don’t any of you posers even claim to have such a cute grandson.

  11. Old Sports Dude, Four grandsons and one grand daughter (17,5,3,2,1)(very productive family)…According to the Dept. of the Census they are all cute (great DNA), smart, fast, strong, athletic (and talented- though lengthy- writers each).

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