1. Come on Dustin, get your priorities straight. VBG
    It was a tough call back in June 2007 for me. I wanted to attend the Celebration of Life for Coach Hep, but decided I had better show up to give my oldest daughter away on that same day. I guess I have to put my name in the pot for being a “slacker” too. LOL

  2. Andy Graham,

    To answer your question from the chat, there is an old, old saying that goes something like this “IU Tailgating, cause Indiana Football & sobriety don’t mix”.

  3. To address one question on the chat about cell phone coverage. I work for a telecom company and we have the best coverage on campus…. for now.

    The expansion of the highway requires that we take down the site at the State Police station. IU asked us to remove on Nov 1st, we asked if we could keep up for the remaining football games and they said yes! (at the time i was holding out for a winning season) But coverage will get worse during BB games for sure.

    We also asked IU if we could put in a DAS (distributed antenna system) in the football and basketball stadium and they said no in 2010. We have a DAS in 7 out of the 12 big ten schools. We now have on our plate for a 2013 build, next time we are going to Fred Glass.

    A DAS helps the game day experience.

  4. A DAS in the stadium only seems to make sense unless there is a significant amount of electromagnetic emissions associated with it. A lot of people might balk at that.

  5. Miked P., I hear ya. Also did just a little research on this chap. He projects to us as a LB but is now playing as a DE. The video I saw demonstrated he has a nose for ball carriers and most of the time was hell to handle on the edge whether rushing the passer or showing strong pursuit skills while shedding blocks to get to the runner. No doubt has a big motor, certainly against non-B10 competition. Ekeler was the recruiter.

  6. HP, I just wanted to say that I like that you have stayed out of the , somewhat ridiculous, fray. You’re a good man. We gotta have a beer.

  7. Clarion…getting over being sick and coaching 2 kids teams in 2 sports. Lexington might be pushing it. Gotta rest, take care!

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