1. Big night. The fans will be ready. This is going to be incredible. I would like to see the activities put together with a little more effort than the last couple. They seemed to be thrown together. It’s time IU went all out on this thing.

  2. Gary Harris has a little brother who played soccer with our son until the season ended last week. We saw Gary and his parents at each game. I didn’t mention IU specifically, but said, “Your family has soccer, basketball and football talent.” I looked at Gary and said, “We hope to see you at an important basketball game in a couple of weeks. He nodded his head and his parents smiled. No official comment, but I took this as a good sign.” I know you have reported to the positive, but I thought you ought to know that there was no comment from he and his parents in my case. (P.S. His little brother is age 6 or 7 and is a darn, good little soccer player. Perhaps Coach Yeagley should start watching him!)Go Hoosiers!

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