1. Thanks guys for the frank conversation.

    I. I have been a supporter of KW since the hire. His reaction to the radio incident was inspiring. I still hope for positive results long term.

    ii. Dustin, while I very much appreciate your efforts to keep us informed by what you see, I really wonder if I want to hear any more from someone who is supposed to hire, play, or coach.

    No one should suggest we were saving something last night.

    I really didn’t mind the “go for it” call on fourth down, so i won’t bad mouth it now–that is too easy. Coaches are going to blow fourth down decisions sometimes, but it is the HC’s call…don’t give the impression of shared responsibility, especially on a failure.

    This embarrassment belongs on both sides of the ball. The defense was horrid most of the night, but on the rare occasions they did get a stop, did the offense come through?
    Is no turnovers enough?

    As humiliating as that was last night as a fan, it had to be a hundred times worse for the team.

    Come on guys, learn from it quickly, its a long season. We’ll be there Saturday. Get your act together.

    Until then….no more talk.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. I’m not sure what the heck KW was saying on the audio when he was trying to explain the call to go for it on fourth/three at the BSU nine yard line. Did he take a vote on it? It was a BONEHEAD call, and the explanation that if we didn’t make it the defense could pin BSU in its own red zone makes no sense in light of the fact that the IUD hadn’t held its ground at all in the preceding quarter. Definition of a BONEHEAD call? One that is wrong even when it works. It was the wrong call even if IU had converted or scored. TAKE the freaking three points unless the situation is critical (and the situation was not). DON’T come up empty after a long drive; you only get so many of them in a game.

  3. 1 call or play should not matter in a game like this. Ball State is usually a pretty decent team. However, IU should be a 2 to 2 touchdown plus field goal winner 80% to 90% of the time minimum….Mac vs Big Ten! Therefore, IU should win a game like this regardless….instead Ball State wins after just soundly beating IU just 2 years ago.

  4. this was ridiculous…..this was actually worst than a bill lynch output. What a poor ground game!!!!!!!!!!!! Offensive line was so slow.

  5. By no means did I intend to imply that the unsuccessful “go for it call” was the reason IU lost. It’s always a big deal for a M.A.C. team when it plays a Big Ten team; B.S.U. played like it and I.U. didn’t. Mo is right, I.U. was slow off the line. Translation: no heart, no hustle, did not care. But, to ask again, can anyone tell me what the heck KW was trying to say about the “go for it” decision on the audio link?

  6. Davis, good question. Wilson sometimes requires translation. I think this is in part because he wants to address questions without being quotable. At first I thought he was simply bad at publicly speaking. I’m realizing now that it’s entirely by design and he’s learned how to address questions just enough that we don’t ask them again but not nearly enough that we can boil what he says into a useful quote. How he talks in the audio you hear is how he ALWAYS talks, and he is especially hard to translate on topics he doesn’t want to discuss.
    Anyway, his point, basically, was that it was easy to argue that going for it was a bad move in hindsight, because those three points would’ve helped. But he liked his chances at converting and tying the game. He is admittedly an offensive coach and still views the game that way, so he wanted his defensive coaches’ opinions as to whether or not they thought they could hold Ball State down if they went for it and failed. He thought Wright-Baker got bluffed on a blitz into a quick throw and it didn’t work out.

  7. You know, that’s such an insignificant point. Whether to go for a field goal or a first down against Ball State. I used to use an axiom with my kids. “What will this mean to you five years from now?”

    That’s pretty much how I feel about that call.

  8. I may be nuts, but I had no problem understanding what KW was saying about his train of thought on the passed-up field goal, his reasons for touching base with the defensive coaches or his intentions. I also think ‘translating’ coach Wilson is not needed, the assumptions about his ‘public speaking’ challenge is wildly exaggerated and his carefully thought out ‘gibberish’ (my word) …”being not nearly enough that we can boil what he says into a useful quote…” reaches the level of either paranoia or comedy. Either way, it’s pretty funny and unfair.

    (I also thought KW going for the tie at a moment when the opponent had just pulled ahead for the first time in the game was important for THIS team and THIS program at THIS time). It just simply did not work and took all of the importance on the outcome of this game of a zit growing on another zit.

    Basically, I find Wilson is exactly who he says he is and find his quotes refreshingly candid and honest, even when they honestly concede a point.

    Just feels like there’s a whole lot of murky water running under this bridge.

  9. Chet…sorry about calling it a Harley. I know you wrote (sometime last week) about the bike (and I could see it is something really special to you). Laziness (part of a bad post-defeat syndrome) prevented me from looking up the post and getting it right to begin with. I will know what you ride by the time I go to sleep this evening. (Thought I would ask you to repeat it, but then that would be like not ‘doing the little things it takes to win’ that this whole enterprise is about. So, I will research it.

  10. No big deal, they’re just motorcycles. I’m just not into the Harley thing. I have a Triumph and a Kawasaki KLR (for when I really, really need an injury). My wife has a couple bikes, too, including a KLR of her own. Between the motorcycles and the mountain bikes we spend a lot of time on two wheels. This is a nice part of the country for it.

    Lots of people down here sound like Coach Wilson. I can come up and translate…for a small fee.

  11. Chet, I wish you would stop talking about Motorcycles, becauseitmakesmejealous.
    OK, lets move on, and go on a positive ride and have some fun.
    Positive things from the game.
    1.Offense looked fresh, as in innovative. Will be hard to defend when executed.
    2.Running game looked encouraging.(Perez questions answered?)
    3.Staying positive here, defense at times were in right positions with chances at tackles. Small things I noticed, I could tell they had been coached better. Slow.
    4.Kicking game was solid
    With time, Coach Wilson and staff can fix the offensive glitches. You will see improvement next week. I watched the Nebraska game, they run the same defense. The difference that I saw was speed and agreesion. So between that and IU’s game, I think that answers the speed question concerning IU from last week. Obviously you do need a mix of size and speed. I tried to keep it somewhat positive, see if you can.

  12. Yes, he is. Houston did well also. The line definately missed some blocks. Some of the plays were there, just not executed.

  13. This has mentioned repeatedly but I am still at a loss to explain the secondary play. It looked like a prevent defense, which I hate by the way, but they seemed willing to give up a five to seven yard completion on every play. Which is fine if it’s third and 22. The corners were 13 yards off the ball with no underneath support (nor much pass rush, but that’s more of a mano y mano thing). I don’t know if they were out of position (unlikely) or there was a reason for it. I probably would have thrown the ball fifty times if I was Ball State. Does anyone see the bigger picture that I am missing?

  14. Going for it was the correct call! You people have been watching too much bill lynch football. We are Iu, we have to be aggressive because our defense cant stop anyone. So should we have kicked the field goal in the first half when we went for it and got a TD??? Okay so we did not get it, so what if were down by 4 we still have to score a TD! In fact if you really think about it were more likely to hold them when they have the ball inside there own ten than say there avg field position 25! the people crying about field goal have no game concept whatsoever! here u go 7 > 3+3! not to mention the yards we gained by going for going for it. its a no brainier! i hate we lost but he actually did the correct move by going for it!

  15. Liked Mass. Hoosiers comments. I saw those same positives. The kicking game issue is huge and we have a very, very good fg kicker and a very decent punter. Several of the plays on defense that broke our back were situations where the db or a linebacker got to the right spot to make the play and just missing the tackle or running by the ball carrier. As Wilson has said (and RMK made a religion of believing), you beat yourself when you do not do ‘the little things to perfection’. These are coach able issues and I actually feel better about the improvement the more I replay the game in my mind.

    Good argument by Rich supporting the decision to go for it on fourth down… saw absolutely no upside to playing for a sure (given our very good FG kicker) three.

  16. Have read all comments about the game. I really don’t feel I can comment on players, coaches, play calling, or anything with the team until I see a game start to finish. Don and Buck were great but I need TV! Lots of talk about size of our kids and many positive and negative posts but bottom line is IU should have never lost that game!!! I am nervous and worried about this coming weekend and I should be excited and ready to battle so I am somewhat let down. It was only the first game but I sat with a group of guys listening to the game and it will be damn hard to win 6 now. Again, IU should always beat Ball State!!!

  17. Tsao- glad you understood KW. I’m not a journalist, so I’m not worried about getting quotes. If KW consulted with his defensive coaches, great. I just wish he would have said that! To me it was not gibberish, but it sure left me wondering whether he polled his players, or what?

    Rich- certain people have certain philosophies about certain things, and mine is take the sure three unless there’s a compelling reason to do otherwise. Being down by seven with 14:00 (or whatever) to go is not a compelling circumstance. Points are points, that’s why they are hard to come by. Calling a good game is as important as a lot of other aspects of coaching. Living in Chgo., I get a lot of coverage of U. of Ill., and that’s the rap on Ron Zook- recruits like crazy and then blows it on game day.

    Others have different philosophies, which is what makes life (and message boards like this) interesting.

  18. I agree going on 4th was the right call. You have to expect to make a play and if you do not then the D has great field position to defend. I do think if EWB had the benefit of all the 1st team reps for the past 3 weeks he probably would have not been fooled by the D on that play. I would expect his visual improvement from week 1 to week 2 to be very evident. I would let Heban get down close to the line and let him defend WR. I believe he has good instincts. Ekeler was on the sideline so I suspect Mallory was in the booth; I bet Ekeler really grows as a co-DC from the 1st game to the 2nd. Coach Wilson admitted some personal coaching errors and I bet they are erased this week also. ST’s had certainly an adequate if not solid game.

  19. Just read in The Indy Star that Wilson is not happy with the energy of the team. I am happy he saw it on film. Having a new mind set and being confident and motivating these guys…the energy he is speaking of is what I wanted! He said it will be different and takes responsibility for it. The one thing I don’t get and I am not sure who it falls on is why did they abandon the run after avg almost 5 ypc in the first half??

  20. I wondered the same JPat. Might have helped slow down the aggressiveness of the Ball St. d-line. I was hoping for a breakaway scoring run. Willis probably would have broke a long one against BSt. That said, I think with Duwyce Wilson and Ted Bolser in the lineup, game would have ended different. Not to mention a healthy Willis.
    I am not making excusues here, but the more I think about it, the cards(haha) were stacked for a Ball St. win. IU players out, new QB, new offense, home game atmosphere, Big Ten team. Perfect timing for Ball St. and they took advantage of it. Wenning threw the ball well, and that running back was good. IU should beat Ball St. But don’t think Ball St. could not give a few other teams in the Big Ten some problems as well. They should do well in the MAC.
    I think IU will learn more now, from this loss, than later. IU is still in the breakdown/buildup stage. More practice and healthy players will make a difference. Go Hoosiers.

  21. Wenning should have thrown the ball well. He was not pressured and his receivers were open before they even made their cuts. Lots of defensive adjustments need to be made before Virginia or it’s gonna be a long day.

  22. I think there is going to be a tremendous amount of growth over the course of the season considering the number of freshman we are playing. It is also something of a statement as to the direction the team was headed before the coaching changes. I think we are going to ‘see sausage being made’ this season, if you understand the idiom. I’m hoping for the best but it may not be pretty at times.

  23. Football players learn to tackle in grade school or Junior High, certainly no later than High School. If they don’t learn by then, they’re usually never good tacklers. A lot of talented athletes have never been taught how to tackle, use pursuit angles, etc. Great athletes don’t necessarily become effective tacklers and I’m not sure you can teach an athlete how to tackle once they get into college.

    I don’t think last year’s defensive players spent much time on tackling drills, so they came in this year not much better than last year relative to that important skill set. It will be interesting to see if that can be improved upon this year.

    Joe Norman was the best tackler I ever saw play for IU. Great linebacker for Iu back in the 70’s.

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