Need a place to watch the IU football game on Saturday?

With the Hoosiers set to take on North Texas at 7 p.m. on Saturday night, Indiana fans won’t be able to find their football team on any cable provider’s selection. Instead, the game will again be streaming online on ESPN3.

But never fear. We’ve collected a list of a few bars where you can catch the game on Saturday if you can’t get ESPN3 to stream in the comfort of your own home. If you know of any other places to watch the live stream of the game, let us know in the comments.

1. Nick’s English Hut

2. Yogi’s (streaming on three TVs)

3. Buffalo Wild Wings (streaming on just one TV, once UFC fight begins at 8 p.m.)

4. Kilroy’s Sports


  1. Davis, You’ve probably knew this, just on the chance you didn’t, I watch it on ESPN3 through the internet. Remember the one hour difference w./Bloomington, it will be about 6pm, (Chicago).

  2. Cool you listed these places. Buff Wild Wings in Btown is the worst place ever to watch…the TV’s are awful and fuzzy…feels like a bad 1980 console with rabbit ears…Hit Yogi’s!

  3. Agree J Pat the new BW3’s in Bloomy is the worst. The old one where Uncle Fester’s and Hoosier Knights was located. Well, that was a different story back in the day.

    Glad to see things have changed. Being a former doorman (6’1 170lbs…I kid u not) at Uncle Fester’s I can say that we never opened up early for an IU game. It just didn’t happen.
    Won’t be able to watch the game but I be there in spirit and checking it every minute on the iPhone. Even may chime in once or twice.

    Great to see that the buzz is picking up on this blog for hoops. I’m excited as can be about the season and am keeping an open mind about expectations.


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