Belcher dismissed from program

Indiana senior wide receiver Damarlo Belcher has been dismissed from the program for a violation of team rules. according to an IU release on Monday.

The senior receiver led the Big Ten in receiving last season, but had just 25 receptions for 286 yards and a touchdown through the first seven games. He missed the Iowa game with injury and was suspended before the Northwestern game.

Belcher was two receptions away from tying James Hardy’s school record for career receptions. He was 10 yards away from moving up to fifth on the all-time career receiving yards list.

The 6-foot-5, 215-pound Fort Wayne native was strongly considering following teammate Tandon Doss into the NFL Draft. However, Belcher stuck around on the advice of Kevin Wilson in hopes that he would improve his draft stock.



  1. Whoops. Well I wish him the best of luck in future. I won’t speculate as to what happened other than to suspect that this behavior may have been tolerated under past coaching administrations and is now not. Perhaps leniency is something of the past and I’m okay with that.

  2. I love the fact that it doesn’t matter with CW whether you are a walk on or the best returning player on the team, you are expected to do it his way or else. Good for Coach Wilson. This will all payoff in the long run. Go IU!!!

  3. Wilson wonders why he was never given a head coaching job ever before, this should be his answer: 1-8. IU struck out with this dude, even if he gets good players, how well do you think he’ll do? I’d guess right around 4-8 or 5-7…hmmmm 5-7 sounds familiar doesn’t it Coach Lynch? Wilson’s season highlight came in a sound bite on a radio interview, one in which looking back on it now the joke is clearly on him.

  4. Wow, what an interesting contrast in posts.

    “Wilson is a joke” Really? On the basis of his first year coaching an undersized team with minimal talent? Well, maybe, but his rules and his willingness to enforce them are not a joke. Those seem pretty serious.

    All I can say is that Belcher must have been really frustrated and upset to do something that got him kicked off the team with only three weeks remaining in the season. Given his desires to be a top round draft pick, this has obviously damaged his cause. He’ll now be labeled as a talent with “character issues.” All he had to do was hold on for three more weeks. What a shame it had to end like this.

    Either IU is going to discover that Wilson has unreasonable rules and punishments and they’ll buy out his contract, or his players are going to realize that he is not messing around and that breaking the rules will not be tolerated…… matter how talented you are. My guess is that IU will support coach Wilson and that the future players will abide by team rules.

  5. “Wilson is a joke” – You are clearly an idiot… This whole situation is much like what Crean inherited. Before the Hoosiers can move on, they need to take out the garbage. Regardless of Belcher’s talent, Lynch’s guys were lazy and soft. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Wilson has to instill some pride and toughness in this program before the wins will come. Unfortunately for IU fans, this is going to mean more patience over the next few years. I had numerouse players at IU tell me that practice under Lynch was easier than practice in high school. That just can’t happen at this level. Wilson wants guys in here who have fire all the time, not just on Saturdays. Give it some time, he will turn this thing around. IU football will make some major strides in the next 3-4 years, and for one, I’m really excited about it.

  6. Good luck in the future kid! You can join Kellen Lewis washing cars! LOL! Good job, coach! Clean it up! I don’t care who the player is, you are NOT bigger than the team! C’ya!

  7. And one more thing…..

    You can say anything you want about Wilson, but you can’t say he does not have guts! You can’t say he does not stick to his guns on matters of principle. You can’t say he does not walk the talk.

    Wilson had to know that kicking Belcher off the team would damage the young man’s future, the team’s immediate performance and be controversial to some people. Belcher was, at least at the beginning of the year, the face of the team.

    We’ll never really know the details of what happened, but my guess is that Belcher is not the last young man that will break himself against coach Wilson’s rules.

  8. Optimus and Podunk- you guys were on here this summer predicting a 1-8 start to Wilson’s career right? Thats why you were excited about the hire? Its what you expected from a 5-7 team last year? ….get real bro. Look at the facts, Wilson is 50 and this is his first chance to be a head coach, that is telling seeing as how numerous programs passed over him, also the Sooners haven’t missed a beat without his presence. Put some effort in your next post instead of just cheer-leading…how many wins do you see IU having next year and in how many years will IU win this B1G championship you are predicting? All I’m saying is from a coaching stand point, I don’t care about any of the other stuff, the results show that he doesn’t have a clue, 1-8 helps to back up that claim, you’ve got nothing to refute the claim.

  9. I doubt the NFL wants anything to do with him. To much money to take the risk. KW has put LOTS of guys into the NFL. He’s is probably on speed dial for most of the player personnel directors. I wish DB the best in his future. Maybe he will turn this into a positive. Everybody makes mistakes. We know most of Lynch’s recruits were not Big Ten caliber. It appears that the rare recruit that matches up physically may have his own set of rules.

    wiaj, you appear to have a real future in the standing-on-the-corner-screaming-at-people industry. You should look into it.

  10. Saying he ‘sticks to his guns’ doesn’t mean he’s a good coach. Also I’m glad Demarlo stood up to this coach, Demarlo is a winner and will go on to succeed in the NFL, Wilson hasn’t done anything in his football career and is currently failing as a coach, he’s currently a huge loser, why should Belcher have to stick around to see this mess. Just because you have ‘coach’ in front of your last name doesn’t mean you know what you are doing. You make it sound like with every player that quits, IU wins another game,….that isn’t happening, and it won’t happen. 1-8.

  11. Anyone who knows anything about football can understand why they are 1-8… He lost several players, whether it be because of things like the Belcher situation or guys just leaving because they were too soft to handle a real football program. He is basically working with a glorified high school team right now. Wilson had the opportunity to leave Oklahoma multiple times, but none of those opportunities were going to pay him $2M plus like IU did. Why would you want to leave if you are making $500k as an assistant?

    The guys they have left this year are inept for D1 players and he can’t help that… He can only gradually bring guys in who want to work for their wins, not a bunch of soft guys looking for a free ride and a nice guy for a head coach. I think the Hoosiers will win 3-4 games next year, 6-7 the next. It’s all about patience and understanding how recruiting/coaching a major program work. Lynch gradually destroyed a lot of the progress Hep made… Atleast we have a guy with some sack now.

  12. Anybody who expected an immediate turnaround from all this is an idiot to put it nicely… This isn’t an SEC school where you can just drop bags of cash on doorsteps and have a 5 star recruit sign the next day.

  13. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that 1-8 means you don’t have a coach. Name another good coach in the country that is 1-8 right now? You obviously didn’t listen to any of Wilson’s interviews where he said although he’s been interviewed often he was never offered a job. Why are the players who left ‘soft.’ Have you ever had a bad boss or a bad leader, were you ‘soft’ when you moved on, or disagreed with their approach? Why is someone who realizes that football isn’t their entire existence ‘soft’? It’s football. A game. The biggest problem is this: if you are good at football you don’t go to Indiana University to play football, period. That is the truth. So IU needs an exceptional coach to win games, not a coach that needs exceptional players, and in this 1-8 start, clearly they don’t have that exceptional coach. And in case you are waiting around….they aren’t going to bring in exceptional players going 1-8.

  14. you guys on here that keep making a ton of excuses have to realize that you’d probably be dismissed from the team by coach wilson, remember no excuses: Win Today!

  15. I think you are missing the whole point there chief… The past 4 years have been miserable with Lynch. The guys he brought in, some with talent, were there for an easy ride. They personell they have right now is terrible. Belicheck couldn’t do anything with this crew.

    I think either 1) you are an ex-lynch player, 2) you are related to him, or 3)like i said, just have no idea what you are talking about. If you are truly an IU fan, give it time and settle down. Everyone with any sort of intelligence knew this would take awhile. Also, there’s a difference between no-talent and soft. This year’s team just doesn’t have much talent at all. It will change eventually, then you can eat your words and keep hanging out with Bill Lynch. What’s he doing now anyway? Oh yea, he has a desk job like he should have had 6 years ago.

  16. Amen WIAJ! I love how everyone else just assumes Wilson knows what he’s doing, despite any proof. And how everyone blames the players. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

  17. You’re so right… We should bring back Bill Lynch. Cough cough, I think I just puked. Patience is a virtue my friends, clearly some people lack it.

  18. If patience is your virtue…Reality is your vice. If Lynch won 5 games with ‘free riders’ that seems to be less miserable than winning 1 with ‘guys with sacks’. Keep making excuses, although excuses aren’t really a virtue.

  19. Who cares, its IU football, season is a wash! Belcher is clearly another Armon Bassett, lets move on and get to basketball!

  20. Pump the brakes “Wilson is a joke.” Have you watched any of the games this year? How many dropped passes did Belcher have in the games that he wasn’t suspended or apparently “injured?” How many lazy routes did he run when he knew the ball wasn’t being thrown his way? Did you pay attention to his body language on and off the field? Yeah, I bet the NFL scouts are drooling over that work ethic and talent. You can start calling Wilson a loser and a joke afterrr he gets HIS players in the program and continues to lose games. It’s just ignorant to state those claims 9gms into his head coaching career.

  21. It’s not really about making excuses… More like not being an idiot and understanding the situation. I like Bill Lynch a lot, as a dude to have a beer with that is. I don’t want him to coach a Big 10 football team. The difference is your argument has already been answered since he was canned, twice in the same state I might add. Let Wilson right his own legacy, be quick to judge 3 years from now. Don’t lose your panties in the first year. I’m pretty sure the roster at Warren Central is better than what’s at IU right now. Chappel carried IU on his back last year or you would’ve seen this coming even sooner. Give it time dude.

  22. Sorry for my grammar by the way, just typing fast haha… I guess that’s not really helping my argument

  23. WIAJ, you can only make one point, and that’s 1-8. If that’s the only way you rate a coach in his first season, then you are a joke.

    We didn’t want a new coach to bring us more 4-8 and 5-7 seasons, did we? No, we were looking for real change. Anyone knows that real change comes at a cost, and when you shaking up the old system and starting from scratch with a new system, there will be casualties. You’d think anyone at IU who watched the basketball program would know that.

    Well, Wlson didn’t overachieve or surprise anyone this season, but this one was a “freebie”. Time will tell if he was a good hire or not, time will tell…

  24. Belcher wasn’t getting thrown to because he can’t get separation. I suspect NFL won’t give him a sniff. He might get on a practice squad for a season.

  25. I could make plenty of other points but I don’t think any point is more valid than the record. His supporters are making no points at all, what are they using as evidence that he is a good coach? Gunner isn’t coming to IU. His stars have left the team and moved on. That’s 0-2 on players with any kind of star potential…where and when is he getting these studs that are just dying to come and play at a 1-8 school with as much football history as IU? I don’t see him getting the players you claim he’ll need. If he can’t get them he’ll need to be able to coach. 1-8 shows that he can’t really do that well. Unless you are saying it has nothing to do with the players at all and it just takes time to learn how to coach football. Which since its a child’s game and countless fulltime working dad’s coach football each Sat morning, I’m guessing at age 50 Wilson doesn’t really need 2-3 more seasons to learn how to figure it out, he probably needs studs and studs don’t go to IU, ask Gunner Kiel about that.

  26. You are probably the same guy who said the Colts shouldn’t have drafted Manning after they went 3-13 his first season… I actually can’t believe I am wasting my time addressing you. It’s almost comical lol

  27. WIAJ- I, for one, am disappointed in Wilson, too. No way did I think we’d be 1-8, more like 3-4 which is where Lynch usually was this time of year after milking MAC teams and the like for a few wins. But it’s way too early to pass judgment. One thing I think is clear is that “Win Today” was naught more than propaganda. There may be a lot of different reasons for starting seven frosh on defense v. NU, but whatever they are “winning last Saturday” was not one of them. One or two frosh might be (more or less) as good as some of the upperclassmen, but seven? We’re all hoping that there is a method to this madness.

    As for Wilson’s age, Minn. hired a coach who is 52. For what that is worth, there you have it.

  28. Optimus I’m also surprised as well because like I’ve said numerous times, you haven’t said anything yet…what are you exactly refuting or claiming with any of your posts? Are you saying that there is clear evidence that Wilson is a good coach? Are you saying you have evidence of this? Are you saying in the future IU wil be: ? Please let me know what you are seeing now at 1-8 or what you are seeing in the future teams/records…

    davis– how is that working out for Minny?

    Win Today! IU did that today…. because they scrimmaged one another without pads during a walk through

  29. WIAJ; Do you know something about Belcher’s dismissal that the rest of us don’t or are you just making stuff up to justify your disdain for Wilson? You wrote, “Also I’m glad Demarlo stood up to this coach.” I’ve heard nothing about him “standing up” to Wilson. Do you equate breaking team rules to standing up to the coach? Because if Belcher “stands up” to his next coach, he’ll be kicked off another team and black-balled from the NFL.

    Here’s a news flash for you, bro. When you break the rules, you risk being punished. If you disrespect your boss, you risk being fired. Belcher either broke the rules or displayed serious disrespect to his head coach, and he was kicked off the team as a result of his behavior. if he knew the rules, that Belcher punished himself. Welcome to the real world, where one’s behavior has consequences.

    Your assessment and conclusion that Wilson is a bad coach because IU is 1-8 is ridiculous. No question that as a first year head coach, Wilson has made mistakes. No question he will get better with time and experience. He’s admitted he’s made mistakes on numerous occasions and has taken responsibility for those mistakes. But IU’s 2011 record does not mean he is a bad coach or a loser. He’s been a part of turning teams around everywhere he’s gone. And as for his age, at 50, getting his first head coaching job, it’s not like he was hanging around some two-bit program getting paid minimum wage. He was a top assistant coach on one of the top college teams in the country. He was being paid more as an assistant at Oklahoma than Lynch was being paid to be the head coach at IU. As an assistant at Oklahoma, Wilson was being paid more money than most head football coaches in America and more than two head coaches in the Big Ten.

    And do you think for a minute that Stoops would have kept him on at Oklahoma if Wilson was a bad coach? That just defies common sense. No, Wilson was being paid a bunch of money to coach some of the best college players in America. And most college head coaching jobs he was qualified for would have required him to take a pay cut. Think it through bro.

    Only time will tell if Wilson is a good head coach or not. But your juvenile conclusions about Wilson ignore the fact that a lot of good coaches took over programs that started off without any wins in the first year. In fact, arguably IU’s two best coaches over the past 50 years began their venture at IU without winning a game in their first year.

    You have a right to your opinion about Wilson, but next time, do your homework before drawing conclusions without any facts. And bro, try to avoid jury duty for as long as possible.

  30. All I’m saying is be patient and avoid making yourself sound like an uneducated fool or a Lynch lover… I mean apologist. I’m done here, better things to do than debate with a fool. When IU is good I hope you aren’t a fan cause I would just assume not be associated with a tool.

  31. Wilson isn’t saving IU. IU has never been good at football, ever. You can attack me all you want, that shows how frustrated you are with this season, you are looking at this as a chance to let off steam, I’m enjoying the whole discussion and find it light hearted. I’m glad Wilson has some die hard supporters, sadly blind support doesn’t lead to relevancy in the real world. Wilson broke some rules a few weeks into the job if you take the time to remember his poor choices with student workers at IU, losing his cool, etc. What rule did Belcher break? If you know that let me know. You seem to assume Damarlo broke rules. That’s a big assumption. Just because a coach dismisses a player that doesn’t mean he broke rules. If he did something bad he would be off scholarship and kicked out of school. You don’t know if you can blame Damarlo here. IU has never had a good football program or a ‘best coach.’ So I don’t know what you are talking about there. Also Optimus, don’t worry about where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing when “IU is good.” You haven’t been able to say how they’ll ever be good so we don’t have much hope if Wilson’s biggest supporter can’t find any hope/reason/evidence to give that they’ll ever be more than 4-8, 5-7ish. It is comforting knowing that there are 3 of us still talking about IU football though, thats a start, maybe in 2-3 years there will be 5-6 people who care about IU football in November.

  32. Remember, if you argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience…….

  33. Wilson’s career to this point has been impeccable and impressive. At Indiana he ran into the one thing that is impossible to foresee until you walk in your office and begin to see what is in the sewer water, waste that corrodes copper pipes…like WIJ. Ignore him, we have made his decade by acknowledging he actually breathes in and out in sequence…amoeba does not do that.

    Belcher had a moment of truth last year. On a critical play he could catch a good pass that would have beaten (I believe it was Michigan) and, alone…the ball in his hands…he dropped it. Had he caught it, likely Indiana’s season would have ended much differently. But that is the thing about players like Belcher and fans like WIJ. There is always an instant when you hear all the noise as the toilet washes down and eliminates the waste. We are making his decade. Let him wash away.

    There is no disappointment this year. There is the beginning of a learning process, the establishing of some pride and a continuing of the determination that we will have a respected football program.

    Gnats like WIJ are just fearful that their existence will no longer be justified.

  34. sounds like someone has a history of losing a lot of arguments to ‘idiots’ that’s pretty gutsy to admit…. with that said, I’m out fellas, sorry if I ruined anyone’s evening, I had fun playing devil’s advocate, it is always enjoyable being the voice of reason in a world filled with blind faith…1-8 has a nice ring to it though now that I think about it and Win Today is a great slogan, and for that, we can thank coach Wilson, maybe I was too harsh on him after all.

  35. TTG, he dropped a game winner against Iowa, don’t remember if he dropped one against UofM as well.

  36. I’m not going to defend Wilson’s record with this team, and I look for a 3-9 or 4-8 season at best over the next 2 years.

    If you look at last year’s team to this years, what is there to compare? Lost the best QB they’ve had in a long time, some of their best offensive lineman, their top receiver and top two returning running backs.

    The two QB’s that were competing for the starting job never fully developed to where we thought they would, both due to minor injuries, and other physical & mental limitations required to be effective.

    I thought Roberson should have seen time earlier, but the staff & Roberson himself has talked about needing to understand the playbook better as he didn’t have a full grasp on it. He has looked better than EWB or DK in his two starts, but has now lost Wilson for the season to a knee injury…..not sure how that will pay out.

    The defense was horrible under Lynch and getting worse, the d-line can’t play against larger B1G lines (or even Ball State’s larger line), the linebackers are full of injuries and we have not had a good corner since Porter was here.

    Top players graduating & injuries are not Wilson’s fault, nor would it be any other coaches fault who inherits a bad program.

    Undersized offensive & defensive lineman, secondary players who don’t have the physical attributes required to man up on and allow blitz packages to work. These players are not Wilson’s fault, he inherited them.

    I expected a 3-6 or 4-5 record at this point, not 1-8. I also anticipated that DK would have developed more under Lynch’s tenure with Chappell at the helm based on his play at Columbus East. I never expected EWB to develop into an effective QB, and said so when Lynch recruited him.

    Now we can debate whose fault it is on why DK never developed more from high school to now. It could be he peaked in high school playing on a really good team in a really crappy conference. You could blame Wilson for not bringing him along better, or you could blame Lynch. Since Wilson only had DK for Spring practice and fall camp this year, where Lynch had him for over two seasons, I would put the blame either at him peaking early or Lynch. You pick.

    I’m not ready to call him a joke yet, nor anoint him as the man who is going to turn this program around. I do like his approach of doing things, disciplinary action is needed in this program. This isn’t just my opinion, but the opinion of former players under Lynch who agreed that while he was a great guy, he needed to go.

    Realistically I would think we should be at 6-6 or 7-5 by the 2014 season, Wilson’s 4th here. If he is still here through his contract, I would measure his tenure a success with at least 3 bowl appearances and 3 consecutive seasons of at minimum 7 wins.

  37. How many true freshmen are playing? 16 or so? Is there another Big Ten team using that many? Seemed like Lynch only used 3 or 4. That’s a statement in itself and tells me KW has a plan and that he is in this for the long haul. Glad he isn’t swayed by public opinion and I would even expect a sub .500 season for 2012. However, I have more confidence in KW turning around the football program in 3 or 4 years than I do TC returning IU to it’s formal glory in the Hall anytime soon. I just don’t see that happening under his leadership.

  38. I have to say that usually I would side with my teams coaching staff, but this guy is a senior and has done alot of positive things for IU football. Two receptions away from tying James Hardy, could have went pro last year… Seriously, this guy is a Hoosier. Let’s not act like he is dirt. Wilson is losing a lot of credibility fast. I wish Belcher the best and hope it works out for him.

  39. Way too early to tell how things will play out either way with Wilson – positive or negative.

    I can’t imagine the IU football program could have managed to attract a much better candidate. Sorry, but it is IU football we’re talking about. Tradition? Consistency? Losing.

    Agree with observations on Belcher’s lackluster player. Guy was not getting up consistently and his routes to me appeared to be run lackadaisically.

    I see see ya. More development of Roberson and Houston, both of whom I’m quite please with. Houston may be the best back in Bloomington in years.

  40. WIAJ-So if your arguement holds, CREANWASAJOKE because he had to clean house and rebuild a program. But surprise, surprise…..he landed one of the top recruiting classes in the nation and I’m thinking we will win a few games in the next four years. Sure hope you don’t have kids playing biddy ball… would be the parent in the stands that no one wants to sit beside.

  41. I’m beyond enough concern for this IU football season to make many posts on the subject, but I’ll make an exception.

    For those doubting Kevin Wilson’s coaching ability, I offer Exhibit A: Bill Mallory’s 1984 team, which went 0-11. The next year: 4-7. Year 3: 6-5, bowl game, the start of what has to be considered the most sustained success IU has ever had in football.

    And to those criticizing the decision to dismiss Belcher, I offer Exhibit B: Bob Knight’s handling of player discipline in general and Sherron Wilkerson in particular. Possibly the best returning player for the ’93-94 season, SW was dismissed after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Dismissed period, no multiple chances, no probationary status.

    Knight was generally praised for this kind of my-way-or-highway discipline that admitted of no gray area. Certain things were inexcusable, period. You can’t say you admired this trait in Knight and then criticize it in Wilson. I understand one has all the coaching accolades he could earn and the other is 1-8 in his first year, but this is about demanding accountability, and Knight and Wilson both do so. Xs and Os are a separate discussion, for which I refer the doubters to Exhibit A above.

  42. It is very disappointing that any coach would take away 3 remaining games from a senior. It doesn’t mattter to me what Coach Wilson record is at this point he is ruining a young man and other young men love and passion for football. When Coach Wilson was on the Fox Sports Radio’s “Zakk and Jack Show” in August he was upset about the jokes said about IU football, I respected him for standing up for his team but was his behavior inappropriate YES but did IU fire him NO did he get suspend or reprimanded for his actions NO, so Coach Wilson should be mindful of his decisions that impact others lives, I don’t know what Demarlo Belcher did to cause this severe punishment but I don’t think it could have been that bad that two grown men could have sat down and discussed it and came out with a better outcome than removing him from the team. I’m not stating this statement to get feedback about how many balls did he catch or didn’t catch or even about his injuries or he was running lazy routes. I have never heard Mr. Belcher being in any trouble before but I might be wrong but if not I think this punishment is to severe… Let’s not make a example out of Mr. Belcher, Coach Wilson and I do believe in displine as a parent but every situation is different and has to be treated as so… I do believe Mr. Belcher will graduate in May and that’s one thing Coach Wilson can not take away from him is his DEGREE, so if GOD doesn’t see fit that Mr. Belcher goes to the NFL he still has OPTIONS…

  43. You’re right. He’s a senior. Rules aren’t for seniors. He should be able to do any damned thing he likes and if it might run afoul of the NCAA, why he’ll be gone when any punishment is handed down. I’m sure once he gets away from IU the world will let him do anything he pleases.

  44. BTW, HB, I read media from all over the country and the general consensus is the two radio clowns were the ones who were inappropriate. KW elevated his stature quite a bit by calling them on the carpet.

  45. None of us knows what went on, what has been going on. Everything is conjecture. People can choose to defend Belcher, that’s fine. People can defend Wilson, that’s fine too. Belcher is gone, that we do know. That may sound cruel but it is fact.

    How did the world survive without “The Hoosier Scoop”? At least now people can express their opinion.

  46. The world is only 6000 years old. Sports came in about 3000 years ago and The Scoop came in about 2500 years ago (in the form of petroglyphs).

    At least, that’s what Michelle Bachmann told me.

  47. Why aren’t we told what happened? We were told why Sampson’s players were removed from the team when Dakich took over. We were later told they had a collective 19 failing grades and suggestions of drug use was written into many sports pieces by area journalists. We were told Eric Gordon and DJ White didn’t hang around with the rest of the degenerates. Why is there so much secrecy when a football kid is removed from this team? We certainly didn’t care about privacy rights when kids fell under a coach caught in scandal. Is Belcher not willing to talk or are journalists afraid to ask the popular hard questions without the populous a lynch mob?

  48. Since when do rules not apply to someone because of the number of games they have remaining? Some of the comments posted on this blog have me concerned for the future of our society. “He was a senior, he only had three games remaining in his college career, cut him some slack and forget your team rules, let him finish out the season, regardless of what rules he broke.” Good lord, no wonder this country is in decline.

    How about this thought. Belcher knew the rules. He knew the penalty for violating the rules. He made a decision to act in a way that violated the rules. Therefore, Belcher decided to kick himself off the team.

    When I turned 16, I got to drive my Dad’s old car. He paid my insurance and allowed me to drive the car for free (I bought the gas). With the car came some new rules. One big rule was the curfew. My Dad made sure I knew the curfew and understood the penalty for violating it. The penalty for coming home late was to lose the use of the car for a month. If I was more than 30 minutes late, I lost the privilege of driving Dad’s car and for two months. Depending on the severity of the rule-breaking, my Dad reserved the right to sell the car, and I would not drive a vehicle until I was able to buy one on my own. I understood the penalty for breaking the rules. They seems harsh, but they were what they were.

    About a year after I began driving, I came home late one night, missing curfew by about an hour. I knew I had broken curfew and would be punished. I had made the decision (a very attractive young lady had a lot to do with it) and knew I would lose the use of the car. At the moment I made that decision not to go home on time, I was not thinking real clearly. When I walked in the door that night, my Dad greeted me with his hand extended and his palm up. I handed over the car keys. He turned and walked away, saying, “I hope she was worth it son, because you forfeited your car for two months.” OUCH!

    To a 17 year old, being without a car for two months really stung. But as my Dad said, I had forfeited my car. I had done it to myself. I knew the rules, I knew the punishment, I made a decision and I paid the price for it. No one to blame by myself!

    What a novel concept these days.

  49. Demarlo was a very good football player last year and for the 2 years before that. He could have broken some good records at IU this season and put himself in a good position to support his child and family. I am sorry that he made some bad choices that put all of that in jeopardy now.

  50. What’s it been, two weeks, since people went ballistic because a variety of reasons were given for players leaving and none of the reasons were attached to individuals? People were saying you should NEVER do that to a kid. Now people are going ballistic because reasons are withheld? There is just no pleasing some people. If Belcher wants to talk ,he will.

  51. Jerry T,
    I’ve called Belcher a bunch in the last 16 or so hours. He’s not returning my calls, and Wilson didn’t provide specifics. We asked, he wouldn’t say anything more than a violation of team rules. So far at least, whatever Belcher did hasn’t shown up as public record, which means it probably isn’t a criminal offense.
    As for the basketball dismissals, that info came out because Crean eventually said it. He used the words “19 F’s” and “failed drug tests,” and has done so repeatedly since taking the job.

  52. To add on, that information is not public record. I can’t put in a FOIA requests for grades or drug test results. Someone can always leak it to me and a coach can say it generally without fear of criminal prosecution, but he’s not required to release that information if he doesn’t want to. I can try to persuade people to give it to me, but they are under no legal obligation to do so.

  53. If it’s not criminal to stand at a microphone and divulge specifics, are we concluding that Wilson’s approach shows more restraint and lets a player retain some dignity in affairs that should be left private? Good for coach Wilson for being a man of honor and taking on some of the ugly suspicions, possibly putting himself in the line of fire some false accusations, when the wolves and the media salivate for the meat of all the facts a potentially controversial, attention-getting, story.

    Thanks for the journalistic explanation.

  54. Wison haters should take a deep breath and relax. Concluding that coach Wilson can’t coach after one season is silly. Remeber that coach Mallory was 0-11 his first season and you can’t tell me he was not a good coach!

  55. Thanks Jay for bringing some sanity to all of this (comment #49) I’d like some wins…Purdue best of all. Give KW some room.

  56. wiaj, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but these posts aren’t attacking you. They are making fun of you. You might want to pause a second before you hit ‘submit’.

  57. Chet, If you have not viewed the segment about Coach Wilson on the BTN’s special of Step Into My Office it is most insightful. It is a more personal, historical piece unwrapping why KW is the man and coach he is today and reveals a little of what he will be tomorrow.

  58. Funny you should mention it. I recorded it and just watched it yesterday. I can appreciate Dustin’s comment about him being ‘just a guy’ (or words to that effect). I’ve always found it a little silly when people put coaches on a pedestal.

  59. “Wilson is a joke”‘s mantra of 1-8 (and Kill being lousy at Minn. ’cause his records not much better) is of course stupid, it’s year one! But a lot of the commentary here seems to not want to admit that there does seem to be a real coaching problem, particularly on defense. Yeah, these guys are freshman and sub-Big Ten talent level Lynch recruits, but for cryin’ out loud! NU receivers were as wide open as could possibly be. No IU DB was WITHIN YARDS of ‘Cats receivers on play after play after play! This “system” (if there is one) is no logner new- we are nine games into the season. If coaches can’t get the players to be at least be within shouting distance of where they are supposed to be by now, it’s not the players’ fault. If they don’t understand the system after nine games, change it! Isn’t figuring out what players can’t figure out a big part of coaching?

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