IU depth chart indicates return to normal at receiver

What exactly this means is tough to tell, but the wide receiver two-deep is back to normal on this week’s Indiana football depth chart.

Senior Damarlo Belcher and sophomores Duwyce Wilson and Kofi Hughes are again listed as the starters. Freshmen Shane Wynn, Cody Latimer and Jay McCants are listed as the backups. This comes after Belcher didn’t make the trip to North Texas because of injury, according to coach Kevin Wilson. Hughes and Wilson did not play in the first quarter and were played relatively sparingly in the game, Wilson said, because of minor injuries suffered during the week. Wilson said Hughes had a wrist issue and Wilson a bad back. Senior Dre Muhammad and sophomore Jamonne Chester were among those who started in their stead.

Freshman D’Angelo Roberts is now listed ahead of redshirt freshman Matt Perez at tailback. Ed Wright-Baker is still listed ahead of Dusty Kiel at quarterback.

The offensive line was tweaked again. Senior Justin Pagan is back at right tackle. Freshmen Bernard Taylor and Collin Rahrig are still at left and right guard respectively. Senior Andrew McDonald holds the left tackle spot even though he was pulled during Saturday’s game against North Texas.

The defensive depth chart remains mostly the same. One minor move — Brian Williams is the backup left cornerback, apparently leaping ahead of Lenyatta Kiles at the position.

The rest of the depth chart follows.

72 Andrew McDonald, 6-6, 285, Sr./5th
74 Charlie Chapman, 6-6, 292, Jr./So.
73 Bernard Taylor, 6-2, 278, Fr./Fr.
65 Marc Damisch, 6-7, 285, Sr./Jr.
60 Will Matte, 6-2, 282, Sr./Jr.
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 263, So./Fr.
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 263, So./Fr.
76 Cody Evers, 6-4, 310, So./Fr.
70 Justin Pagán, 6-5, 294, Sr./Sr.
59 Peyton Eckert, 6-6, 295, Fr./Fr.
88 Damarlo Belcher, 6-5, 213, Sr./Sr.
3 Cody Latimer, 6-3, 208, Fr./Fr.
13 Kofi Hughes, 6-2, 205, So./So.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 153, Fr./Fr.
81 Duwyce Wilson, 6-3, 196, Jr./So.
15 Jay McCants, 6-4, 205, Fr./Fr.
7 Edward Wright-Baker, 6-1, 220, Jr./So.
8 Dusty Kiel, 6-2, 216, Jr./So.
20 D’Angelo Roberts, 5-10, 187, Fr./Fr.
24 Matt Perez, 5-11, 230, So./Fr.
83 Ted Bolser, 6-6, 245, Jr./So.
41 Max Dedmond, 6-5, 250, Sr./5th
44 Darius Johnson, 6-0, 243, Sr./5th
94 Javon Cornley, 6-5, 235, Jr./So.
97 Larry Black, Jr., 6-2, 305, Sr./Jr.
69 Mick Mentzer, 6-4, 305, Sr./Jr.
98 Adam Replogle, 6-3, 290, Jr./Jr.
75 Nicholas Sliger, 6-3, 291, Sr./Jr.
93 Fred Jones, 6-4, 265, Sr./5th
25 Ryan Phillis, 6-3, 244, So./Fr.
39 Brandon McGhee, 6-1, 226, Sr./5th
31 Lee Rose, 6-1, 221, Sr./Jr.
53 Jeff Thomas, 6-1, 239, Sr./5th
46 Mike Replogle, 6-2, 221, Fr./Fr.
47 Chase Hoobler, 6-2, 232, So./Fr.
49 Griffen Dahlstrom, 6-3, 218, Jr./So.
9 Greg Heban, 6-1, 186, Jr./So.
6 Brian Williams, 6-0, 178, So./Fr.
29 Chris Adkins, 6-1, 190, Sr./5th
37 Mark Murphy, 6-2, 202, Fr./Fr.
30 Jarrell Drane, 6-2, 197, Sr./5th
10 Donnell Jones, 5-10, 209, Sr./5th
23 Lawrence Barnett, 5-10, 191, Jr./So.
17 Michael Hunter, 6-1, 170, Fr./Fr.
16 Mitch Ewald, 5-10, 174, Jr./So.
9 Mitchell Voss, 5-11, 177, Jr./So.
18 Adam Pines, 6-0, 184, Sr./Jr.
9 Mitchell Voss, 5-11, 177, Jr./So.
91 Matt Dooley, 6-4, 251, Fr./Fr.
67 Zackary Young, 6-6, 267, Jr./Jr.
17 Teddy Schell, 6-5, 230, Sr./5th
18 Adam Pines, 6-0, 184, Sr./Jr.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 153, Fr./Fr.
22 Kenny Mullen, 5-10, 166, Fr./Fr.
82 Dre Muhammad, 5-10, 180, Sr./5th
23 Lawrence Barnett, 5-10, 191, Jr./So.


  1. Back to normal? Define ‘normal’ under Coach Wilson. D.Wilson and Hughes were introduced as starters at the UNT game but weren’t. Don’t think this means much.

  2. Dustin – is there a source that shows the number of plays a player is in during the games? Would really like to see the numbers for some of the true freshman and some others

  3. Charles,
    Not that I know of. It’s at least not part of IU’s official statistics. There’s a participation report that goes with each game’s final stats, but it doesn’t count plays, just says who got in and who didn’t. Would have to go back and watch the video to get all of that.

  4. The Hoosiers have been duped!! The Wilson you have in Bloomington is not the same Wilson they had in Norman, Oklahoma last year. The Wilson they had in Norman would never have let a player threaten with transfer and give in the way Wilson has in the backfield.
    Apparently he has made it clear that players HE recruited will have an advantage over inherited players regardless of skills or work ethic..

  5. Fourjp, name names so that those of us without your inside sources know what you are talking about, if anything.

  6. Time to get Kiel a fair chance to start and manage a full game. I don’t think EWB deserves all the blame but if this season is a wash – which let’s face it Hoosier fans – it is, then let’s try some things. Let’s stretch the field a bit! Nothing against Roberts (whom I do like) but I saw Perez in person vs UVA and that is a hard running back. It’s a long road ahead but Wilson does have some guys to work with.

    In my mind it’s a one game season…as long as we improve every game and BEAT PURDUE I’ll be happy.

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