Rivals releases 2014 Top 25, one commit, three targets ranked

With the release of Rivals’ first 2014 basketball rankings, one Indiana commit and three other targets made the site’s top 25.

Trey Lyles, who committed almost a year ago to the Hoosiers, comes in at No. 18.

Along with Lyles, Indiana targets Jacquan Lyle (No. 8), Cliff Alexander (No. 9), and D’Angelo RussellĀ  (No. 14) also made the opening list. Alexander and Russell were both on campus within the last week for unofficial visits.

Lyle and Alexander were classified as 5-stars, while Lyles and Russell both were at the 4-star level.

The nation’s top player in 2014, according to Rivals, is currently Andrew Wiggins, a forward out of Huntington Prep (W.V.).

Get the full list here.


  1. This is so predictable and so stupid: a great young player commits to IU early and all of a sudden he falls in the following rankings. No one seriously believes that Trey Lyles is not “head and shoulders” better than Jacquan Lyle; Blackmonn would be top 25 on any listing for 2014; Ron Patterson would be top 100 on any listing for 2012; etc. Indiana needs to really “beat-down” on our opponents this season, win 20+ games, and win games by 20+ points or more.

  2. BP,
    I don’t know that no one seriously believes that. They’re both good players. Both have a chance to be exceptional if they develop. I would say that no one believes that any recruiting ranks for 2014 kids are anywhere near close to definitive at this point. That’s why they only ranked 25 of them.

  3. Still I mean come on. Trey Lyles was ranked as number 1 by a few places. How can 17 guys suddenly be better than him. Also I would think rankings so far out base a lot of their analysis on projecting how much bigger the kid will get. With Lyles he is already big enough to be a super star even if he doesn’t grow at all. For a kid of his size to have the ball handling skills and shooting range of even 15 to 18 feet would have to put him in the top 10. By all accounts he had a good summer too. I’m very surprised by this low of a ranking. I don’t know enough about the other players to be outraged, but it is probably close to being outrage soon!

  4. It sure looks like once kids have made a commitment their rankings go down. That is the case in every year not just 2014. I think maybe they need 2 rankings one for those already committed and one for non-committed players. There is no way Trey Lyles is 18th in this class!! Everybody who believes that should stand on their head and try gargling peanut butter while naming the the 17 players ahead on him. It can’t be done! These rankings, IMHO, are a joke.

  5. Of course they go down if they commit early. What is going to pull in more money to a scouting service, reports on a kid ranked 38th and uncommitted or reports on a kid ranked #1 but still uncommitted? There’s no money to be made on kids that have already committed so there’s no reason to rank them highly.

  6. Hopefully, this will be a motivator for Lyles and Blackmon. Lyles is definitely a top 10 player in 2014. Blackmon has the potential but watching AAU this year, Blackmon did not seem to have improved much. Maybe he will take off again this year. Patterson will be great at IU– hopefully academics will not be an issue. Crean spotted something in Jurkin- so if healthy he will be a defensive force. Perea,Ferrell and Hollowell all should be rated higher so if CTC starts to coach like he recruits– great. I will say that Jones III and Pritchard better play well early- especially on defense or they need to sit the bench. No more lack of team play from Jones on offense–its time to step up.

  7. These sites need to drive traffic to them. No point in ranking someone high that is already committed. That means less hits from each recruits offer list fanbase. It’s all about money, so just know that we have some solid commits and potential commits and ignore the rankings.

  8. Who really cares where kids are ranked? I mean if Crean thinks he can use a guy no matter what the ranking, then that’s fine by me. Just build a winning team and I really don’t care about rankings. Rankings are all subjective anyway, so don’t get hung up on it.

  9. #1 verses #17 really is not that big of a deal. I think both will be good players in the long run. The one thing that is clear is Crean is looking for a bigger class for 2014. Once we get the guns in turnover will be certainly happen since there will just not be enough time to go around for everyone. As for Patterson you cannot say he is top 100 for sure because when I saw him in three games he was not impressive. Hopefully he is working hard on his game.

  10. Agree with everyone else. They don’t put out these rankings just to have something to do. There is a reason that the people that rank these kids are almost all pay per view places. If a kid is already committed, even if it is just verbally, they have no incentive to rank them high and probably feel like the only way they will get the hits from the fans of the school that they have already committed to is to rank them considerably lower than they really should be.

    Unfortunately like everything else, when it comes to these rankings, it’s all about the almighty dollar.

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