1. Finally a decision has been made. On another note, is IU actively recruiting Gehrig Dieter from South Bend Washington who set the state one game record for receiving yards in his first game this year at 370+ yards and followed it up with a 340+ yard game his second time out? He’s the leading receiver in yardage in the nation going into tonight’s games. I believe his brother Nolan just walked on at IU. If we offer, I have a feeling he would come. He could probably start for us now. He’s underrated by the services but he can flat out play.

  2. Way to go Coach W. Honestly, I think this is the best option at QB. I’m still not buying into the whole “rotation” they have been preaching. I think if Wright Baker comes out strong and doesn’t have a crazy wild arm, he’s in there for the duration. I could however see Roberson coming in for Wildcat-type formations. Have him take the snap and do a draw or bootleg, since he has tremendous speed that Wright Baker nor Kiel can match.

    Wilson is 1 for 1 on smart coaching decisions. Just wish the run game was going to have Willis. He showed a lot of potential in the few games he has played, I think most would agree with that.

  3. Does anyone know why there’s no TV for this game? Shouldn’t we at least be televised on the Big Ten Network?

  4. Well, this is why I have an HDMI cable for my laptop. Going to have to hook it up and run it through the TV.

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