“We don’t care about that anymore”

Jeff Goodman of CBSSports.com wrote this story about Kelvin Sampson, his new life in Milwaukee and his misdeeds at Oklahoma and Indiana.

The juiciest — and for IU fans, most frustrating — part of the story is a quote from an anonymous high-ranking source at the NCAA, who said impermissible phone calls are no longer high on the NCAA’s radar.

“We don’t even care about that anymore,” he said. “We aren’t even wasting our time and resources with it.”

So there’s that.


  1. I don’t think they cared that much then either, it was just that Sampson immediately started doing at Indiana what he’d apparently shown so much contrition and remorse about having done at Oklahoma. The NCAA felt like they and Indiana had been deceived in the worst kind of way. That’s why Sampson got a 5-year show cause while Indiana’s self-imposed penalties were accepted as sufficient.

    Compared to the massive scandals that have since erupted at UNC, Miami, Ohio St., Auburn and the like (admittedly, all involving the football programs), Sampson’s misdeeds seem trifling and the price IU has paid far out of proportion to the school’s duplicity and the violations themselves. That’s the frustrating part for me (well, in addition to 20+ loss seasons).

  2. Who cares anymore. We got hhe future to look forward to. Plus a hell of a coach staff. Lets kick some butt this year. HOOSIERS!!

  3. Eric, I think you have it right. I would also add that the issue with Sampson is that he showed his lack of integrity by taking part in an elaborate system to avoid being held accountable for the number of telephone calls (resulting in corrupting IU as well), repeated the same exact violation he had been sanctioned for and lied to IU and the NCAA about it when discovered.

    I was as offended by the level of deterioration of his program but not surprised when you consider his character. And, I was offended that Greenspan basically gave him a pass to do it again. It is very telling that an intern discovered the high number of violations (also involving his assistants). The only people surprised seem to be the ‘compliance’ folks.

  4. Teddy, don’t forget that DD (Dan Dakich) did most of the dirty work and probably at a huge cost to himself. That’s where you begin to understand the impact of RMK program really was on people’s character.

  5. I assume, Coach V, you were addressing me and doing so with humor rather than sarcasm. From my point of view, Dakich is pretty representative of the character of those who stayed with him, they learned how to demand the best of themselves, give their best effort, consider the interest of the over their own, dependable and, able and willing to provide leadership.

    (Which, is not to say RMK did not get in the way of himself from time to time. But generally, I believe his contribution very much influenced many in a very positive way).

  6. I’m not sure I’d jump to DD as an example of exemplary character development. He’s kind of a…well, he’s Dan Dakich

  7. Chet, I’m going on what I saw him do while at IU, his willingness to fill into a role that could not possibly help his career when he was thrust into it and to bite the bullet with some of the early controversies that followed the Sampson/Greenspan debacle. I do not know him and did not live the period closely, but always thought it had to be tough for him and, even now, I am grateful he stepped forward. BTW, I do not get his radio show so I have very little exposure to whatever he does or think these days.

  8. TsaoTsuG, don’t know if you’re interested or not, but if you are, you can live stream DD’s radio show on 1070thefan’s web site. Also, has several podcasts available from each day’s show. Personally, I always enjoy the podcast of his interviews with Fisch each Monday.

  9. Dan Dakich is far more entertaining/skilled with a microphone than anything I remember with a basketball.

  10. I would also like to add that he has completely transformed his game from being a nose-to-the-ball defensive stopper to a knows-it-all offensive gossiper.

    Bada bing bada boom. Bar closes in 15 minutes.

  11. Everything I’ve heard from him paints the picture of a shameless self promoter. His college basketball exploits are far different than I remember as well.

  12. kung fu,

    coach knight was a bully who was demeaning and abusive to his players beyond anything that could be considered acceptable. have you read season on the brink? he was an a-hole who could coach until the game passed him by.

  13. coachv,

    You can say RMK was an a-hole and not many will argue that point, but to also look past his influence on those he coached is a mistake. Talk to many of his former players, you know the ones who could take his coaching like men, and they will tell you what he meant to them. They are loyal, and many have said to me what a positive impact he had on their lives. He is the ultimate example of do as I say, not as I do type of coach. He pushed kids to be their best and get the most out of them, more than almost all others probably would have got. He took kids of all backgrounds and taught them how he knew how. You may not like him being so demonstrative or some of the off the court (or maybe even the on court) tirades, but he was a hell of a coach. Just watch one of the old games on the big ten network and you will see a discipline and fundamental style of play you just can’t find many places anymore. Call him an a-hole all you want, but don’t look past the positive impact he was able to have in a lot of peoples lives despite his personality.

    On another note, Don’t sleep on the Adam Herbert part in Sampsons hiring. I’m not trying to let Greenspan off the hook, i could care less; throw him under the bus too, but don’t overlook some of lasting consequences of Adam Herbert being this universities president. He brought personal agenda and feelings into the equation and we are paying for it.

  14. CoachV, I made an assumption that your comments were serious. But then I read your critique of Coach Wilson, “fortunistic”? oh, brother… [two] high profile coaches representing our university that can’t master english.” Then, to boot, your comment about Knight focused on insulting him and covering for your own insecurities; your own very, very challenged English (we do use capitals among adults)…

    Conclusion, you are a very insecure, aggressive and not very analytical poster with very little to contribute. You can buy a pacifier at Walgreen’s.

  15. Hoagland, good comment about the very contradictions of Bob Knight. It has always been a puzzle as to how a man can be such an incredible genius (no one understood and could teach the game of basketball or get his players to perform like he did) and, at the same time, raise so many questions about his behavior and self-control…all in the same instant. Chet has also made that same comment in the past. One admirable characteristic was his loyalty…he never even considered taking any one of the jobs offered, even Ohio State or the Celtics when offered. Some would have been much more lucrative than Indiana.

    And, some of the people who are obsessive in their criticism, sometimes do so out of their own inadequacies.

    Dakich was never supposed to be a ‘five-star’ offensive athlete. His value, as For What It’s Worth points out, was as an excellent defender and a role player who actually enjoyed and understood his value to the team as such. A critical skill in basketball, knowing your role. There should be a sixth star awarded by the recruiting services for those.

    Thanks Boomer, for letting me know how I can get Dakich’ program this season. As I said, I built an opinion of him as a player and, later, appreciated his willingness to ‘give’ to Indiana when we ran afoul of the NCAA. I have not kept up with his career since so I would not be able to say one way or another. I’ll just remember the player he was.

  16. I’m not sure if there is anyone blogging on Scoop that can claim they haven’t been excessive in the “criticism” department at some time or another. Blogging in itself may be a symptom of some form of inadequacy. Hands up? One major inadequacy is that even with all our expertise, the enormous amounts of knowledge shared an unmatched spectrum of insight built from years of following Hoosier sports to the journalists running Scoop that can soak it up like a ShamWow(ShamTsao!?…Sorry, couldn’t resist) to use in future stories, not one single dime is earned to help pay for my electric bill! I had mine shut off not too long ago..(an oversight on a past due bill). Guess what I was doing when the TV stopped and the house went dark and silent?

    Dakich makes a hell of a lot of money for his BS. He was a role player in basketball, but there is no denying he found a new way to invent himself. I don’t like his attitude very much and I really don’t think he rescued IU from anything during the Sampson eviction. But why waste time on water under an old bridge…? Because that’s what bloggers do. We’re always analyzing yesterdays’ news and then using it to change the world. Maybe the “inadequacy” on here is that we are all blowing wind simply to push the air. Some blow less, some blow enough for the Hindenburg(that was just plain politically incorr…oops..I might get Chet going). And aren’t we making life for the sports journalists and broadcasters soooooo much easier than in the old days? Styles in writing to emulate..different angles to stories for a line or two in tomorrow’s column …firsthand accounts and IU history lessons given to a 22-year-old sports editor that bleeds Wolverine ….and all the fresh new perspectives on the divisive times in our Hoosiers past that we have persevered. We joke many times that the blogoshpere is a wasteland, but is it really? Yes. ShamWow!

  17. hogland,

    i’m not saying knight was a bad coach. just a bad person who could coach. that is, until the last ten years or so. when i started out, i watched all of knights coaching tapes and used a lot of his principals with my teams. i wager i’ve studied coach knight more than anyone who frequents this space. there is no justification for his behavior. do you think coach k and many other fine coaches didn’t have a lasting influence on their charges without treating them like shit?

    knight would insult his players in the most personal ways, kick them off the team, not let them on the team plane or bus after road losses, etc. that was ok as long as he won. two things spelled the end of knight’s winning ways. his inability to consistently recruit due to his coarse manner and lack of ball pressure on defense. man, that was hard to watch.

    chow chung,

    when i want your opinion i’ll stick a nickle in you. for your edification, when al gore invented the internets, nobody used caps. probably because no one was sure how long it would be around. consider it old school. since i was living in san francisco then, we got the internets 10 years before you hoosier rednecks did, so you wouldn’t know anything about that.

  18. Shocking to see former Kelvin Sampson All-Star Eli Holman had to leave Ray McCallum’s Detroit team for personal reasons. Maybe he had some potted plants that he had to tend to.

  19. “since i was living in san francisco then, we got the internets 10 years before you hoosier rednecks did”

    So, why are you here? Why do you find us so fascinating?

  20. “We got the internets”???

    Look who is talking like a redneck, and using (no) capitals like a redneck, too.

  21. I just received word that Gary Harris committed to the Indiana Hoosiers today! He is in my Advanced Physics class at HSE! He was wearing an IU sweatshirt! GO HOOSIERS!

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