Big Ten releases schedule for ESPN, CBS games

The Big Ten just released the TV schedule for conference games on ESPN and CBS. Indiana is on ESPN2 on Dec. 31 at home against Ohio State, on ESPN at home against Michigan on Jan. 5, and on CBS on Jan. 15 at Ohio State. They are on ESPN2 at Wisconsin on Jan. 26 and on ESPN at home against Michigan State on Feb. 28. They could appear on CBS at Iowa on Feb. 19.

Indiana’s full schedule should be out later this the rest of the TV schedule follows.

Games on CBS Sports and ESPN
Date Game Time TV
27 Wisconsin at Nebraska 9 p.m. ESPN2
31 Illinois at Purdue 4 p.m. ESPN2
Ohio State at Indiana 6 p.m. ESPN2
1 Penn State at Northwestern 7 p.m. ESPNU
3 Michigan State at Wisconsin 7 p.m. ESPN2
5 Michigan at Indiana 9 p.m. ESPN2
8 Wisconsin at Michigan 1:30/4:30 p.m. CBS
10 Ohio State at Illinois 9 p.m. ESPN
12 Wisconsin at Purdue 7 p.m. ESPN/2
15 Indiana at Ohio State 4:30/1:30 p.m. CBS
17 Michigan State at Michigan 7 p.m. ESPN
19 Illinois at Penn State 9 p.m. ESPN/2
21 Purdue at Michigan State Noon ESPN
24 Michigan at Purdue 7 p.m. ESPN
26 Nebraska at Iowa 7 p.m. ESPNU
Indiana at Wisconsin 9 p.m. ESPN/2
28 Purdue at Northwestern 2 p.m. ESPN/2
29 Michigan at Ohio State 1 p.m. CBS
31 Michigan State at Illinois 7 p.m. ESPN
2 Nebraska at Northwestern 7 p.m. ESPN/2
4 Ohio State at Wisconsin 2 p.m. ESPN/2
Penn State at Iowa 3 p.m. ESPNU
5 Michigan at Michigan State 1 p.m. CBS
7 Purdue at Ohio State 9 p.m. ESPN
9 Wisconsin at Minnesota 7 p.m. ESPN/2
Iowa at Northwestern 9 p.m. ESPNU
11 Nebraska at Penn State 1 p.m. ESPNU
Michigan State at Ohio State 6 p.m. ESPN
12 Illinois at Michigan 1 p.m. CBS
14 Ohio State at Minnesota 9 p.m. ESPN
16 Wisconsin at Michigan State 7 p.m. ESPN/2
Iowa at Penn State 9 p.m. ESPNU
18 Ohio State at Michigan 9 p.m. ESPN
19 Indiana at Iowa 1 p.m. CBS wildcard
Michigan State at Purdue 1 p.m. CBS wildcard
Penn State at Wisconsin 1 p.m. CBS wildcard
21 Illinois at Ohio State 7 p.m. ESPN
23 Wisconsin at Iowa 9 p.m. ESPN/2
25 Northwestern at Penn State 9 p.m. ESPNU
25/26 Purdue at Michigan 4/1 p.m. CBS/ESPN wildcard
Wisconsin at Ohio State 4/1 p.m. CBS/ESPN wildcard
Indiana at Minnesota 4/1 p.m. CBS/ESPN wildcard
28 Michigan State at Indiana 7 p.m. ESPN
29 Iowa at Nebraska 9 p.m. ESPNU
1 Michigan at Illinois 7 p.m. ESPN/2
4 Michigan at Penn State 4/1 p.m. CBS/ESPN wildcard
Ohio State at Michigan State 4/1 p.m. CBS/ESPN wildcard
Illinois at Wisconsin 4/1 p.m. CBS/ESPN wildcard
8 Big Ten Tournament Game 3 5:30 p.m. ESPN2
Big Ten Tournament Game 4 25 min. after Game 3 ESPN2
9 Big Ten Tournament Game 5 Noon ESPN
Big Ten Tournament Game 6 25 min. after Game 5 ESPN
10 Big Ten Tournament Game 9 1:40 p.m. CBS Sports
Big Ten Tournament Game 10 25 min. after Game 9 CBS Sports
11 Big Ten Tournament Game 11 3:30 p.m. CBS Sports