Hoosiers add Georgia cornerback

Indiana went to Georgia looking for a defensive tackle. The Hoosiers came back with a cornerback.

Indiana is one of 19 schools — including Louisville, Mississippi, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Nebraska and Stanford — who have sent scholarship offers to defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins from Eastside High School in Covington, Ga. While recruiting Rankins, the Hoosiers discovered his teammate cornerback Dante Blackmon. The 5-foot-11, 183-pounder committed to Indiana on Thursday, choosing the Hoosiers over scholarship offers from Buffalo and Appalachian State and interest from Purdue, Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky and Georgia Southern.

Eastside coach Rick Hurst said the Hoosiers got a steal.

“He’s got great feet,” Hurst said. “He’s very aggressive at corner. He has great speed as well. Plus at his height, that makes him a valued asset at corner. He’s 5-11, so he’s not a short 5-8 kid and he can match up with some bigger receivers.”

Hurst said Blackmon was also Eastside’s leading receiver last year, grabbing 33 passes for 700 yards and eight touchdowns. He had four interceptions last season, taking one back for a touchdown. He already has an interception this season.

He has a good nose for the ball,” Hurst said. “He understands what receivers do. Covers well and when he makes a mistake, he can recover quickly. And when the ball is in his hands, he can make a play.”

Blackmon is the Hoosiers’ 18th commitment in the 2011 class.



  1. Wow. Wilson got a steal. We beat out Buffalo and Appalachian State. Yep. Definitely see the improvement Wilson brings to the program. Gunner won’t be able to do it all himself.

  2. I don’t think Bill Mallory hit many “Home Runs” when it came to “outside” evaluations of High School Juniors and Seniors. He saw what those who he recruited could be and then he and his staff turned them into Big Ten football players. Wilson is OK with me and I think he has a plan. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to evaluating the talent he wants and turning them into the players he needs.

  3. App isn’t D2. They are D1 FCS (football championship series) and probably the best FCS program in the country. Their administration recently decided to move to D1 FBS (football bowl series) but didn’t put any kind of timeline on it. They played Virginia Tech last week.

  4. I haven’t posted a link on here before, so I hope this works. This is a highlight real of him I found on YouTube. Most of them are of him playing WR, some there is some D and KO returns as well. Check out the sic play he makes at the 3 minute mark, it’s unreal. Already drawing some earl comparison to Tracy Porter. I think we definately got a steal here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USqMSlJE0X0

  5. But did we get the defensive tackle?

    Hey Keith, if you look at the list of verbal commitments Wilson has gotten for the Class of 2012, I think it’s ranked 25 to 28th, depending on the the rating service. Compared to the last decade or so, when IU never had a recruiting class ranked in the top 100, I think Wilson and staff are doing well. Of course, time will tell.

    By the way, a lot of schools would have their hands full playing App State year in and year out. Wasn’t too long ago that they beat Michigan in the Big House.

  6. Chet,

    I don’t care about all the BCS, FBS, FCS and all that other crap they came out with. I still reference schools on what it was when I was playing growing up.

    D1 (I-A) now (D1 FBS) – Big Ten, SEC, Big 12teams, etc. Schools that play in bowl games and on national TV every week

    D2 (I-AA) now (D1 FCS)- No bowls but have playoffs and can pay your way.

    D3 has always been D3, you get know scholarship dollars.

  7. Well, OK, but there always was a real D2 and it was called D2. D3 has always been D3. If you call D1 (FCS) D2, then what do you call D2?

  8. Chet’s right…and you have to make proper distinctions…such as schools in D1 we should always beat (i.e. Ball State) but don’t so we’ll call those D1.2; or schools that we should beat handily but don’t though we beat them (barely) D1.3.1; schools we schedule for ‘sure wins’ in basketball to balance a coach’s record D1.2.1.c and schools that are football and basketball powers that usually go to a bowl and usually kick our rears but cheat D1.1.1.os* or schools that are football powers and usually go to bowls and would kick our butts if we scheduled them but cheat and offer players sexual experiences D1.1.1.-1ch.m.XXX.

  9. Perhaps the MAC deserves more credit than a lot of us (myself included) were giving them. Toledo gave OSU a big scare in Columbus today. It blunted some of the sting of IU losing to BSU.

    Tsao, you’re right about a lot of the major FB programs cheating or turning a blind eye as boosters provide a lot of under-the-table benefits. It’s rampant and it’s been going on a very long time.

  10. I have read these comments and cannot believe that the anthropologists still claim that “Neanderthals” are extinct!

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