1. I’ve wrote this before but I hope this is the year that the sleeping Giant in the Big Ten is awaken and that is the INDIANA HOOSIERS!!!!!

  2. Lots of love from the national media this year. Without even clicking on the link this has to have Eamonn Brennan all over it.


  3. Yep Eamonn. Maybe it’s because he’s closer to the camera but man he has a big head. Dustin, can you substantiate this? My condolences to your Pirates. They were close to as recent memory to a winning season.


  4. Hope they are right. But I most look forward to the time when The Hoosiers are no longer looked at as a sleeper type of program/team.

  5. Even sleeping giants REQUIRE a decent point guard (or point forward) to start the offense. I am cautiously optimistic as much as I am un-cautiously enthusiastic & faithful for our Hoosiers. Can hardly wait for the candy stripped warm-up pants and the first tip-off!!!

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