Recap: Ball State crashes Indiana’s opener party, 27-20

For seven straight seasons, the Hoosiers had notched one in the win column after each season opener — giving some hope to a program that hasn’t had much success as of late.

But when hope may have been at a high — the inauguration game of the Kevin Wilson regime — Indiana couldn’t pull out an eighth season of 1-0 starts.

A poor pass rush, a stalled second-half run game, and mistakes at the worst times plagued the Hoosiers, as Ball State crashed the party at Lucas Oil Stadium, winning 27-20.

It didn’t start all that bad, though. Indiana looked to be in control for the majority of the first half, while Ball State hung around a few paces back. The ball was spread around, as running backs Matt Perez and Stephen Houston had eight carries apiece, each for 37 yards. Ed Wright-Baker, who was announced the starting quarterback at gametime, looked sharp, tossing 12-of-16 for 159 yards and a touchdown — a beautiful 65-yard bomb to wideout Damarlo Belcher.

But much to the chagrin of hopeful Indiana fans, a woeful defensive effort does a whole lot to hurt an offense — especially a young one.

The Hoosier pass rush, to put it lightly, was non-existent. No doubt hurt by defensive end Darius Johnson’s absence — because of either injury or a rules violation, Wilson wouldn’t say — the Hoosiers didn’t register a single sack. Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning had plenty of time to deliver the ball downfield, most notably in the second half, completing 9-of-10 passes. And when the Cardinals wanted to run, they had little trouble, rushing for 210 total yards — a lot of which was between the tackles.

Without much pressure on the quarterback, a defensive backfield is often left high and dry. Wenning consistently proved that to be true, as corners Greg Heban and Lawrence Barnett couldn’t hold their coverage for as long as their front-seven forced them to.

This trickle-down defensive struggle affected Indiana most on third down, as the Hoosiers gave up 10-of-14 third-down conversions — a telling stat not only for a defense’s performance in the clutch but also a coach’s playcalling.

Does this mean all is lost this season? for the Kevin Wilson regime? Of course not.

Indiana’s offense was methodical through the first half, but when forced to create on-the-fly and reboot its momentum, youth looked as though it kicked in. Perez and Houston were limited to five carries combined in the second half, and Wright-Baker made a few mental mistakes that would prove costly.

Even Wilson admitted to making some play-calling mistakes.

Once Indiana’s offense can find a rhythm and an identity — perhaps one that sustains a second-half run game — then the Hoosiers should put up quite a bit of points.

Until then though, it may be forced to rely on its defense to make stops. And there’s no telling what that will spell for next week’s Virginia game and beyond.

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  1. A good summary of the game. In my opinion, we will struggle until we improve on both the offensive and defensive lines. Our lineman are not up to Big Ten standards right now and it will take several years of solid recruiting to fix this. Gunnar won’t make a difference if we can’t bring in some guys up front. I still believe in Coach Wilson but this is going to take some time.

  2. Well what i saw is what has been going on for years. That we can not stop anyone. We give them to many first downs when we need a stop and do not rush the Quarterback and he has all day to throw the ball he is then up for the Heisman watch. Until we can stop someone this is going to be a problem and Wilson and his Coaching staff better find something or this is going to be a long season. I guess we have Basketball to look foward to.. It was sad that we could not even stop the run or even get after the Quarterback. I did like the offense they will be fun to watch. Belcher needs more touches.

  3. This may sound like a desperate attempt to positively spin this outcome, but after so many years of 3-0 and 4-0 starts against cupcakes providing false optimism before the inevitable crash, maybe a different pattern will provide a different outcome.

    I will tell you this: I was a lot angrier last year watching I-AA Towson drop 500 yards on us.

  4. Im a real man ,,who thinks on real terms,,Hoosier football sucks,,and no yellow haired boy is going to help.,,sorry.

  5. Well we’ll be in for quite a shock when an even better UVA squad comes rolling in. Wilson is learning quickly what has been plaguing us since Cam Newton was here – horrible defense cannot be covered up by a good offense. If Wilson does not figure this out he’ll be another quick exit from IU. And even if GK decides to stick with his IU choice, he’ll still lose if the defense does not get the attention needed. Even the #1 ranked QB cannot score enough to make up for a bottom 10% defense.

  6. If we wanted a coach who could lose to BSU we could have kept Lynch. What a disappointment!!! Now we are stuck with this guy for 7 years! IU is in an abyss.

  7. Its just one game. I see the sky is falling already. It takes time. He didn’t inherit a Alabama. This situation is much like our basketball program. Granted, its in better condition then what Crean inherited, but it will take time. We need to be in this for the long haul. He will need a solid 3 years to get things in place. If we are still struggling, then I will be saying “next” as well. This year is all about getting the kinks out, and improve. Next year we can start to expect more wins then the previous seasons, and go from there.

  8. Whaaaaaaa,,, all Ive heard is crying….Grow up
    Indiana is not (or never will be a football town)
    lets focus on basketball!

  9. Good effort for a first time everybody-on-the-field.
    We have a talented and hard working coaching staff that will improve the teams performance as the schedule works through the season. Recruiting is the key to long term performance but that is subject to our performance now, a don’t go near the water until you know how to swim deal.
    Good athletes want to play for a winning program, so this athletic staff will need to be persuasive. Meanwhile, game film will reveal much that needs attention, we will win some games, and there is a good future for IU football. I will be there Saturday night. Go IU!

  10. Disgraceful… usual. The only thing that used to provide solace our follies on the gridiron was the pleasure in knowing basketball season would provide more than an equalizer. The best coach on the planet brought to Bloomington will never convince, or draw the needed breadth of top football players at multiple positions, to match up against the top-tier teams in the conference.

    Spin it anyway you want; the top corporations realize they can’t be everything to everybody. IU used to have a brand. Glass will turn IU athletics into a Wal-Mart of common mediocrity. Bland will be our brand. Profits without prestige. Pathways lined with trees, limestone architecture, and quaint stylish coffee shops may keep Bloomington attractive to lifetime hippies and law professors in khakis stuck in the days of Bobby Plump meets Woodstock, but the true energy of the place forever remains evaporated until the candy-stripes return to prominence. We’ve put a true leader in a forever stagnant Memorial office and placed a charlatan in charge our storied Assembly brand that appears to have only come to IU for the passion of selling Christ on Twitter.

  11. Last night provided ample justification for why Lynch was fired. The IU players were smaller than the BSU players, especially on the O and D lines. Nine freshman played in the game! What does that say about the sophomores, juniors and seniors, all of which were Lynch recruited players. We can’t blame Wilson for a roster of undersized players. He has had very little to do with recruiting the players now on his roster. Lynch may have recruited a better class last year, but they’re freshman!

    The defense was the same old defense it has been for years. It’s just that yesterday, with a new QB, IU was not able to score the 35 or more points necessary to make up for the bad defense.

    It’s going to take time for Wilson and staff to bring in Big Ten sized players and recruit players specializing in defense. I suggest he turn to the JC ranks immediately. Not sure he’ll have the time to build his roster through HS recruiting exclusively.

  12. BSU does not have a size/weight advantage on IU in any way, shape or manner. In fact the opposite is the truth of that matter. BSU OL/DL were simply much scrappier after the 1st quarter.

  13. It’s one game into a season playing with Lynch’s recruits. It was not good but the sky is ot falling. I doubt we’re gonna be happy with the season but all I’m looking for is improvement. The past few years the team appeared to get worse with every game. All I want to see this year is improvement.
    BTW, BillinVA, I can’t seem to remember the years that Cam Newton was here. Were we any good?

  14. Hoosier Clarion; Call it what you will, but BSU looked bigger, they looked stronger and as you said, they clearly played scrappier. Bottom line, BSU controlled the line of scrimmage almost all night. That comes from Wilson in his post-game comments.

    IU was outmanned by a MAC team. This roster is clearly too small for Big Ten competition. Not saying there aren’t other issues involved, but IU’s size is an obvious problem.

  15. Alot of teams struggle a bit their first game out. Auburn almost lost to Utah State. Hopefully, this was a learning experience for the players and they will be ready to go against UVA.

  16. Hey, Barf for Sark: the pattern you’re looking at is Kevin Wilson being 0 for 11 all-time as head coach. He was a HS head coach for 10 games and lost them all … and now, as a Hoosier. No other experience as head coach.

    As for these being Bill Lynch’s recruits: I don’t know if you guys realize but Bill Lynch is not the coach any more. Someone else is making the big bucks and poses as a symbiosis between man and maxim … well, if he’s a man stop defending him and let him take the heat. Let him do his job, let him make mistakes, let him try to fix them without your misguided zealotry squeezing the life out of any hope for greatness he may have had, the way you did with Crean.

    For now Kevin Wilson’s head coach career is a just steep symbiosis of sub and par. Crummy. Just like your “support” for the Hoosiers and their coach.

  17. Like most Hoosier fans, I’m disappointed. Ball State took control of the line in the second quarter and literally pushed us around (mostly backwards) at will.

    Indiana? We had our moments. The first two quarters clearly showed a good offensive plan, an able quarterback, two very promising running backs, solid receivers.

    Last year Indiana broke records for (Big Ten and of nearly national scope)defensive ineptitude. I pursed my lips when bloggers would mention our ‘experience’ on the defensive line. It’s like saying we have experienced personnel in any institution. The question is, is the experience good, bad or miserable? Simply put, Ball State simply stood us up and pushed us back.

    ‘The call’ was irrelevant. I think I understand why Coach Wilson went for it. Good solid reason: a part of selling the Hoosiers on themselves. Next time, do the same darn thing…we need to believe the message. Clearly, at this point, we don’t…yet. But KW’s mental approach is the right road map.

    Something or someone needs to address the ‘soft cover’ and the arm tackling, especially by the corner backs. I could almost see the huge Ball State gains and guess #23 or #29 on each and every one of them. More than anything these became a video replay of last year.

    Finally, I repeat exactly what several others have said. This is nothing but a start…buying into the defeatism of some of the “oh me, ohh my…here we go again, we’ll never have good football” negative blogs only identifies and underlines the heart of the problem: losers are the heart of the culture of losing they pay homage to. Please go elsewhere.

  18. Put Bill Lynch at OSU and do any of us truly doubt he could win…at least for a season or two? The Wislon hire has been blown way out of proportion its impact. There is no sweet inheritance at IU. To change the sands of time and convince top recruits IU is where their football skills will be best showcased to play at the next level..? I’m not sure we live in anything but an individualistic society anymore. It’s tough to get kids to come for love of school with zero self-serving interest in bringing a program from bottom of deepest hole to respectability. I guess that’s what makes for so many programs that cheat. Immediate satisfaction desires and instant results expected from fans combined with selfish pursuits glorified to young athletes in the hollow meaning the grotesque money thrown at top players makes for a very tough job any honest coach searching for humble athletes that quietly perform their guts out for the better of the team.

    Maybe the purity of sport and its true meaning has left us for good…Somewhat naive to act like the “culture” of a few negative bloggers bears the responsibility that world.

  19. Branded; Your question about Lynch winning at OSU is irrelevant, kind of like asking “if you put wings on a frog, do you truly doubt he could fly?”

    Coaches, like corporate managers matter. Head coaches matter a lot. Yes, resources, tradition and facilities matter a lot too. Put good coaches and good facilities at good schools together, and you should see significant improvement. I think IU (Glass) has done that with football. After three years of coaching IU, I believe results under Wilson will be much better than they were under Lynch.

  20. Tsao; Another excellent post. I’m amazed at how many people post such negative and defeatist comments after one game. I also notice a few comments complaining about Wilson’s salary or the money Glass has spent on football! Last time I looked, Wilson’s salary is not even at the midpoint for Big Ten head football coaches. What’s your take on why such comments are even being made?

  21. TTG, well, it’s obvious several of the posters are Purdue trolls as they make third person references to IU and IU fans. F**k ’em. It would have been great if that first drive was emblematic of an incredible turn around in a matter of a few weeks. A turn around where all the players, many of whom we found suspect when they were recruited, suddenly blossomed into quality Big Ten players in a matter of weeks. But it was not to be.
    One of my kids truly sucked at football when he began playing. It was difficult to watch. One day he would become an all state athlete. But it took years of long, hard toiling work. For him, it was better that way. I’d like instant gratification, too, but I’ll settle for gratification.
    The people that matter will give Coach Wilson a chance.

  22. Anyway you cut it, the game is won in the trenches. Our lines are learning a new system, but they need to spool up quickly, got to play more than one quarter.

    Disappointing start, but it is only one game.

    Key defining moment early in the season. Are our boys gonna show the grit of taking a punch and getting back up ready to learn and play with some fire. Or do they play dead bug attitude by thinking of the past & listening to the whiney negative nellies?

  23. True- KW took over a team of sub- Big Ten caliber players.
    False- that they are small. Look at the O-line depth chart and you see some pretty big guys.

    Coaching is more than recruiting. Earlier in the year KW said that a big part of I.U.’s problem was mental, and it led me (and probably some of you) to hope that he could get more out of these same lads than Lynch was able to get out of them- and that would be the first step in turning the program around (“Win Today” yadda yadda) That’s why this defeat really hurts- B.S.U. just played harder.

  24. Podunker, Chet…I think a lot of the posts are the reflections of how people see themselves or their own situations. Many actually rely on the immediate outcomes of ‘games’ to make themselves feel better about themselves. And, when ‘their’ team loses, the moment is hard to accept.

    It’s really interesting to watch and read the posts. They say a lot about the poster. That’s also why I think recruiting has become so critical and why the media is able to ‘blow it up’ in the reader’s life. When a kid rejects or ‘commits’ to another school’, wow!… It’s taken as a rejection of ‘our’ institution. And, when an in-state kid rejects the ‘state’ school,… oh lord!!

    That’s why I just shake my head…it reflects a lot more about the individual affected than about the coach, the team or, certainly, the school. At the end of the day, my degree says IU on it. It is a source of pride whether we win or lose a game or a barely-past-puberty kid ‘commits’ to us, as long as the school and program stay focused and strive towards excellence in every program, including football. That is really what makes this particular moment-in-time so absolutely challenging, great and enjoyable. Great to share it with ‘teammates’ like several of the others here!

    Chet is absolutely right about the experience with the growth of his kid as an athlete. I agree with him, I too sat down (with the chips and salsa) and ‘wished'(dreamed?) for the Hoosiers to move up and down the field, racking up 3507 rushing yards and 5148 passing yards while holding Ball State to -19 yards total and even the referee embracing KW at the end.

    Then, s*** happened! Reality hit me in the mouth with the reality of the size of the job Wilson (and the rest of us have before us). Saw nothing to make me think it can not be done, absolutely nothing to doubt the selection of Wilson as our coach, or question his vision of IU as an equal in the Big Ten (+-1). Even in defeat I could see those things about Wilson I like. It’s just a big job…and, like watching our kids strive for greatness, what makes it so worthwhile!

    Stay together…we’re going for a big, fun ride on Chet’s Harley!

  25. Well I have come down off the ledge. Still disappointed in how this team I root for performed, or didn’t.

    Wilson got me thinking that we had the players to make some noise this season. He spoke about this team’s talent level was not that dissimilar to that of OU. His “Win Today” had me buying into what he was selling. Now I realize that it was all coach speak.

    IU looked nothing like OU who was running rough shod over Tulsa 47-14. We instead came out on the short end of the stick 27-20.

    I guess the subtle hints that Wilson was dropping the last week or so about the quarterbacks not stepping up, and how he expected true freshman to contribute immediately should have sounded the warning sirens. Win today is not so much a philosophy as it is a question. Win today? Nope, and I doubt we are going to win next Saturday either. I can only hope that by the end of the season I’m not left wondering are we going to win at all?

    I like many others got caught up in the belief that Wilson coming from a successful program like OU would translate into immediate results at IU. It’s not, and it is likely to take four or five years before we sniff a winning record. Gunner Kiel will not be the answer alone. If he is left to fend for himself behind that unit we call an offensive line he will produce no better results than what we have been experiencing these last 10-15 seasons.

    Yeah it’s only one game, but it was game one of the 2011 season and it was just one more game that have ended like so many others. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and after all the rah-rah talk from Wilson I suspect many of us thought he would have this team playing hard, physical and running like a well oiled machine. Instead we got a soft, non-physical, team with the reliability of a Yugo.

  26. Chet…it’s a TRIUMPH!!! (10 pages of posts into the blog.). The sound you hear are my knees rubbing against the concrete floor as I grovel for forgiveness for suggesting it was a noisy, showy, socially challenged Harley.

    Many, many years ago I used to enjoy sports car road rallies. Drove a British green TR3. Still love remembering it.

  27. Let him do his job, let him make mistakes, let him try to fix them without your misguided zealotry squeezing the life out of any hope for greatness he may have had, the way you did with Crean.

    For now Kevin Wilson’s head coach career is a just steep symbiosis of sub and par. Crummy. Just like your “support” for the Hoosiers and their coach.

    Great comments. And such a bite of reality the times we live in. Plenty of instant gratification to go around on this blog…a variety that has far less concern for a Hoosier victory or loss than the gratification upon egos of instant impenetrable positioning hellbent to paint their worlds in colors of infallible perfection. By such gifts they extend their flawlessness onto everything they touch so no man can even have tiniest human quality to struggle or chance to ever doubt himself. Their children are perfect. Their lifestyles are perfect…Their Sunday afternoon rides through a sprinkling rain in the countryside are perfect…Their political choices are perfect. Their coaches are perfect..Their Hoosiers are perfect. Not perfection by means of achievements the events and people they speak, but merely so because their own opinions placed upon everything objectified from a motorcycle brand to a fart from our new head coach have granted it so. And with such perfection will deliver the perfect ax when it’s time to chop a man down to size when the false propping up no longer serves their liking. It does say a lot about men to wear such thick vainglorious armor over their words and judgments reserved for everything except a mirror.

  28. TTG, When I was in flight school in Pensacola, I came soooo close to buying an orange/red (not sure what they called that color) MGB. About half the young Navy/Marine/Coast Guard officers down there drove something of the like. Then there were the smart ones. It was so cool. A convertible British roadster. My best friend (a Marine who went on to fly C-130s for 20 years) drove a Triumph TR7. He pleaded with me not to buy it. He was going broke trying to keep that little ‘wedge’ of a car running. I remember his got ‘stolen’ after he could not sell it. Coincidently, his uncle owned a junk yard with a car crusher.

    It wasn’t long after that neither car was made anymore. I’d still love to have one. Maybe someone can reinvent those cars into high quality machines the way John Bloor did with Triumph motorcycles. They went from great performing, unreliable bikes to the best bikes on the road. Somewhere, Steve McQueen is smiling.

  29. True story: My parents gave two of my sister MGs as high school graduation gifts before entering college. My oldest sister was given a blue MG Midget and my youngest sister a British racing green MGB GT. A third sister received a Fiat Wagon(after she wrecked a beautiful red convertible VW bug while a senior in high school(she hit a Great Dane on a country road..didn’t do a damn thing to the dog, but totaled the car). The first car my oldest sister received upon getting her drivers license at 16 years of age was a gold Camero SS convertible(another gem that was totaled only months after my father purchased it for her..The story I remember is that she ran it down a ravine into a tree after attempting to dodge a tractor crossing the road…at least that’s the story I was always told..Thankfully, my sisters were not seriously injured). My father spent so much money on wonderful cars…He’s 87 and still kicking..WWII vet. My mom died last year after a decade of fighting breast and colon cancer. They were married for over six decades. One of my sisters is quite wealthy(lives in Georgetown) and recently couldn’t come up with the cash to buy him a new stove. My first car was a ’73 Firebird that blew nearly everything off the road with the 350 V-8 under the hood. I made payments…delivered furniture after my high school classes let out. Don’t get me wrong..I was also terribly spoiled in numerous ways..I just wanted to make the payments. I loved that car. Wish I could buy my old man a car.

  30. I was an IU football fan before they went to the Rose Bowl and I’ve continued to be one through the years. These are Lynch’s recruits and scheme can only do so much. Mallory went 0-11 his first year (Red Shirted anybody who looked like they could help in the following years) and he turned out OK. This is not about what Wilson and his staff did Saturday (though I want them to win games too) but about what they’re going to do going forward.

  31. Branded Bland, I’m betting that Camaro SS was around ’68 or ’69, right? My boys got reliable used cars at 16, nothing fancy. My daughter as has always had a certain panache. I found her a mid 90’s BMW which actually cost less than her brothers’ cars. It was inexpensive but nearly perfect. Pretty blue Beemer and she LOVED it. Her more affluent friends received fancy new Toyotas and Hondas and the like that probably cost four times what I paid for her used car but all the guys paid more attention to her old BMW.

    That and she’s six feet tall and gorgeous.

  32. Going for it was the correct call! You people have been watching too much bill lynch football. We are Iu, we have to be aggressive because our defense cant stop anyone. So should we have kicked the field goal in the first half when we went for it and got a TD??? Okay so we did not get it, so what if were down by 4 we still have to score a TD! In fact if you really think about it were more likely to hold them when they have the ball inside there own ten than say there avg field position 25! the people crying about field goal have no game concept whatsoever! here u go 7 > 3+3! not to mention the yards we gained by going for going for it. its a no brainier! i hate we lost but he actually did the correct move by going for it!

  33. No argument from me. If we were Oklahoma it’s probably the wrong call, but we have a ways to go.

  34. Branded Bland- so why are you even writing here? You wrote: “The only thing that used to provide solace our follies on the gridiron was the pleasure in knowing basketball season would provide more than an equalizer.”
    Solace to whom? IF you are football fan, who cares about basketball? You also wrote: “[T]he true energy of the place forever remains evaporated until the candy-stripes return to prominence.” Wow! If you think that the b-ball team is the true indicia of I.U.’s energy, you are more delusional than die hard I.U. football fans like me. In the first place, I.U.’s energy comes from its top-flight academics (School of Music, Dept. of Classics, Dept. of Jounalism, School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Business) rather than the sideshow of sports. Second, I.U. basketball is washed up. “Elite” basketball programs go to the N.C.A.A. torunamant once in a while. When’s the last time the I.U. b-ball team placed an All-American? Calbert Chaney (I’m guessing). Get used to it.

  35. davis-

    I don’t think IU basketball is washed up. Unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember many those teams that played for the NCAA Championship banners hanging from Assembly…Unfortunate the age while fortunate the great times. In your eyes we may no longer be “Elite,” but I still think we’re in pretty elite company and should never extinguish the pride and the memories. We’ve also had a couple trips to the Final Four since our last championship and when you get that close it’s still one hell of an accomplishment. I think we’ve had some All-Americans since Calbert Cheaney, too..We’ve also had some guys that I attached some of my fondest memories of what it means to play for the cream and crimson..Guys like A.J. Moye…D.J. White…Landon Turner…etc..etc..etc. You are right, though… Sports is the “sideshow” and perspective should never be lost(Miami?… Anyone?). And let’s keep in mind that basketball isn’t measured by the same level of success college football where teams are glorified for getting to some third-rate bowl game that simply exists to feed more money into the “sideshow” pot. It seems like the question anymore is what a team from a major conference has to do to not make a bowl game. Sorry I got you so upset for going off on a tangent..I should just shut up with the negative garbage. I’ll try to keep my comments more positive and respect the die-hard IU football fans like yourself. I hope one day we can worry about some tarnish on 5 Rose Bowl trophies looking a bit dated(along with a few dozen second places at Taco Bowls…Facebook Bowls, Snausage Bowls, Skype Bowls, and so on)..Maybe you can have a seance to raise my spirit and tell me how Wilson was the man that finally got it done and turned Indiana into a top football program that has never left its “Elite” status since. Though I didn’t die hard my time long faded into the night, that news may just raise me from the dead. Until that day I know will come true, lets just cheer on the Hoosiers because we honor their effort and take pride to know they represent all the glory..past, present, and future of ol’ IU.

    Now let’s go beat Virginia and get this party started.


    You’re a ton of fun and I love listening to your stories..Mine are far more boring. You rarely go into attack mode on this blog which is a true testament your character. I think you’re pretty close on the year that Camero..I was such a little runt I’m not sure. I do remember driving the MGB GT long before I had my drivers license..We lived in the country and many hours the day the roads were yours to own.

  36. Po, I was at the game also and BSU did not look bigger. Just scrappier, that is why I mentioned that. After the 1st Q it was obvious who was winning the line of scrimmage. Some B10 teams will be bigger but BSU does not fit either criteria. Coach Lembo had the better game plan and made better adjustments but not more beef.

  37. Hey Folks, I grew up with Kevin Wilson. From the time we were in grade school to graduation of high school. This is all I have to say to all the skeptics. He inherited a less than par football program. Perhaps thats why Glass gave him 7 years to build it to a point where Indiana football will be a place where victory is more common than defeat. one game does not make a season and one season (especially at IU) does not warrent all this negative, defeated chatter. I’ll bet the farm in 3 years you’ll have a better attitude about Kevin Wilson. Its just who he is and what he strives for.

  38. Ole Friend!!!; That was good of you. Be assured there are a lot of IU football fans that remain excited about Kevin Wilson. And most of us will remain so regardless of how his first year as coach turns out.

  39. Let me say I am still excited about Wilson, I am!!! I just think 6 games was winnable to shoot for this year…

  40. J Pat; When I first looked at the 2011 FB schedule, my heart said we might win six games. My brain told me that an entirely new group of coaches, a new, inexperienced QB, and a weak defense were going to lose most of the games. However, while I thought IU would beat BSU, I also thought we’d lose to Virginia. So, if IU can find a way to win this weekend, we’re still where I thought we’d be and we can still have hope for six wins.

    As someone on this site said, the key this year is that the team continues to improve, week to week. Of course, they also have to stay healthy in order to do that. IU may only win two games this year, but if they’re getting better every week, I can live with that for the new coaching staff’s first year.

  41. Branded Bland- I went to IU-Bloomington in the 70’s, so I do remember “back in the day.” And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want IU hoops to be “that way” in “these days.” But I’m just looking at things realistically, and “elite” no longer applies to IU hoops if we look at the last twenty years performance-wise. Sorry if I got personal, but I’m a football fan first and used to just hate it when I’d sit in Memorial Stadium and hear my fellow students ridicule the football team and say “just wait for basketball season.” By any chance were you at the IU – Ohio State game in Bloomington in Oct. 1978? I was the guy who stole Woody Hayes’ hat (successfully) at halftime.

  42. Davis…yeah, I remember that…and I remember an OSU alumn named Galbreath got really upset and hired a hit man and (unless he called the hit off before he passed away) the hit man may still be out there looking to wack you.

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