Wilson never got sensible explanation on review of non-safety

Kevin Wilson still doesn’t have a grasp on why defensive end Fred Jones’s third quarter sack of Michael Rocco on Saturday, which was initially called a safety but then placed on the Virginia 2-yard line, was not eligible for instant replay review.

Jones’s hit drove Rocco into the end zone, and it initially appeared that his forward progress had kept it from being a safety. However, replay showed that he fumbled the football and appeared to fall on it inside the end zone.

The safety was waved off on the field, however, and Wilson was told he could not challenge it. 

“The comment on the field was that it wasn’t reviewable because his progress was stopped,” Wilson said. “I was asking because I took a timeout to review it, then they said it wasn’t reviewable. … My thing was, we took a timeout, and they said it wasn’t reviewable. Then, I said, ‘Well I get my timeout back.’ Then they said, ‘Well, you lost your challenge.’ Then I said, ‘Well, you said it wasn’t reviewable.’ I felt like I was arguing with my wife. We were just going in circles there a little bit.”

Wilson doesn’t lament the call, he said, because the Hoosiers still made a stop on the next play and forced a punt. They got the ball on the Virginia 45-yard line, but failed to score on a fake field goal and turned the ball over.

Wilson said he was generally happy with the defense and other improvements the Hoosiers made in the game. But the fact that the Hoosiers lost obviously proved there’s a long way to go.

“There was just a greater effort,” Wilson said. “That was pleasing. It still could be so much better. We’re just gonna try to keep building. We need to keep building. We made some strides Week 1 to Week 2. No moral victories. Our goal is to win it. We blew it. We had an opportunity to get it closed out. We didn’t. The deal is to win games. It’s nice we improved some, but that ain’t good enough, because we still lost.”

Wilson took some of that on himself again. He took the blame again for Virginia defensive end Cam Johnson’s sack of quarterback Ed Wright-Baker and the ensuing fumble.

“The way we were protecting it, we were vulnerable on one side,” Wilson said. “We didn’t recognize that. We blocked it right, but we didn’t recognize it at quarterback and got hit. At the same time, as a play-caller, we put him in a bad situation.”

Audio follows. The Mike Ekeler audio is strongly recommended, but for at least one quote or possibly two, parental discretion is advised.

AUDIO: Kevin Wilson

AUDIO: Brandon McGhee

AUDIO: Jeff Thomas

AUDIO: Chase Hoobler

AUDIO: Lee Rose

AUDIO: Mike Ekeler


  1. They blew the call, simple as that. The ref with the best view of the QB juggling the ball called the safety, not sure if the other officials overruled him or what.

    DD, there seems to be a problem with the Ekeler audio, not sure if it’s on my end but it just loops the first few words over and over.

  2. My bad, must have been a temporary glitch on my side. I tried it 3 times last night and it just looped. Tried it this morning and it worked fine, go figure. But Ekeler is definately a must hear.

  3. Dustin,

    The Ekeler audio plays fine, but the Chase Hoobler one only plays a few of your opening words and then ends.

    Enjoyed theses interviews a lot – really interesting kids, plus good to hear from the coaches.

  4. I agree with KW. When I got home, I watched the replay and the quarterback definitely fumbled the ball. It came out of his hands as soon as he was hit by Jones. It hit the ground in the end zone before he recovered it. Safety was definitely the correct call. The end zone official was in the right place to make the right call and did so at that time. To later change his decision to the wrong ruling is extremely poor officiating.

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