Wilson: Beckum, Hager to have MRI’s for knee injuries

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson said linebacker Leon Beckum and offensive tackle Josh Hager both suffered knee injuries and would have magnetic resonance imaging tests (MRIs) on Tuesday to find out the significance of those injuries.

“They have a couple of knees and I think we’re evaluating them with MRI’s and we’ll probably know for sure here by tomorrow their timeline,” Wilson said. “is it gonna be major deals that maybe is that their season or is it gonna be one of those 3-4-6 week deals where you can get ’em back. Because they’re both seniors, you want them back for them because it’s their last go.”

He remained vague about defensive end Darius Johnson’s status. Johnson did not make the trip on Saturday. Wilson refused to say on Saturday whether it was because of injury or a violation of team rules.

“We’ll see as you go through,” Wilson said. “I’d like to think everybody’s gonna be healthy.”

Wilson said the most problematic thing he noticed watching film of Saturday’s game was a lack of enthusiasm.

“The real disappointing thing to me, which is totally my fault,” Wilson said. “I just didn’t see it from the sideline. On the field, we didn’t have any energy. It just looked like we were at a golf match. We’ve been talking about having some fun, cranking it up. … We were a very lethargic team.”

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  1. I was hoping that the improved conditioning and weight training would curtail the injury bub that has plagued us for so many seasons.

    Beckum and Hager may not have been all-conference type players, but they proved to be the best of the bunch coming out of fall camp. Now our already thin talent just got a little thinner.

    I guess Pagan will stay at right tackle to compensate for the loss of Hager, and Evers will take over for Pagan as the right guard. Our OL was already struggling and now that we’ll have a RS freshman in the group the situation could become even more precarious.

    We’ll miss the experience that Beckum provided but hopefully Rose and or Dahlstrom will not be a significant drop in performance.

    Why does it always seem that the teams like IU that can least afford losing a starter to injury always do?

  2. I attended the game Sat I think BSU coaches did a much better job of adjusting to what IU was doing than what IU did in return. I hope Coach Wilson installs the QB option that BSU ran as we simply couldn’t stop them; and yet, they could stop our QB option. Their QB did a superb job of freezing our DE or OLB while IU seldom did. Coach Mallory needs to get our D to “get after it” as his dad used to say. Very disappointing that IU didn’t adjust well on both sides of the ball.

  3. If you went to the game “waiting for wins” you would have noticed that the quarterback did have time to throw the ball. That redshirt freshman did his job at right guard. Don’t judge him just because he is a “redshirt” freshman. Aslo That Evers kid “started the Spring game. Give the hoosiers a break! It’s not going to happen all at once. Lets try positive attitude and maybe the kids will respond!

  4. MarkMe: I share your disappointment about the lack of adjustments on the part f IU’s defense. I think it’s a product of new coaches learning to work together. But all in all, IU has a weak and thin defense and it’s going to take time to transform it into a unit that can compete with Big Ten programs.

    I’m sorry to see the injuries, but in Beckum’s case, I’m not surprised. The young man is 5’10” and weighs about 212 pounds. He was going up against BSU lineman the outweighed him by 80 pounds. His D-line did not “protect” him from the BSU blockers. He plays with heart and is quick, but he’s smaller and lighter than most running backs he faces. Sooner or later, that catches up to a player.

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