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Indiana tweaked it’s defensive line scheme after the Ball State game to become more gap oriented, I wrote.

D.J. White was back in Bloomington for his basketball camp on Saturday after an eventful year in his life, I wrote.


Indiana has made a commitment to recruit players from the state, Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Sources tell the Indiana Daily Student’s Justin Albers that Darius Willis will not play again this year.

The IDS’s Max McCombs hits on some of the highlights of Kevin Wilson’s press conference.

Duwyce Wilson made some highlight-reel catches in Indiana’s win over South Carolina State, Lamond Pope of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette writes.

D’Angelo Roberts is showing progress, Andy Proffett of the Gary Post-Tribune writes.

The defensive line scheme was one of several interesting points at Wilson’s press conference on Tuesday. Also discussed were Ed Wright-Baker’s performance, penalties, and the play of the freshman offensive lineman, Zach Osterman writes (subscription only).


Tom Crean will be in Fort Wayne on Thursday for an event from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Gary Harris Sr. says there’s a possibility his son will make an official visit to Kentucky, Jeff Rabjohns of Rivals.com writes (subscription only).

Bo Zeigler, a 2013 wing from Michigan, is preparing for his official visit, Rabjohns writes (subscription).


North Texas coach Dan McCarney is pleased with the play of his young offensive linemen, Brett Vito of the Denton Record-Chronicle writes.


The Pac-12 decided late Tuesday night not to expand, which slows the conference expansion carousel, at least for now, Pete Thamel of the New York Times writes.


Third Eye Blind’s Jumper, because it appears that college sports stepped back from that ledge, my friend.


  1. Dustin, Also, what has happened to Whitaker and O’Conner who are no longer on the official roster, has Turner made a position change?

  2. Turner is still officially listed as a running back on the roster. If he’s made a position change, I’d be interested to see where he went. Would have to be corner or wide receiver, I suppose.
    To be totally honest, I hadn’t put a lot of thought into Xavier Whitaker or Tim O’Connor lately, but now that you mention it, they aren’t listed on the roster any more. (Not to complain too much, but this is why I miss going to practice.) Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Slightly bizarre, HC, but I just got an e-mail with a question for tomorrow’s live chat asking me the exact same questions. Much appreciated on both parts. Should make for a much more substantial availability session today.

  4. Dustin, Ya, I agree a man from the hometown paper should be able to attend whenever he wants. Who knows over the next season or two Coach Wilson will read your work and make that determination also. Keep at him, maybe some chemistry develops.

  5. Hoosier Clarion, usually we agree. This time we don’t. I think that, like in any other profession, preparation of work product, whether it be lawyers preparing their arguments, opera singers practicing their scales, or newspaper writers producing 2 or 3 drafts all require privacy during the process leading to the presentation. I don’t think that Coach Wilson’s and the staff’s and players preparation are any different. Closed practices are necessary in sports as well.

  6. Maybe, ideal, but not neccesary. I do understand the reasons for closed practices. Just like I genuinely want to know what’s going on.

  7. Dustin, believe it or not my thought on closed practices was not one bit bait laid out for you. I was merely adding and giving my thoughts to Hoosier Clarion, a guy I respect quite a bit. And, if I confused the issues and you were referring to Doninger, again, my thoughts are my thoughts and were not predicated on anything you raised either.

    Believe me on this. In much of what I write here, you don’t come into mid. IO write it because …I believe it. I do think you have talent and are, most of the time, a careful researcher. When you provide coverage like yesterday (Wilson’s conference)you are particularly good.

    If anything, I think you lay yourself open by feeling obligated to participate in the exchanges (as one of the bloggers)too frequently. It must be very hard to ‘maintain some distance’ and voice your own feelings at the same time. It’s a very hard balance for any journalist, much more so in sports where everyone has a passionate opinion about everything.

    (By the way, this is not bait either- just the kind of comment I would make to you if we were having a beer).

  8. I appreciate Dustin’s interactions on here. Quite frequently he addresses a point missed or misunderstood in an HT article. I find it of value. I’ve also found him to be open and aboveboard when an item might better be discussed off the blog. Again, I am left with the feeling that Dustin is more invested here than was his predecessor.

  9. I also think that HC has a good point. I doubt that Coach spends much time pouring over what is written about him but he’s a guy. He’s reads the sports section. Keep up the quality work, keep it accurate, and keep it fair and I’ll bet that you’ll get that access that you hope for eventually.
    Personal interest stories, the type of thing your readers would enjoy reading anyway, about players or coaches are a great way to break down walls. There are things he’d love for the public to know but he has no forum to do so. I think that is one the ‘duties’, such as they are, of covering the team anyway.

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