Derek Willis get offer from IU

Jody Demling of the Louisville Courier-Journal reports that Derek Willis, a forward from Kentucky in the 2013 class who de-committed from Purdue this summer, has been offered a scholarship by Indiana. The Hoosiers attended a workout at his high school, Bullitt East, and gave him his second scholarship offer since his de-commitment. He also has an offer from Louisville. He is one of the top 20 players in the Class of 2013.


  1. I’d love to see another big man at iu to help zeller down low, be even better to get one that decommited from purdue

  2. CTC is after 3 bigs for 2013 who are national players (not Indiana). They are Willis, Randle and Anya. He will get at least one in MHO. Also Peter Jurkin’s Coach says he is back to 100% and has gained 20 pounds of muscle while he has been laid up from a leg stress fracture for most of a year. This will be his senior year and he will be 7′ and at least 225.
    Hopefully when he gets to IU next summer he can put on more pounds and will be at least a good defender to help CZ and HP next year. If we can have a good year it would go a long way to landing another big.

  3. Would be nice to get one of the three you mentioned. My guess though is we end up with Luke Fischer. Also, I believe we are really high with Bo Ziegler so my prediction is one of Hartman or Davis does not end up at IU. That is is just a guess though.

  4. If we end up with LUKE FISCHER i will cry. He cant shoot. Give that scholly to Beachum. Hes a player and a HOOSIER. We need basketball players not 6’9 guys who cant play. As well as CTC has recruited I dont understand offering him as early as we did. We should have waited because if he comits we wont get any of the rest. We jumped the gun on this one and it could cost us a good one.

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