1. Let’s see, the excuses why we lost last year was due to the coaching. Lynch had the players and Wilson himself said the talent on this team wasn’t that much different than what he saw at OU. I call BS.

    We have very little quality talent, and the coaching bump we were supposed to get from Wilson coming from a perennial BCS power, Ekeler coming from Nebraska, Jones from Northwestern, and Frey from Michigan isn’t showing to be any more effective than what we had last year. This is starting to look like another bust of a coaching hire. Mallory may have gone winless in his first year at IU, but at least the team showed improvement every week and played with heart.

    1-3 was not how anyone expected us to start the season. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  2. American sports fans, especially the ones from Indiana, are some of the stupidest people alive. 3 games into a coach’s tenure and you are already calling the whole thing a failure. Do you think coaches are superheroes that can change water into wine overnight? Idiots.

  3. IU could have probably hired Brady Hoke before Ball State hired him a few years ago. IU probably could have hired Ball State’s current coach before Ball State hired him and alot cheaper. Indiana State’s current coach is doing a great job as ISU gets another win (once owned the nation’s longest losing streak not to many years ago). IU football is in the small class in Indiana…let alone the nation.

  4. We have very few players. Chappell, Doss, Turner, Brewer, Replogle…too many really good players leaving with no replacements to speak of.

    Does anyone think Lynch would have done better? Because it’s his fault that IU’s roster is what it is. Give Wilson a chance to recruit (which, you may have noticed, he’s gotten a good start on) and get players to fit his system. If you want to pass judgment on anyone after 4 games, pass it on the last regime that left the cupboard bare.

  5. Glass needs to be totally embarrased by this hire. Never hire an assistant to be a head coach. This team will not will again this year. Paint on the stadium and bratworst don’t get it done. At least Lynch won 4-5 games and did not rough up students drunk…….

  6. I agree with those who think the critical comments are ridiculous and premature. If there are 5 guys on this squad who could make the OU squad, that would surprise me. Let him recruit and coach for a 3 years and then we will see.

  7. No reason to get hysterical or hurry anything along . We knew where we are and how far we have to go. Try to grow with it.

  8. “This team will not will again this year”. Toto where are we? I was a Lynch supporter but last year against this team the final would have been 41 to 6. IIRC Bielema and Pelini were assistants prior to their HC gigs in the B10. Do we or don’t we have a QB competition after 4 games? I still think when it comes to making plays consistently, under pressure or not, DK can get it done. The future looks positive, pay attention to who scored, 2 Freshmen, 1 Sophomore and a RS Sophomore throwing for 2. Dan McCarney and Pete Lembo are old hands when it comes to preparing. I would expect Coach Wilson will get the attention of 2-3 more players this week. You can’t get lard without boiling the fat.

  9. Wilson will do such a Good Job that he’ll be a hot property in 5 years or less. IU will have a hard (impossible) time keeping him. I do believe, however, that the “White Helmets” need to be donated to a High School District short on funds. They won last week with RED…They lose this week (again) with WHITE.

  10. This is a very frustrating team to watch. I believe there is too much pressure on the offense to score points because of the defense.

    I can see what Coach Wilson is trying to achieve, but he does not have the players to execute it yet. He is playing a lot of freshman and sophomores right not that will hopefully pay off in the next two to three years. He also needs to get his type of players into his program. We need to see where we stand in 3 years.

  11. He wouldn’t do it just because of pride but it would be sweet if Wilson could come up with some BS job for Knight in the football program. We all know Bobby could recruit. I only say this for recruiting though. There’s no way I’m giving up on CKW yet. We’re going to win so hop on the bandwagon now! Go Hoosiers!

  12. Indiana has a long long way to go to just become an average team in the Big ten in both football and basketball.THIS IS A DISGRACE that this fine University was allowed to fall so far when it should be up there with the likes of Florida,Texas,and other two sport powerhouses.

  13. I feel for you guys because North Texas is horrible and they have been for the last five to six years. I didn’t see the game, but for for a Big 10 team to be down 24-0 to North Texas (the worst team in the worst Division I conference) after three quarters is amazing. Good Luck….I’d be surprised if these two teams win a combined 2-3 more games over the remainder of the season.

  14. That was an embarrassment to Indiana and Big Ten. I was at the game and wanted to hide. All aspects game were horrible. I couldn’t tell if it was coaching or lack of talent because everything was terrible, offense, defense and special teams. If IU continues to play like this we won’t win another game

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