BTN “Step into My Office” feature on Kevin Wilson at 9 p.m. Thursday

Kevin Wilson is the subject this week in the Big Ten Network’s 10-part series that showcases current conference football coaches. The Wilson episode is set to air at 9 p.m. Thursday. Viewers will learn, among other things, that his iPod would include a lot of late 1970s, early 1980s music, and he specifically references Bob Seger and Boston. Here’s the official release, with links to clips from the show:

‘Step Into My Office’ to Feature Indiana Coach Kevin Wilson

Thursday, 9pm ET on BTN

A new episode of the BTN series Step Into My Office, with Mike Hall and Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson. The episode airs at 9 PM ET Thursday.

In every episode of Step Into My Office, Hall sits down with a current Big Ten football coach for a revealing, one-on-one conversation. In this episode, Wilson talks about which country music star he’s played golf with, his fear of heights and what type of music he listens to for his pregame ritual.

During the course of the 10-episode series, the conference’s coaches chat about their lives away from the spotlight and before they were famous. Viewers will find out which coach never eats on game day, which can play the tuba, which was a high school wrestling star and other surprising tidbits. Bonus clips will be posted weekly on <> .

Bonus clips can be found on the BTN’s YouTube page: <> .
1 – Wilson on calling a fake field goal: <>
2 – Wilson on coaching at Oklahoma: <>
3 – Wilson on his favorite music: <>