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Andy reviews Week 3 in Indiana football.

From Sunday, my game story on the Hoosiers 38-21 win.

And Andy’s column, in which he discusses the play of Ed Wright-Baker and the effect of Wilson’s first win.


Terry Hutchens of the Indianapolis Star reviews Saturday’s game with his Good, Bad and Ugly. The 20 penalties, unsurprisingly, constituted the ugly.

Ugly as it was, Saturday represented the first win of Kevin Wilson’s tenure, Max McCombs of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Another from the it was ugly, but it was a win category, here’s Justin Albers of the IDS.

Indiana defensive tackle Mick Mentzer recovered a fumble in Saturday’s game and was thinking touchdown, that didn’t so much happen, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Mike Pegram of Rivals.com discusses everything you could possibly need to know and more about North Texas (subscription).

Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana discusses what we learned from Saturday, (subscription).


The Mean Green were pummeled 41-0 by Alabama on Saturday, Brett Vito of the Denton Record Chronicle writes.


Just in case you avoided all media this weekend and didn’t hear, the ACC added Pitt and Syracuse, and there’s a chance college football armageddon is upon us, Pete Thamel of the New York Times writes.


  1. Ready or not the start of the Super Conferences is liable to arise with the next new moon. WV now wanting into the SEC. Cuse and Pitt already have reserved spots in the ACC. PAC-10, ACC and SEC picking the meat from the skeleton of the Big East and Big-12. ND, Rutgers, Texas, Ok, Ok St., KU, and Mo. what will you do?

  2. HC,
    Here’s my question. How long do you think the superconference era lasts? I think it’s pretty obvious it’s headed in that direction, but I remember when the WAC consolidated into a 16-team conference. That didn’t last very long. Obviously, no one’s ever tried it with the most prominent conferences, but I’m wondering if 10 years from now the deck will just be totally reshuffled but similar in structure to what it is now.

  3. DD, If I was confident in my opinion my PO Box would be upscale LV and I’d like for you to manage that corresponding sports betting empire. Right? My only thought about the WAC not working is 3-fold; lack of national TV(recruiting), the product produced(recruiting) and wide regional travel($). The SEC has an excellent chance based on those criteria. ACC may also. Big-12 will be gone and the Big East in peril from the diluted original model it started with. If the SC’s fail Delaney should run for Prez. But I still think ND and Mizzou could make it 14 for the good guys. Got to go, catch up to you later.

  4. Dustin, I think the entire thing is sad. It is all about money now more than ever. Geography will play NO part in the end. I was pondering the thought driving to work and something has to be done…it is getting out of hand! I do think sooner or later ND picks the Big 10. I sure liked it better before all of this crap. Is television the main reason it is happening like this???

  5. I haven’t seen this mentioned, but for those of us at the game Saturday, the SCSU band was an unexpected delight. The crowd seemed to show their appreciation with an ovation not usually extended to a visiting marching band, but those kids’ skill and showmanship won us over. Not really football related, but worth mentioning.

  6. J Pat, it was always about money and television is without question the main reason this is happening. But even considering that I’m interested in whether or not this is actually the best idea financially. Even if you totally disregard rivalries and history and tradition and geography and concern for the schools that will be left out in the cold, will this actually be better for the 64 schools that end up in what we presume will be four 16-team superconferences? Will they lose or gain money from this? I guess the idea is that all four will have their own television networks, but they’ll be splitting the revenue 16 ways. I think a lot of the schools are doing this because they’re afraid of being left out, but I think there will be some reconsideration after the dust settles and everyone realizes their piece of the pie isn’t any bigger.

  7. Unfortunately it’s television and be default football that is driving these moves. The drawback is that you still are going to play the same amount of games, so many traditional rivalries will fall by the wayside. Nebraska can’t play OK and Texas every year because they play in the Big 10 and it would be scheduling suicide. So bigger conferences do not mean better games, it just means different games. Does Oklahoma like the idea of playing USC better than Nebraska every year? Will that game ever engage their fan base like playing the neighbor to the north does?

    The other issue is that losing regionalism in these super-conferences will add tremendous travel expenses to these schools. Yes that means flying your baseball, wrestling, field hockey, LAX, volleyball, tennis, etc. teams long distances to play their games. That will hurt programs that don’t make mega cash off of their football team and I don’t think the increased TV deal dollars will cover it.

    I give them 5 years then things will start drifting back to normal, especially the insane match of Texas/Oklahoma schools playing in the PAC-whatever.

  8. The idea of super conferences is not really new. Dustin, I don’t know if Bob Hammel or Bill Mallory would agree to provide you any insight but they just might tell you that the idea has been floating around for about 30 years, or more.

    Obviously, TV money is a major driving force today. 30 years ago or more, the NCAA was the driving force behind super conferences, by way of the negative. The top football programs don’t play by the same rules as the other BCS or FCS schools.

    The realignment of conferences is the first step. The second step will be a change in the NCAA. The NCAA probably won’t be eliminated but there could be a major overhaul. How that will happen is the topic for another day.

    I am not sure why it’s 64 universities. By my count for now; the ACC has 14 teams, Big East has 6, Big Ten has 12, Big Twelve has 9, MWC has 8 with 3 probably deserving, PAC 12 has 12,SEC has 13 and there are 3 independents deserving to be included. That adds up to 72 teams. So, why not four 18 team conferences, with divisions? You could have four conference championship games, leading to a semi-final and ultimately a championship game.

    The bowl season does not have to be destroyed. There will 8 second place teams from the super four conferences and so on. The MAC and WAC conferences will survive because some of their teams will make bowl games. The FCS will survive. Division 2 and 3 will be unchanged.

    As for change, well it happens. The only loser in this entire deal could be Notre Dame, they will be forced to join a conference. Oh how I pity the commissioner of the conference that Notre Dame joins!

  9. What a well thought out argument by Jay. Important to remember that it is the networks that will drive this as it will be their cash that will create the demand.(ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN (x2?) and, consider the left over for schools left out as IND (Independents?) (Turner?).

    The realignment could impact the Bowls (a major for each network and a minor bowl for second places). The math will have to add up to 4 Conference playoffs, 2 semifinal games and a national championship game over the current season almanac wise (Sept, Oct, Nov. 21 weeks/12 games and two weeks for semi-finals, College Superbowl, Dec. 15-Jan 2).

    And yes, you’re right. All you need for the NCAA is the short mini-skirt, the spiked 6-inch stiletto heels and the bright, bright lip-stick red lips on its logo). (Can anyone believe the Miami QB was made eligible for the ChetersBowl with OSU? Integrity got dropped-kicked from the college game.

  10. kurk81, You have hit on a good topic in my opinion. AD Glass needs to take a DVD of that performance to the boss in the music department so as to develop a plan for refreshing their game day gigs. I have now read and heard several positive comments on the energizing performance the SC St. band provided Saturday. No reason IU can’t do better. Even the most vigorous tailgaters would not bitch about the show band on the field dazzling the crowd. Good for the Music Department, good for the Athletic Department, good for IU.

  11. Guys, I am not sure if SC State is still an African American school but it was when I was there. Their bands tend to get into it a little more and get you moving with more rhythm and dance. I only know from growing up in SC and attending step shows while at IU. There were also local high school bands at the half time show as well.

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