1. I’m on the road and couldn’t get the feed but it sounds like we were once again just blown up across the offensive and defensive lines. I would ask how everything else looked but with the line play as it is it’s like the old joke, “Other than THAT, Mrs. Lincoln…”. Who can tell? It sounded like North Texas receivers made a couple great individual plays under good coverage. Not much you can do about that other than getting bigger corners.
    What I am curious about is it almost sounds as though Coach might be pulling some plays from the RMK playbook on motivation. Parking the suspect upperclassmen (who really haven’t shown they deserve to play anyway) and playing freshmen who are getting their butts handed to them. Odd things happening with the receiving corps. If that’s the case, so be it. I don’t think anyone had us in a bowl this year, anyway. For those who don’t remember, those great Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl teams with Troy Aikman at QB won, what, one game in Jimmy Johnson’s first year?
    Yesterday was a debacle, for sure. Let’s see where we are in a year.

  2. Re North Texas loss

    Take comfort. North Texas is the 8th best college team in Texas. It was their first win against a BCS school in years. There are several high school teams that would give the Mean Green a run. Way to stink it up.

  3. North Texas played 3, 3-0 teams before IU including #2 Alabama. They did not have a cupcake schedule and were just looking for someone to beat on. Saying they are no better than a high school team is not at all correct. They have a school near dallas with 36,000
    students ,a new coach and a new stadium. They will be a force in years to come now that they and the community have made a commitment to their football program. This was a good home win for them. Coach is playing freshman and red shirt freshman in nearly all positions. He is building for the future including recruiting the top QB in the nation and his
    brother Dusty needs more playing time. He is a much better passing QB than EWB. Maybe coach will give them both some playing time. The only good football coach IU ever had won ZERO games his first season. Give him time to recruit his type players and coach up his current players before you start bashing him. IU will get better in a couple years.

  4. Chet- I was able to get the super fuzzy computer feed and you are right about getting blown off the line- husge holes right up the gut for eight, ten, fourteen yds.

    I couldn’t figure out why the D-line was getting in and out of their stances to stand up and look around while NT was adjusting its formation at the line of scrimmage. I played D-Line in high school (big deal, everyone on this site probably played high school ball), thirty years (!) ago and goodness knows the game has changed a lot since then, but why on earth would d-linemen be looking at wide-outs? Any thing of interest to a nose guard is going to be between outside shoulders of the tight ends/off. tackles. If the offense is taking a long time to get set, a d-lineman might come out of his stance to take a knee, but stand up and look around? It was most noticeable in the first quarter, and these guys were not looking all over, not just to the IU bench, so they could not have been looking for signals. A d-lineman standing up when the o-line starts to get set is not ready- the offense only has to be set for one second!

  5. My laptop is pretty old and the game streamed beautifully…almost keeping pace with Dustin’s calling of the plays on the LiveChat session.

    The Hoosiers did have some luck at the end to get the score respectable. There was still some bright spots. The Hoosiers were not lifeless and players were chest-bumping after scores as fortunes began to turn in the 4th quarter. I could be wrong, but there was a muffed punt that squirted through five Hoosiers surrounding the guy fair-catching the ball for N. Texas..The ball squirted out right in the direction the only other lone player wearing green and N.Texas retained the ball. That was a play that could have given IU great field position and got the momentum even shifting more. I realize we were playing nothing close to the depth and size a Big 10 team, but they have a very good running back and appeared to have really decent receivers and surprising overall speed. I know I’m comparing apples and oranges here, but Knight had some very good basketball teams that went early exits in the NCAA when going against an opposing squad with speed throughout the floor…Cleveland State is one that stick in my memory. Anyway…I still like Baker at QB..I like his mobility and added size. Kiel came in and put some good touches on the ball(aided by some lackadaisical play by a team that was relaxing a bit early because of the comfortable margin on the scoreboard). I like coach Wilson. I like his demeanor on the sideline. I’m sure this isn’t a dream roster for any coach to inherit. That’s not being negative, it’s just a simple truth.

    Is Dustin not excellent at his job? Very impressed with his ability to hold onto so many facts from the game and deliver them with such ease while going solo on ScoopTalk. I think Dustin will have that job at SI someday.

  6. I am betting Coach Wilson and Rod Smith pay particular attention to Baker this week in practice to see how he deals with the image of DK’s success during the 2nd half of the 4th quarter. I know it has been stated the starting QB will not be on a short leash but results do count and at NT EWB developed 0 vs. Dusty’s 21. That may create pressure which he cannot thrive in. I will state again Dusty moves through his progressions faster than EWB and I do not know why except maybe processing the field of vision. DK just does not lock onto a receiver for the amount of time Baker does. We will see.

  7. Really good comments today (Chet, For What It’s Worth, Hoosier Clarion, others as well). Seems pretty clear to me that the blog is divided into those who enjoy forming and sharing opinions to create even more depth of thought for other bloggers, those who are totally emotional and can’t go beyond their anger, and those who just make noises through their intestines.

    I do not buy into the idea that ‘we should win’ because we are a Big Ten, Division 1 BCS team. That would also lend credence to the argument that ‘they should win’ as North Texas State is in an area that produces 10 times the number of Division 1 college players and Ohio State would never come into Indiana to recruit (if anything, it is a good argument for spending more time looking at areas like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Nebraska pciking over what ends up enrolling at North Texas State and others). A prospect is big and he is fast, he is agile and he is tall, he is intelligent …that is so in Texas, in California and in Vermont, Montana or Indiana. The rest of it is the teaching capacity of his coaches, their ability to translate the natural skills (mentioned above) into individual performance and the coach’ ability to prepare strategies, design plans to implement and prepare (drill) those individuals who will be using them in games.

    As the manager in ‘Bull Durham” said…”you throw the ball, you catch the ball and you hit the ball”, its as simple as that. But, it does take time to do it right.

    Until then, any team we play is a worthy opponent who we will have to be prepared for or risk losing. That’s why we play the games rather than send in the results of the U.S. News and World Report university rankings by email. The argument that we ‘should always beat X, Y or Z’ is a really arrogant and ignorant argument that would never be made by anyone who has the minimum understanding of the nature of competition.

  8. It really is time to pull the plug and get the hell out of the Big 10. The Big 10 is not an elite football conference and yet we are not even competitive in it. Let’s make the decision and stop trying to be something we are not.

  9. Jim, CBS put data together last week and with opinions from senior writers…it was decided the Big 10 is 2nd best in football and 2nd best in bball making it the #1 conference overall in the nation. Someone post the link if you have it…I am whipped tonight. Did not sleep much after the game last night. I put jerseys on both kids and my wife and I went to BW3’s and they decided to not play the game so I went to Yogi’s and had to beg to get my family in the back room and I watched freakin N Texas absolutely whip IU. What truly fascinates me is if IU can do what they did in half a quarter at the end, why not before??? If anyone blogging seriously thought we would be 1-3 at this point…I question it, period! I do not know a soul who thought 1-3 after pre season. I am shocked beyond writing, I cannot even put my frustration into words. I thought IU was improving with this staff, I really did. I am scared to death another game will not be won and a 1 win season will do NOTHING for recruiting. I do hope for the best, I do!!!

  10. A couple things. Did NT have the starters in when DK was engineering the comeback? I don’t care who starts. I’ve seen nice things from both guys but EWB won the job in practice. Maybe DK is the man, I don’t know. I like that we have quality young QBs.
    Secondly, we played Virginia in 2009? It seems like 20 minutes ago. Funny how when you get older times goes faster. Not funny ‘HaHa’. More like funny, ‘I’ll be dead by the weekend’.

  11. I find it amazing when someone suggests we leave the B1G, which happens remarkably often on this blog. We get so many benefits out of being in the B1G, and I thank my lucky stars that we are in arguably the most secure conference in the land, especially during times of conference realignment like this one. Kansas, one of the most similar schools to IU in terms of big time athletics, may end up in the Mountain West by the time its all said and done. Imagine what that does for the perception of your academic standing over time.

    I never thought we would be 1-3 at this point. That being said, it looks like CW is almost treating this year as an extended training camp, getting a bunch of guys playing time, installing a system, instilling a mindset. Honesty, I have to wonder what this team would’ve been like with Chappell as the QB this year. The year over year comparisons between Coach Lynch and CW seem totally ill informed without taking that change into account. My guess is that with Coach Lynch we would still be 1-3 (maybe 2-2) with less optimism for the future. A Top 30 recruiting class is rarified air for IU Pigskin.

  12. And Dustin, how do you have receivers injured just enough to miss a quarter? What in the world is going on?

    Sorry for the multiple posts….frustration.

  13. Why even bother to acknowledge idiotic questions like “should we drop out of the Big 10(12)?” by responding to them. They are like the smoke from a cigarette, they don’t exist but if you keep sniffing they’ll hang around and irritate the h*** out of you for weeks. Anyone who raises that question(about the Big 10) is a candidate for remedial kindergarten (or a Purdue fan who wants to feed on us).

    The QB question, the status of this player or that player…all those are questions for the guy we hired and the only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know enough to even identify the right questions. He feels EWB is the QB?..that’s fine- leave it alone, that’s why we hired him. Why are we changing lineups? KW obviously has an end-purpose and an objective, we don’t even know where to begin.

    Notice one other thing. When we were feeling OK with EWB, some were raising questions not about EWB and RK, but about whether we should already replace EWB with Rusty’s ‘little brother’, (who is still a high school senior probably wondering who he’ll ask to the Sr. Prom) or what to do with the family’s feeling if both brothers are around to compete for the same position- my suggestion, make the brother who doesn’t win the QB job, Offensive Coordinator.

    Put the record from this year out of your mind. Set your own criteria for evaluating improvement towards a BEGINNING as we go forward. And expect the changes to be thorough and permanent. The minutia will otherwise have you pounding the keyboard like Kevin (no offense, just your acknowledgement of your frustration). Leave it alone…(for now) and enjoy the ride.

  14. BTW, the worse news of the weekend is that Kevin Bush had decided that he felt it best too stop playing and left the team. I know in our family we are saddened, but we understand his decision (though we understand KW has to make his decisions as a head coach).

    More important, Kevin…you’ve become a great inspiration to many, many of us. We respect your sacrifice, we were inspired by your leadership (before and after you became a player) and we honor your commitment as a soldier and as a Hoosier. We sincerely hope you are successful at IU, meet every one of your goals and have a great life and career.

  15. Tsao and/or Dustin…do you have anything else on Bush? I had not heard that. His track record is not one that would quit on a team so I am surprised and sad.

  16. Saddened by the departure of Bush. As former military it is not typical behavior to just up and quit. Bush went through all the off season workouts, training camp, etc., so the most difficult part was over. This would be like a recruit completing Navy Seal training only to quit after having been accepted. This is out of character for a Marine so I’ll just keep my speculation to myself.

    As for the teams performance I have to say that I am more than a bit disappointed. It is appearing more and more that Wilson and his staff are going through OJT and are not the polished, experienced, head and assistant coaches that one would expect for the salaries they are receiving. Hopefully his learning curve will be short because after four games he hasn’t displayed a superior ability to any of the other coaches he has faced.

    I am not one who is going to predict that IU will not win another game this season, but the odds are definitely not in our favor. Going forward we’ll have to hope that each of our remaining opponents plays its worst game of the year when playing us, and hope for some lucky bounces.

    For all of you clamoring for a change in QB let me just say that the quarterback play is not the issue with this team offensively, it’s the line. If you can’t block you can’t execute your offense. And please don’t mention Roberson as an option thinking that his mobility will somehow mask the poor play of the OL. Having a freshman quarterback not even six months removed from high school is not a recipe for success.

    Wilson’s “Win Now” slogan should be replaced with “Win ever?”

  17. The QB discussion and suggestions of QB changes by know nothings makes me think of the idiotic wife of my idiot brother-in-law. As she stood next to my father-in-law who is dying of lung cancer she blurts out, “Maybe he has mesotheilioma. Maybe we should get a lawyer.”
    Yeah, the hell with all these doctors and what they think.

  18. QB is not the issue? Peyton Manning is an elite MVP QB because of his talent, skills and leadership qualities not because he stands preserved behind an elite OL or a subsequent run game. Of course PM does not play for IU. The IU OL is not top notch and part of EWB’s failure is performing to that fact. In a passing situation he repeats and repeats 1 of 3 actions, locks onto the primary receiver(most of the time with negative results), dump off to the check down receiver or tuck and scramble. He either gets too nervous to see his 2nd or 3rd options in the progression, doesn’t have the field of vision to see through the progression or cannot process quickly what he does see for a more positive action. I think Coach Wilson has made him the starter because he is the better scrambler to help bail out the OL. I have no issue with that, it makes good sense. The issue I have is he does not generate enough offense to score early in a contest which makes me also question his leadership skill. Did everyone watch Dusty firing up his teammates both on field and off during that last 7-8 minutes? He is still competing for the starting job. Did Kiel get lucky with some defensive breakdowns? Yes. Opportunity arrived and DK took full advantage. Would EWB? I refuse to believe those 2 occasions were the only times their defensive backfield made errors in coverage all day. If Baker does not pick up his level of performance he should indeed look off his shoulder and he will see 1A.

  19. Someone once said, “Everything his hard, before it is easy.” I think that sums up the IU football players’ collective response to the new coaching staff and their lack of performance on Saturday and throughout the early part of KW’s first season.

    I did not see the game, so I’m limited to speculating about how IU could have laid such a huge egg down in Texas. My guess is that the players have reached that point, mentally, where things are just totally discombobulated. They are confused, disappointed, and mentally fatigued, and in a state of mind where nothing fits or makes sense. They’re in that uncomfortable mental place where they can not visualize what needs to be done or how they’re going to do it. They’re probably spending more time thinking about things instead of doing those things with confidence. In short, they suffer from cognitive overload! Individually, some players may be insecure, looking over their shoulders and wondering if they’re going to get benched for “messing up.” Some players are disappointed for having been benched when they expected to be starters. I’m guessing that the majority of IU’s players are struggling with focus right now.

    Throw in the fact that IU, after four year’s of sub-par recruiting, simply does not have enough talent and are physically overwhelmed at most positions, have new quarterbacks with little experience, and are playing a lot of underclassmen, it’s not hard to see how IU could produce such a disappointing performance at North Texas. Things that should not and have not been that difficult, just seem incomprehensible right now.

    While all this is not unusual for a new coaching staff taking over an under-achieving team, I hope KW and staff understand that most Hoosier fans have seen all this before, many times, and that the embarrassments we suffered Saturday and against Ball State reinforce the narrative about IU football in the minds of many many Hoosier fans. It would be very unwise for Kevin Wilson and his staff to underestimate the breadth and depth of negativity and low expectations surrounding IU football. Wilson may not have ever experienced anything like it in his career, but he better prepare to deal with it before the past is transformed into the future.

  20. Hoosier Clarion, I believe we will discover as IU begins to play much better competition the issues involving the OL. EWB staring down his intended receiver will be rendered a moot issue when he is getting buried by a pass rush or running for his life. DK will face the same fate. Neither will have time to go through their progressions because the OL will be overwhelmed.

  21. Possibly and probably, but when the OL gets the extra 1/2 second Dusty is the better option because he goes through them faster. When the opportunity arises he has a better chance.

  22. J Pat,
    I spoke by e-mail with his mother yesterday, and she echoed Wilson’s explanations. Said he just didn’t have the same amount of fire and decided it was time to go. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Bush himself but have been unsuccessful.

  23. Thanks Podunker, Hoosier Clarion…your posts make sense and do not give the feeling that you are a disgruntled parent of a senior who is not getting playing time, or a daddy of junior who is discovering his Last Great Hope for Sunday football glory may not be in the cards as a career option.

    Podunker, I don’t think anything will change soon. It’s not supposed to be if you are really expecting change and to install the foundation of a program that you do not have to take apart every 3-4 years. Most of us agreed what was needed was a fundamental cultural change. I understand your frustration and even, at moments, suffer through the impatience because of the magnitude of the challenge.

    I gave it a lot of thought this weekend. Even had to face being honest about how realistic my own expectations are in the short run.

    The only way you can do that is by attacking the very heart of the culture that has made us ‘losers’ over a period of twenty years or so (since Coach Mallory’s unmitigated disaster of a firing, followed quickly by the equally depressing and devastating firing of Coach Knight in our basketball program).

    There is only one way to cause a change of this magnitude. You blow up any relationship to the old culture, you level the ground, bury it and start all over. You build a completely new foundation, and that includes reviewing the most basic of materials used, even the sand used in the mix.

    I’m sure most of those players who are juniors and seniors are decent, good, some possibly admirable people. I have separately written about my feelings of admiration for Kevin Bush, a person who has already earned respect through his sacrifice. I can and must continue to respect him. But, it may be that for whatever reason he just could not be the kind of player that can lead us to winning football. Nor can I tell you who can be…

    That is a decision best left to someone who understands the issues involved; a Bob Knight, a Bill Mallory, a Jerry Yeagley, a Doc Counsilman or, possibly, given his history a Kevin Wilson…; not to an old f*rt with a bloated ego who sits in front of his TV and makes the ‘right call’ and pronouncements about what it takes; or the benefits in playing veterans (veterans in what?…), or is illuminated from above about the culture that defines and is needed to create consistent self-respect and success.

    Creating success is a challenge, mostly an internal challenge to those undertaking the process. In Chicago they have one h*** of a problem educating kids. Barely 1 in 5 meets national standards (which are not so high themselves). Why?,… because more than half of their teachers are lousy and do not know much about the subjects they teach. They performed badly themselves while in high school; enroll at very, very poor state colleges ranked in the bottom 10% of all the 1600 or so colleges in the US, graduate from there with barely the basic skills necessary to get through high school themselves (and then, not always). And where do they want to go teach, apply and get jobs?… to the schools near where they grew up, in their old neighborhood; …one generation after another, and then…another…and another,for going on 100 years.

    So you say…why send them to the bad colleges? Just try to cut off the colleges’ regular income source of tuition money… Go meet with the thousands of residents, or the teacher union activists who will come out to demonstrate and insist loudly that, if you take action to fix it, you are discriminating against ‘their’ schools by demanding well educated, knowledgeable, skilled, quality teachers.

    Mediocrity and failure, losing enterprise, sadly seems to have huge followings and passionate defenders. …”[P]oor me…I have experience (sob, sob)… Seems like living in the muck is fine for many.

    Sound familiar? These issues are related. That’s how you end up losing to Wisconsin by 12 touchdowns, TWELVE!!!how you field a team which averages, AVERAGES, five touchdowns scored against it per game, (1+ TD against IU PER QUARTER for a period of three YEARS).

    The embarrassment is that anyone still has the gall to write a letter saying “ohh…give the honeys a chance…they’ve suffered so much over the last…and they’ve sacrificed so much…” If you are Tamater, Hopeful Fan, DC Dave or any of the other enabling goo-goos, the only thing your comment does is to create the culture of losing that sacrifices Hoosier dignity and pride.

    Coach Wilson is doing exactly what he was hired to do, return us (now get this word)… Respectability… in spite of ourselves and our love for the Cream and Crimson!

    Do your job Coach! Make the changes! Use your professional judgment! Select and build your own personnel! We accept there is a cost; in spite of our drooling babble, we want to create a culture that eliminates the cause that brings on these self pitying letters, the culture of failure they wallow in and which sometime seems ingrained in us.

    Some of us still care and remember what winning is about.

  24. Chet, great anecdote! The insight we’ve become used to in your posts, as it relates to the QB question.

    Hoosier Clarion, I’be always respected your thoughts. Still do, and enjoy them. At this point, I think the issue of QB need to be left in CKW’s hands and professionalism. We really do need to trust the judgment his history suggests.

    Sometimes, reserving our judgment and not trying to speed a process along is just…wise.

  25. Yep, you have to change the culture. The current players have to change or leave. Remember, the only reason we have a respect-filled basketball culture again is because CC dumped almost every player on the team. CW is basically doing the same thing.

  26. Changing the culture of the football program will require all the players to change. If they can’t, don’t want to, or just don’t think football at IU is fun any more, they will quit or transfer. It’s a necessary part of the process in changing the culture of an organization and creating a high performing team, whether in a business entity or a college football team. If you don’t or can’t fit into the new culture, its necessary, even essential for the organization and the individuals involved that you move on or be moved out.

    Obviously different rules apply between what an employer can do and a what a college coach can do to their respective “subordinates,” but both have methods of making the people that can’t function in the new culture leave. Forgive the harsh and politically incorrect language, but in short, both a business leader and a college football coach will get rid of the people that don’t fin into the new culture and will make room for people they believe have the attributes necessary for the new organization to succeed. As for IU football, mental toughness seems to be an attribute necessary to perform in the new culture Kevin Wilson is trying to establish. He has spoken about this subject on several occasions, going as far back as spring practice and again as the summer practices began.

    Players will quit and/or transfer, some having seen the writing on the wall and some doing so voluntarily. Relative to the past and to other stable programs, the number of players that depart IU in the next two years will be higher than average. Some sensitive and delicate fans will complain that KW is too harsh, too insensitive, to mean, or maybe that he’s the devil incarnate. The departing players will be replaced by young the coaches believe have the physical and mental attributes necessary to transform IU football into a successful program. If they are successful, everyone will soon forget about the players that left and bath in the glow of IU’s new successful football program. If it was easy, anyone could do it!

  27. I’m unilaterally banning the use of the terms “politically correct/incorrect” from the English lexicon. Any use of them will result in 28 years of bad luck and/or death within three years.

  28. The Hoosiers have been duped!! The Wilson you have in Bloomington is not the same Wilson they had in Norman, Oklahoma last year. The Wilson they had in Norman would never have let a player threaten with transfer and give in the way Wilson has in the backfield.
    Apparently he has made it clear that players HE recruited will have an advantage over inherited players regardless of skills or work ethic..

  29. Fourjp; we got it the first time you posted it. And without anything to back up your assertion, it’s just as inane the second time.

    The difference between the Wilson at Oklahoma and the Wilson at Indiana is the amount and quality of talent he has to work with. It’s a world of difference and no two teams could probably be farther apart on the talent spectrum than IU and Oklahoma.

  30. Chet; my bad. No excuses. I knew it was a mistake to use “politically incorrect” in that post. I will try harder to resist the temptation in the future.

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