Pac 12 decides not to expand, Big 12 lives, college sports Armaggeddon postponed

In case you didn’t see, the Pac-12 decided not to expand. That apparently means the Big 12 lives on for now. What’s left of the Big East also plans to stick together, which at least means the dawn of the superconferences is postponed for another year. Or maybe just a day. Who knows.

But one way or another, Tuesday gave those of us who enjoy sophomoric humor from Fake Twitter personalities so much joy. Riveting performance all day by Fake @DanBeebe.


  1. I’d say it’s more likely postponed for a day than a year. I think it’s coming, and if Missouri does indeed join the SEC, I’ll consider it a major strategic mistake that the Big 10 failed to admit Missouri and, perhaps, Kansas as new members. Missouri is a traditional rival of Illinois and Nebraska and is a strong football program. Both schools bring a lot to the table in terms of basketball. Both are Big 10 border states. Missouri openly said last year that they’d like to be in the Big 10. Big 12 members are obviously easy picking for various conferences. Considering all these factors, I think it’s a crucial mistake for the Big 10 not to expand with these schools.

  2. I too like the thought of Mizzou in the B10 and also KU but KU offers just 16 athletic teams and only 6 of them are men. I am also not sure of the Jayhawks academic ratings. My opinion about the pause Delaney says the B10 is now in simply means ND has to be #13 for their to be anymore expansion. He could have any # of good schools just for the sake of expanding. Why is he waiting? It has to be the Irish. With the precariousness of Big East and some members looking for greener grass ND may be worried about their non FB teams viability going forward. I think somewhere those two lines on the graph intersect.

  3. When the dust settles, Notre Dame, Mizzou, Kansas, Kansas State seem likely to take the B10 to 16 teams. While this makes sense regionally and keeps KU+KSU together (I think they’re unlikely to separate just like OU/OSU), it still requires taking all 3 of those teams to dominate the St. Louis & Kansas City TV markets…where adding someone like Rutgers would offer a break into the coveted NY market. It’ll be interesting to see how much “regionalism” dictates future B10 expansion decisions.

  4. Big East just announced they will look to add Army, Navy, & Air Force to the conference. This adds the “traditional” rivals that ND always cites as their reason for not joining a conference to the Big East. Clears the way for ND to become a football playing Big East member. OK, TX, OK State, & TX Tech are cleared by their Boards to join the PAC 12 or any other conference. Seems natural for the Big 10 to pick the remains from the Big 12 – Kansas, K State, & Iowas State, for 15 teams. Who will be the 16th?

  5. As unbelievable as it seems, there are academic compliance issues to becoming part of the Big Ten. Or, at least there used to be. It’s why only a couple SEC schools could theoretically qualify for membership. I believe that, of the Big 12 schools named above, only Kansas and Mizzou are considered a graduate research university. Not that the other schools are not fine institutions, that’s just not where they put their money. All Big Ten schools are graduate research universities. Of course, in these days of the super conference stampede, they may have suspended the academic requirements.

  6. The Big Ten at one time had all members involved with the AAU (American Association of Universities). When Nebraska was accepted into the Big Ten they were also a member institution of the AAU. Since acceptance, Nebraska has lost it’s membership in the AAU. Notre Dame is not a member of the AAU.

    As time goes on it will become more difficult to strictly adhere to membership in the AAU as a requirement for acceptance into the Big Ten.

    One point that should be considered. I believe that the Big Ten still has a by-law stating that any new member university must be located in a state contiguous to the existing membership.

    When Nebraska was admitted I would have liked to see Missouri, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and one more added.

    Also, Jim Boeheim (spelling?) Syracuse basketball coach took a jab at the president of Notre Dame yesterday. It seems that the ND president is involved with voting Big East decisions involving football television contracts even though ND is not a football participant.

    In a word – MONEY!

  7. The Big 10 should try right now for ND, Texas, OK and OK St. Since Texas and ND demand “special” revenues which the Big 10 should never agree to, then immediately go for MO and Miami (yes, the U). If you just can’t see the U in the Big 10 then Rutgers or U Conn will do. If the Big 10 waits, they will be sorry!

  8. It is not over because Texas is insisting on keeping their Longhorn Network. This will result in the B12 falling apart sooner or later, and ultimately lead to Texas being an independent. Those remaining schools will go somewhere.

    But at the end of the day, based on what is out there to get, the BIG will be just fine at 12.

  9. Rutgers & UCon will be the 15th & 16th ACC schools. The Big 10 has already missed the boat on the plum football schools. The best bet for them would probably be to pilfer West Virginia from the Big East to go along with the 3 Big 12 schools that are left. The Big 10 screwed the pooch on Missouri & Pitt.

  10. I agree with BillnVA on the Big 12 eventually dissolving, and with GD on the Big Ten missing the boat on good football programs, other than Nebraska. Because of that, I think Kansas and Kansas St. are the best options. Clarion, you’re probably right, ND probably figures into this. But after getting denied by them in the past, I don’t care if they ever join.

    As for the AAU, I did not know that Nebraska had lost their membership. That’s unfortunate, though if an academic institution like ND isn’t a member, then obviously the AAU isn’t the be-all end-all of academic accreditations.

    CBS Sports has a report that WVU was rejected by the ACC and SEC,so I certainly don’t want the Big Ten to accept them and take other leagues’ reject. That’s not appealing at all. Missouri and Kansas would have been an ideal pair, but Missouri seems almost locked in to the SEC. Thus I suggest Kansas and Kansas St; at least that way we’d add a lot of basketball power.

  11. eric, ND is certainly a great undergraduate university but, really, they don’t offer much in the way of graduate programs. Just a few and not research oriented. That’s what being a graduate research university and AAU member requires.

  12. ND has their NBC contract till after the 2015 season. I don’t know what the buy out for that contract is, but I would bet it is more than the Big Ten or BTN is willing to pony up just to get ND in the conference.

    When the Big Ten took Nebraska, they should have aggressively went after and added Missouri and Pitt at that time. Putting Nebraska in the mix this year, adding Mizzou and Pitt in 2012 then look for expansion to 16 when ND could join conference. Just my opinion.

  13. Chet, thanks for the clarification. These discussions are the only time I’ve ever heard of the AAU (the academic one, of course) so I don’t know too much about its criteriia for membership.

    Mike P., I agree precisely with what you say. Obviously Missouri and Pitt could have been had. I maintain that this is a tactical mistake by the Big 10. It’s an expansion arms race whether we like it or not, and if you’re in the race you may as well try to win.

  14. I have no special info, but only Texas A&M is locked in to the SEC. FSU wants in and seems a better fit than MO. The Big 10 $ split is still stronger than the SEC base $ split. So the Big 10 should go for OK, OK St, and then shock the nation by getting Miami and FSU. I can’t believe that U Conn or Rutgers would pick the ACC over the Big 10 if offered, or that MO would pick the SEC over the Big 10 if offered, but they could. Since neither Syracuse, U Conn nor Rutgers is above the middle in football, the ACC will go from 12 to 16 but will only add one above average football program-Pitt. Since both Miami and FSU are looking to go elsewhere, I live in South FL and the ACC is never mentioned for football, only the Miami big games like OH St and FSU big games like OK. The SEC is huge and the Big 10 suprisingly big here. The ACC might lose their only two top-flight football programs and be back at 14.

  15. Texas is poison! They have their own TV network and won’t share the loot, which is why everone else is bailing out of the Big 12.

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