1. Why can’t we score until the 4th quarter? Virginia, UNT, Penn State…if we had last year’s first half and this year’s second half we would be a winning team. The last two drives today could not have looked any different that every other one before.

  2. Kind of a dull game. Offense was not clicking at any level. Run game got going on one drive after the fumble but other than that it was lackluster. I enjoyed watching Eckler on the sideline. Jeez, it looks like he wanted to put a uniform on!

    Great tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness with the helmets. A victory against Illinois next week would be huge for these kids.


  3. As I watched it, the story of this game was dropped passes! I lost count on the number of good passes that were dropped. And it looked to me as if the blame can be spread equally around the receivers and backs. It looked like IU”s receivers were afraid of getting hit, but some of those drops were just terrible. Credit to Dusty for keeping his cool in spite of his receivers dropping so many catchable balls.

    Is Belcher injured? Is he dispirited? What’s his problem? I think he damaged his draft prospects today.

    On the positive side, IU had a chance to win the game with two minutes left to play and Penn State’s bench got very nervous toward the end. IU’s defense played much, much better than I have seen in many games. Granted, Penn State is no offensive juggernaut this year, but give credit to IU’s defense for demonstrating some toughness and having some spine. A couple turnovers, a few key stops, and much improved tackling were reasons for optimism. Given the amount of time IU’s defense was on the field, I salute them for a fine effort. Too bad they gave up the 75 yard TD pass. That was just a horrible defensive play. The QB had his choice between two wide-open receivers, so obviously, IU’s safeties blew the coverage.

    IU has a long way to go before they will be able to win those types of games, but what I saw today showed some significant progress.

  4. We were in the game right to the end against a good big 10 opponent. That’s a good thing for IU.

  5. I noticed the drops too Podunker. Many of them were on the slant route where the receiver got caught looking up field before they caught the ball. Belcher had one on a third down that really was disappointing.

    But as you said, that may be all you can ask for at this point. They were in the game at the end against Penn State.


  6. The “D” played well except for that one long pass, especially since the “O” was running no-huddle and two many times did a ‘three & out’ forcing the “D” to play much too long.
    Also, receivers…. CATCH THE BALL!!!!!

    Waiting for our “O” to turn the corner on this new offense and explode for mucho points. This game was winnable.

  7. The receivers need to go through that practice drill where they catch the pass and immediately get whacked by the padded blocking shield. I know some of them are young, but they dropped a lot of good passes today. They dropped them over the middle, on the wings, everywhere, regardless of the route. Ouch.

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