Crean talks violation on Dakich’s radio show

Indiana coach Tom Crean appeared on Dan Dakich’s radio show to discuss the NCAA secondary violation he committed by making an off-campus contact with a recruit a day after the contact period ended. Crean said repeatedly that it was an honest mistake and admitted that he had plenty of information available that should have prevented such a mistake from happening.

“It just happened,” Crean said. “There’s no excuse or trying to rationalize it. It just happened. We got screwed up on what the last date of the contact period was, and it’s a mistake. That’s not how you break a rule if you’re looking to break a rule trust me. … If you’re looking to circumvent something, you don’t do it that way. But it happened. As direct as I can put it, it’s an honest mistake, it was owned up to immediately. We handled it and we moved right on. Everyone here handled it accordingly. I think we’ve got a track record of trying to do things the right way. When mistakes happen, because it’s not the first, and the longer you coach, there’s gonna be more. As long as you aren’t doing them knowingly and willingly, and as long as you try to handle it immediately, there’s not a lot of other things you can do.”

You can download the podcast from the radio show on the website of 1070 The Fan.


  1. B.S. in 3D. Sorry, but doesn’t pass the straight face test ,coach. Live by the Golden Rule.

  2. You are totally right get real. Crean is a cheater and he should be fired. Anyone who makes a mistake and fesses up to it should lose their job. I take your word for the straight face test, because I have not seen him talk about this in person, and you seem like a real good guy. I think you and I should get a petition going and get the guy to resign. Let’s make that, how you say, in 3D. I think you should also help the rest of the dopes on here and post exactly what the Golden Rule is in the “get real/docdave” book. Yeah, that’s it. Let’s get him!

  3. “get real”, why don’t YOU get real? Do you think any coach would do this intentionally, when hundreds of people would witness the infraction? He had zero chance of getting away with this. And for what? What did he gain? Nothing. And why would he plot out an illegal contact with Harris with Hoosier Hysteria less than two weeks away??? Crean doesn’t need that advantage right now.

    This doesn’t pass the common sense test to do it on purpose. The conspiracy people think he is too smart to make a mistake with the date, but yet he’s dumb enough to do something with zero chance of success and no positive gain.

    It was a dumb mistake with negative consequences. Happens to every school every year. We owned up to it, time to one on!

  4. Who wants to bet “get real” is that loser who cried all the time Crean “couldn’t recruit” and disappeared the second we got Zeller and the others?

  5. The date is printed in black and white period. It was NOT an interpretation mistake. I’m guessing CTC would refuse a lie detector test. Get your IU blinders off.I never said CTC couldn’t recruit;however, I have shouted from the rooftop that he is a mediocre game coach and one of the worst coaches in the Big 10. However, his excuses are running out.

  6. To all you morons that hate IU, do me a favour and shut your mouths. Have any of you ever made a mistake in your life/guess your perfect. Crean was upfront on this, allot of colleges go thru this. The NCAA has some stupid little rules that are confusing. Yes, we need rules, but I’m sure that Coach Crean just goofed up. Now if it goes on and on, I can see it than. So get off of his back you idots that are perfect and don’t know what your talking about. Go Hoosiers!

  7. We are paying him $2.3 million a year to know the rules,recruit, and win games. So far he’s 1 for 3—that’s not cutting it. Anybody that believes he didn’t know the date must then conclude that he is incompetent.

  8. Here’s a suggestion for CTC— spend less time on twitter and more time knowing the rules.

  9. get real, go crawl back into your hole, nobody here cares what you have to say. And don’t use the word “we” in your posts, because “we” are IU fans and you are not.

  10. Its hard not to break any NCAA rules. Its like walking through the barn yard without getting any on your shoes. At least we know Coach Crean is trying to get the best players.Show me someone who makes no mistakes and I’ll show you someone who is not trying.

  11. Am I missing something? Get Real is being attacked because he 1. believes a clear rule should be enforced 2. All Big Ten/NCAA coaches have an obligation to comply with the rules 3. Clearly, Crean violated the rule 4. Crean attempted to deflect the blame to Coach Buckley but the dates in question are clearly stated in the NCAA rules 5. Crean is ‘hedging’ and ‘skating’ all over the place about accepting unqualified responsibility for breaking the rule. No apology from Crean has been made, only an acknowledgment of ….. of what, certainly not accountability.

    I didn’t think this was a major issue when it first emerged but, in my mind, it is quickly becoming one. We Hoosiers are in absolute denial. Crean broke the rules. At Indiana University this should be a major, major issue because athletics- basketball- is once more embarrassing the University, the State and Crean’s behavior and lack of accountability is now creating a situation that divides its fans and supporters.

    Everything I’ve read on the thread from ‘Get Real’ is accurate and reasonable; even the questioning of Crean’s consistency with his publicly professed beliefs. I would like for any of the other bloggers to explain when or where truth has become such an arousing inconvenience.

    I prefer to believe Indiana University is still the place where issues are faced with integrity. The attacks on Get Real are completely and shamefully unjustified. Hope you stay on it Get Real!

  12. I suggest that CTC take a lie detector test, if he passes I will apologize and kiss his feet.He can quote Meyer and others until the cows come home, but his true character is coming through now. He has painted himself in a corner without even an apology to IU fans as indicated by Tsao.If I were Buckley, I would tell him to take a long walk on a short pier.A gutless move on IU and CTC’s part.

  13. Tsao, you have completely twisted things around and missed the point. Nobody is in denial about the infraction, and nobody denies that rules should be enforced. Your friend “get real” is flat out saying that Crean is a liar, and that he is a lousy coach. That’s why he is being attacked. If you think that is “accurate and reasonable”, then you are siding with the wrong guy and have really gone off the edge.

    Crean has done everything that he can do at this point. As he said on twitter, “there are no excuses”. What more do you want the guy to say? Do you want him to kiss your butt and apologize to you personally? He screwed up, he admitted it was a dumb mistake, he made no excuses, be more vigilant in the future, move on.

    I agree that we should not compare ourselves to other programs, except to observe that Crean is not the only well paid college coach who makes mistakes. Far from it. We all make mistakes.

    “get real”, so who is your favorite coach? Who do you think is more capable of turning around IU and not making a single mistake along the way? It’s easy to throw stones and a hated rival, as I suspect you are a boiler fan. Tell us all what your solution is…

  14. get real is, indeed, a Boil fan. Just follow his posts. I’m a little surprised TTG has bought into it. Uncharacteristic.

  15. You know – I have said this before and it bears repeating. I left Indiana and moved west for one simple reason – 50% of the population is so can’t do and authoritarian it drives me crazy. Get Real – he talked to a recruit one day later than he was supposed to. As someone who has worked with the NCAA – they change the rules for no apparent reason all the time and the rules and dates are ALL like nailing jello to the wall. Now, I think having a heart attack over phone calls was stupid (and apparently now that IU got hosed by it, so does the NCAA) – especially when teams pay players, have body doubles take their tests and buy them nice houses and cars and such. And a lie detector? What a joke. They are completely unreliable and are statistically B.S. in 3D as you put it. I would be interested Get Real in what excellent things you have done in your life. Are you a final four coach? Have you been an NCAA level athlete? High School all state? all conference? My guess is that you haven’t because most of the successful, hard working, elite persons I know would never under any circumstances place the kind of dishonest attributes on anyone that you put on Tom Crean. I could be wrong, but that is my gut reaction to you. You complain all the time and are a “you gotta follow all the rules all the time and never do anything outside the lines” kinda guy – which is an attitude that pervades my home state and the main reason, in my humble opinion, Indiana hasn’t had many innovative people who stayed in state past their 30th birthday since the 1930’s.

  16. John from beyond— I have 2 degrees from IU and everyone who knows me will say I am the most rabid iubball fan they have met. You hit the nail on the head- I believe that CTC is either lying or to incompetent to coach at IU.

    I would trade CTC right now for any of the following:Marshall at Wichita State;Stevens at Butler; Brownell at Clemson; or Smart at VCU. Or any coach who can spell defense.

  17. How long has Coach Crean coached?? The date is there in black and white..he broke a rule…a stupid rule I agree…but to many phone call’s is also a stupid rule.I was told that Crean has a hugh contract buy out if he decides to leave or if IU fired him…unless he break’s a rule.Now is the time to fire him and not pay out a penny.He has done a great job getting verbal commits…but you have to be able to coach them once you get them here.At this time of the season no coach will leave there team so close to the season starting…so it would be a nobody coaching this season…could not be any worse…then go after the only coach that will ever pull Indiana out of this mess.If your a true IU fan I don’t have to mention the know who it is…but I doubt he would want anything to do with this mess we have here.Crean is a decent coach…but just like Davis..he is in way over his head here at IU.IU will never win 20 game’s a year ever with Crean has coach…no defense at all…if he was such a good coach..why was the Marq. fan’s so happy to see him leave?? They didn’t even try to keep him there.BOARD OF TRUSTEE’S…YOU HAVE SCREWED UP EVER SINCE COACH KNIGHT GOT FIRED…NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE IT RIGHT AND GET THE RIGHT COACH HERE…YOU TALKED ABOUT HIM IN THE ROOM WHEN YOU KNEW DAVIS WASN’T COMING BACK..BUT DIDN’T WANT TO PAY HIM…DO IT NOW OR IU WILL SUFFER FOR MANY YEAR’S TO COME!!!

  18. Man, what a silly conversation happenin’ here. One secondary violation. That is all it is. Doesn’t matter how big a deal “Get Real” or Mr. TTG try to make it out to be because it just isn’t. People – even smart ones like on here – do make mistakes. Coach took unqualified responsibility for it. The majority on here are not overly concerned with it because it’s not a pattern and won’t become a pattern. I’m looking forward to a great basketball season, how about you?

  19. I posted this on an older thread but I’m reposting because I think it is relevant.

    So you don’t want IU to be lumped in with schools that commit NCAA violations? That could be a problem.
    The NCAA Legislative Services Database is the online warehouse for misdeeds in college sports. Since it began keeping track in 1953, the NCAA has accumulated 257 cases of MAJOR infractions involving athletic programs from the six major (BCS) conferences.
    Case No. 258 soon could be filed at Ohio State.
    Now remember, we’re talking MAJOR violations.
    Only four schools don’t appear in the database: Boston College, Northwestern, Stanford and Penn State. Since BC and Northwestern have point-shaving issues in their pasts, that leaves only Stanford and Penn State without major scandal.
    Want to know how many schools don’t appear in the database if you include secondary infractions?


  20. If Indiana had not gone thru the Sampson deal…and IU had not had all the National expsoure it has had…then this is no big deal.But with everything that has happened..IU is under the microscope and a rule was broken.If anyone out there think’s Crean has done a good job since he has been here..then there is no convincing you any different.Indiana is no better now than we were after Crean’s first year..if anything we have gotten worse.Now is the time to change.Crean will never make it at IU…and if Izzo ever leave’s State and they offered Crean the job..don’t know why they would..but…if they did Crean would leave IU as fast as he could.He is a Michigan man..don’t forget that.

  21. Here is the Coach I would hire…has a 401-218 record has coached 21 year’s and made the NCAA Tournament 16 time’s…finished 2009 ranked 8th in Nation…2009 Finalist for National Coach of the Year…2009-10 was 6-0 against team’s ranked in the Top 20…..2010-11 beat to Top 10 team’s….has recruited and got 2 former Indiana Mr.Basketball…never broke a rule…major or otherwise..former Indiana Mr.Basketball..Gold Medal winner…played on Indiana 1987 National Championship team…played for the Greatest Coach to ever coach college basketball..last year’s salary was 1.2 million…IU coach made 2.4 million…took a team who had not made it to the NCAA tournament in year’s to the tournament….oh…but we have the right guy here in Crean…and he will win more game’s in the next 2 year’s than Crean will in the next 5.Great job Indiana..another great hire.

  22. Truthfully, I have not decided what I think about TC. I felt the situation he faced when he came in was so terrible that I purposely set aside making any judgments. Just watching for the last couple of years; now I have questions.

    But, the issue here is over a secondary violation, the circumstances surrounding it and how TC handled holding himself accountable for it (or, did he throw Buckley under the bus?). Mostly, IU fans seem intent in glossing over it. Some, not many, are concerned, mostly about repeating a pattern of glossing over secondary violations and recruiting screw ups that could result in additional problems and, if not addressed, sanctions. More important, they are already paintin IU with a reputation as a school prone to ignoring NCAA rules when convenient.

    A lot of the reaction is more than predictable; attack the messenger, deflect the issue. That is not only a travesty, it is a coward’s way out If Get Real were a Purdue alumni and fan, it still would not bother me one bit…he spoke truth in this case. (After reading Chet’s post- he’s always been one of the more trusted and sensible bloggers- I initially gave some thought to whether I ‘had bought into it’. No, not at all…Get Real spoke truth, Boiler or not (even the Boilers can be right). But, after reading his posts again, including his last one, I believe Get Real is an IU fan concerned, as I am, that the Hoosiers reflect the best, not the petty, the easy, the convenient and the ‘poor victim me’ entitlement mentality that is the very personification of weakness and losing.

    (As for the OldIUGymnast…the west’s gain is our gain). It’s always somebody else fault…the other 50%, the authoritarian who make up the rules…, tough when you hate your daddy isn’t?)

  23. Bottom line…Crean quit’s to take another job..hugh buy-out…Indiana fire’s Crean…hugh buy-out…Crean break’s rule…major or secondary…no buy-out at all…not a penny.IU is not happy with the progress of the team for the last 2 season’s…nor is anyone else…pull the trigger…at no cost.

  24. I am shocked , shocked I tell you that Four Guar…I mean, OldSchoolHoosier, wants Steve Alford as coach. That will never, ever happen.

  25. Think about it this way. If ‘John Wooden. Jr.” was a pretty good coach at a mid level school but was a failure on the big stage, if you were the AD at UCLA, would you put your job on the line? New Mexico is where he retires. Which is really pretty good. It’s where he belongs and I’ll bet he knows it.

  26. Chet….I’m sure you’re right about the 250+ major violations, the ‘hooked on secondary violations’, the ‘favored programs’ nature of NCAA enforcement.

    But, the Miamis, the OSU’s, the USC’s (Reggie Bush and all the cr*p when Holllywood Pete Caroll skipped town to Seattle)do not alleviate the issue here. (As I understand it the ‘restricted periods were adopted to allow a time for high school kids to have some distance from recruiters) and that is good. Maybe, we need to reform the NCAA from the outside (do we really trust them to reform themselves) and force a major, more equitable restructure. aren’t the Presidents of the universities the Board of the NCAA?

    But, for now, if we do violate; assume it, apologize to the victims, IU’s family…us and no, do not move on… correct and move on. I do expect our coaches to be stand up!

  27. We’re prone to excessive scrutinizing the sound of a pin dropping on the floor because we overreacted to the last NCAA headhunting mission at IU.

    No matter how one feels about Tom Crean as an effective coach, to turn this minuscule error into another crucifixion party would be a gross injustice.

    If we want to use hindsight as our best sight, maybe Indiana should a bit more conservative when it comes to signing coaches to such large financial packages and long term contracts. We need to get off our high horse and stop using money as the measure of our lofty image. I’m tired of Dan Dakich and I’m tired of our egotistical nose in the air blabbering on and on about “culture.” If a coach truly wants to be part of a lifelong dream to be at the helm of rebuilding a basketball program once considered elite, or take on the challenge of reinventing a football program that holds very little historical success/tradition, why do we have to cheapen that honorable mission by offering the shirt off our backs.

    Maybe our unfounded arrogance has brought superficiality to our house. We should only be angry at ourselves for not offering jobs to guys that would take nothing other than housing and a free meal plan to be given a shot at being a head coach at IU…I doubt we would be any worse off than our recent history that somehow attempts to justify hiring and firing every average coach made millionaire when he trips on his shoelaces.

  28. I agree that the entire college coaching profession pay-scale has become phenomenally exaggerated FWIW. How universities can justify seven figure salaries when Assistant Professors of Medicine who repair hearts, or Associate Professors of Astronomy or Physicists, or theoretical Mathematics…it calls to question what we value in society.

    But someone will answer this dialogue and make the stupid statement that the Physicist or the Physical Therapist who tends to the warriors learning to use his/her artificial limbs do no draw 40,000 to the stand.

    Only recently I started thinking about the ‘business’ of post-secondary education…mind boggling! What a lesson in creating a demand!

    And, no doubt someone will say “it’s what the market will bear…” and they will be right and were wrong. It’s just gotten away from us and to an extent, it’s our fault too.

  29. Whew, doggies, some people can build mountains out of the tiniest little molehills. Give your blood pressure a break. guys. Molehill, that is all it is.

    Dear OldSchoolHoosier guy, Mr. Alford is never going to be the coach at IU. Stop living in the past because it isn’t good for your health, dude. If he’s your guy, so be it, It’s perfectly OK for you to follow and cheer for his team. If you’re also an IU fan, then get on the wagon and support the IU team and stop trashing their coach (which is non-supportive behavior of our team).

    Chet, thanks for the stats from the NCAA Legislative Services Database. You like basketball – got any predictions for this year? I’m thinking at least 17 wins and maybe 20. What say you?

  30. Breaking a black and white rule while IU is on probation is not a “Molehill”. That’s where I strongly disagree with the majority who are buying CTC’s various explanations and sweeping it under the rug.Calling it a “secondary violation” seems to appease most of you. Going 35mph in a 30 zone is still speeding especially if the speed limit is clearly posted.Buckley was a head coach- he and CTC knew this rule and CTC’s “mistake” argument is not credible.

  31. Breaking a black and white rule while IU is on probation is not a “Molehill”. That’s where I strongly disagree with the majority who are buying CTC’s various explanations and sweeping it under the rug.Calling it a “secondary violation” seems to appease most of you. Going 35mph in a 30 zone is still speeding especially if the speed limit is clearly posted.Buckley was a head coach- he and CTC knew this rule and CTC’s “mistake” argument is not credible.

  32. We know that in recent years the GOP has employees on the payroll that do nothing but troll Demoncratic message boards trying to stir discontent (and the Dems might also but that’s not the point). I can’t help but wonder if athletic programs do the same with their rivals.

  33. CTC, Please beg forgiveness or TTG and Mass.Hoosier will be lost from us forever. get real and OldSchoolHoosier are already totally gone.

  34. Sports blogs like this are the grown male equivalent to soap operas. Oh, the drama!

    And Clarion, you are surprised with Tsao’s position? Give me a break. Tsao jumps at any chance he can get to play the role of “Moral Compass”.

  35. Hoosier Clarion, no chance I’d be gone. I’m a bit surprised by your position, not that you may or may not agree with mine but that you seem irritated with mine. Still, no concern with me leaving… From time to time, we’ll disagree but IU is home too.

    Druish Princess,…I don’t watch soap operas. Why would I want to?…I’ve got you for light, mindless and meaningless entertainment

  36. You don’t watch soap operas, but you perform them on a daily basis on the Scoop.

    This week’s episode: The passionate Tsao Tsu makes a pass at Get Real along with a plea for high morality, only to have is designs interrupted by Clarion. Tune in next episode when an unexpected visit from JPat reignites an old flame.

  37. Tsao – I love my dad. He is a great person who has done a lot for the great state of Indiana. I actually love Indiana and most of the people I grew up with. That said, “I Can’t” or some variation seems to be the most popular phrase in the state and frankly authoritarians usually get things wrong and are just mean people. I don’t know you, and you actually don’t seem nearly as authoritarian as Get Real. I just don’t like the fact that so many people are willing to make mountains out of molehills – especially when we are talking about the NCAA and its obviously unfair treatment of Indiana University in comparison to say – the entire SEC. I also think that Indiana could and would be a hub of innovation in this world. I spend a lot of time in Silicon Valley and I meet people from Indiana, Ohio and Michigan all the time that have done so many cool and innovative things – and that have broken lots of rules in the process. When I talk to them and ask “why did you leave the midwest” – if I did a word cloud of the answers, the big word would be stifling. This is much ado about nothing – he barely talked to the guy, realized the mistake, owned up to the mistake, reported the violation and that should be the end of it. I don’t think there is any evidence of a greater moral or other problem with Coach Crean here…. Oh, and I happen to know – not well, but enough to email the guy – Jim Harbaugh and he thinks we have the best coach in college sports (now that Jim isn’t!). And I can – having coached Jim’s son for a while – vouch for Jim’s upstanding character and for the fact that he is a great, not good, person.

  38. I second the Druish Princess post as being extremely funny.

    Tune in next episode when an unexpected visit from JPat reignites an old flame.

    Hilarious. Wonderful to find a chance for laughter amidst all these Susan Lucci wannabees on Scoop.

  39. OldIUGymnast…completely agree with you about the Harbaugh family. Really admirable family I remember Jim when he was at Michigan, when he was the quarterback in Chicago (if anyone was ever a fit to coach the Bears, it was Jim). And that family is a model of tradition and values.

    Great to also read your first sentence about your dad.

    I grew up and lived a lot of my life in an authoritarian society and get my sense of outrage about rule breaking from that experience. What the rules do (in my view) is make outcomes of individual actions predictable, actually protect (or at least make the pretense of protecting) rights for everyone. When individuals begin to assert and capriciously impose their own definitions without clear limits, I believe we increase the chances of chaos, abuse and injustice. That’s why I believe (sometimes too passionately but not enough to stand back) that the rules are made for all and apply to each and, if enforced equally and fairly, actually reduce the sense of insecurity. (I believe this is exactly why the NCAA rule book does NOT work- they focus so much on exceptions that nothing is ever accomplished).

    After much traveling…I don’t think I ever admired a people anywhere more than I did during my years in Indiana.

    In my view (this is just a personal ‘like’ ‘dislike’ OldIUGymnast) insecurity is the most stifling experience an individual could have. And, the most reactionary of forces. But, I defer to your experiencing it for you as you see fit. I do appreciate your clarification.

    While I agree that it often seems as irrelevant to raise these issues in ‘just a sports blog’, I think exactly the contrary. It is in these experiences where we express our passions that we really feel freest to express and, thus, present the opportunity to approach our intellect and reason.

    Good luck. Hope you eventually get back to Indiana.

  40. The rule CTC broke is not all that important..very minor.The problem we have here is that IU has the chance to get rid of a coach making 2.4 million a year without paying him a dime.Sampson broke rule’s and IU had to give him a 750,00 buy-out…just to be a cheater.CTC is not a cheater…nor is he a very good coach.I’m sure over the next few season’s he will get several good HS player’s to come to IU.The problem is…he flat just cannot coach.Mike Davis was horrible and he is Coach of the Year compared to CTC.In saying that..what name coach would want to come to IU now? I know I live in the past and would have loved to see Steve Alford coach IU someday…but it is true that will never happen.He has it made in NM and they have a much better BB program there now than we do here.When Coach Knight was’s all over the nation should have wanted this job…none wanted it.Agree it was time for a change here…but the way it was handled will haunt IU for year’s to come.The real damage was not done by the late Myles Brand…the real damage was done by th board of trustee’s and former IU president. Greenspan wanted no part of Sampson…he had no choice.

  41. If Tom Crean was a poor coach Izzo would have never wasted an hour mentoring him. Nor would have Ralph Willard.

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