ESPN’s Grantland goes behind the scenes with Wilson

Michael Weinreb, an extremely accomplished writer who in this case happened to be working for ESPN’s Grantland site, spent a day at practice following Kevin Wilson. It’s outstanding and pretty much captures exactly what I imagine goes on behind that particular curtain.  The link is here.


  1. That’s a phenomenal article. There really isn’t any new “news” here to anyone that has been following the team closely since Wilson was hired, but it sets a tone and cadence that I hadn’t experienced before. As Weinreb says, Wilson is a real football coach and, by the end of the article, you don’t even have to say it to know it.

  2. Enjoyable article.

    I agree with Dustin, I just think, after having seen and heard Wilson several times on video and audio, that this must be what he’s like.

    Like Fisch alluded to: we’ve got to have patience and give the man a chance.

  3. Top-notch. Wilson is “A symbiosis between man and maxim,” the guy wrote. That’s the kind of spontaneous descriptive writing ability that I’ve always wished I possessed.

  4. That certainly settles the debate on how the whole Jack and Zak affair played out nationally, not that there was much doubt. Trudeau comes off as the petty little man he is and Coach comes off as being bigger than the entire affair..

  5. I think DiNardo’s comments gave great perspective to the history. In order for IU to reach its enormous potential, not just in football, but in many other aspects, it needs a culture change that begins at the top of the university. As for sports in general and football specifically, IU appears to now have, but needs to maintain, a strong President and AD that are not looking down the road for their next career move. IU can’t afford any more PC wussies running the school, or top administrators who see IU as a stepping stone to bigger and better jobs.

    Bloomington is a great place to be. IU is in the Big Ten. The school has enormous potential. What more could you ask for? I think, and I am grateful that Glass seems to understand that and had the guts to invest in a good football coach. Let’s support him.

    Go to the games, write a check, make some noise.

  6. Agree Podunker. DiNardo’s comments spoke volumes about how the program was suffering behind the scenes. This past year during the game chat’s it was always a topic that came up with Dustin, Hugh and Andy. Long talks about how IU was not putting forth the financial investment in order to put the football program in a position to succeed. This included analyzing the number of coaches and support staff on Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin versus IU. Giving coaches triple titles to save some cash, etc…Although it is fortunate that the BTN and the revenue share came along.

    I am an IU Alumni Associate life member and probably will donate here or there in the near future. Besides my passion for craft beer (and brewing my own now) IU ranks right up there. Really looking forward to the start of the season.


  7. I’ve become a big Virginia Tech fan the last few years as my oldest was there and he always got me (really good) comped tickets. Year in, year out they are usually in the conversation about BCS bowls, if not the national title. They are spoken in the same tones as Alabama, OSU, Texas, and the like. It’s easy to forget that it was not always the case. Before Frank Beamer took the helm at his alma mater VT was no more regarded in football than East Carolina or Baylor. The right president got the right coach who hired the right assistants and recruited (for the most part) the right players. Now Virginia Tech is spoken of with the same respectful tone as any of the other top ten teams. I’ve been to lots of games at lots of venues (including Notre Dame, all the Big Ten, and most of the SEC stadiums) but Lane Stadium is easily the best place to see a college game I have ever been. The facility is top notch and the choreography between the fans and the cheerleaders has to be experienced to believe. You CAN begin a new tradition.

    Perhaps this is OUR time.

  8. Maybe the most important aspect of The VaTech story under Frank Beamer is that his AD and President stuck with him through an initial few years of losing. Not until after that did the program gain traction and become what we know it to be today.

  9. GFDave, The decisions made from their chemistry really worked out for the FB program at VTech. Beamer is top notch in my book. I hope Coach Wilson is to IU FB what Alvarez was to the Badgers and also what Beamer is to VTech.

  10. Chet; I hope you’re right and that this in now our time. I guess I feel that it will be “our time” when we, the Hoosier Nation, decide to make it our time.

    A win tomorrow will help the cause..

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