Report: Gunner Kiel re-opens commitment

According to Steve Wiltfong of 24/7, Gunner Kiel is reevaluating his commitment to Indiana. He has a visit to Notre Dame planned for this weekend for the USC game.

Hopefully, we’ll have more on this soon.

UPDATE: 1:02 p.m.: Gunner Kiel’s father Kip confirmed to the Herald-Times via text message that Gunner has re-opened his commitment.


  1. This is odd in light of Gunner’s recent statements. 24/7 sports doesn’t provide anything other than a 1 sentence statement without citing anything. I’m skeptical. This goes against reported statement from Gunner earlier this week. Until I hear it quoted from Gunner himself, I’m not buying this.

  2. Oops, the 1 sentence is all you get without subscribing. My mistake. Perhaps there is more to this story after all. Stupid pay sites!

  3. So if true GK gets to enjoy a Saturday FB game in South Bend. Is that it? Wiltfong would lead us to believe Gunners comments as of 3 days ago about his solid commitment to IU is false(how about the class he is taking). This journalist(?)is practicing the popular modern day writing for drama, holler wolf, run away–hide.

  4. Unfortunately, the rumor seems to have some legs. Despite the family relationship with IU, I found it curious that the #1 rated QB would sign with us. I was real happy at the time, but also not a little skeptical.

    But, as I have said before on this site, rebuilding IU football is minimally a 5-7 year process. Kiel coming to IU might have accelerated that process by a year, maybe two…no more. So, if the rumor is true, no question a setback, but we need to stay on course.

  5. This is sad, but true. While he hasn’t officially decommited yet, it doesn’t look good. ND is the only school on his list that hasn’t gotten a commitment from a QB yet, and I could see him getting wrapped up in the hoopla of a huge national rivalry tomorrow. But could you really blame him? I don’t know if IU could ever match the environment he’s going to see this Saturday in South Bend.

  6. Duh, his brother gave him the 411 on Coach Wilson and Gunner took his brother’s advice and got the heck out of dodge.

  7. Do you really need a sports article to tell you this……..IU has not been competitve…Not because of the Wisconsin blow out…but mainly because of North Texas State, Ball State, and even Virginia….I do not blame Kiel…what has he got to gain except messing himself over…too high of risk for him…he belongs at Notre Dame (remember Blair Keil)…The future for IU is Tre Roberson and the new recruits comming in…Hopefully, they will honor their committments….then it will be up to the coaching staff to build toward the 3 or 4 year future. Keil made his committment before the season began thinking it was going to look a little more promising…but currently just is not happening.

  8. I agree tamater. I am sure their were a few whispers from Dusty. Hey, if people want to leave, let them leave. I still believe it Coach Wilson, and believe he will turn the corner on this thing. It just takes one thing, and for me personally, I struggle with this: TIME!

  9. I still think the same thing Hoosier Clarion. I think Gunner more then anything is having second thoughts, and needs to re-evaluate everything. I rather have a clear mind frame of my future, then it be cloudy and murky. Probably what he is going through now.

  10. This is no reflection on KW and certainly not the consequence of a 411 on Coach Wilson. What we are looking at here is an exceptionally talented athlete who probably dreams of playing on Sunday and is evaluating whether IU is his best alternative. Guess what? While I would love to believe that we are his best choice, I know better. If he comes to IU, there is a high probability his NFL stock will decline and he risks certain injury due to us not having an O-line that can afford him any reasonable protection at this time. As I keep saying, it will take 2-4 years just to build an O-line comprised of not just capable starters but B10 calibre depth as well. That’s just for the O-line. IU needs to build all components of the program. Building a football program is a lot different than basketball…far more complicated…far more expensive and requires far more time. It can be done but it can’t be done over night.

  11. Gunner is out of IU no matter what happens in the Iowa game….or even if IU would win out…this is a done deal. Gunner woke up and smelled the roses (faced reality) that’s all.

  12. Frankly, Keil is just to good for IU. If you have a job offer at Big Macs flipping burgers working all kinds of crazy hours for let’s round it to $10.00 bucks an hour with no benefits (football speaking) vs. a career making let’s say a $100,000 a year with lots of benefits….which one would you choose?

  13. Awww… the text message confirmation. No longer rumor. Now I’m depressed. I mean… let’s go, Tre Roberson!!

  14. Good luck to Gunner whatever he decides to do.

    And I would say that if this was originally a big kudo to KW, then this is also on him.

  15. KW knew he could’nt turn this program around. Its all about the $$$$$$$. At 1.4 million a year I wonder if Glass is still singing Kevin Wilsons praises. And after 6 players left the program, should’nt that tell you that he is too difficult to play for. I could understand 1 leaving because a conflict of personalities, but 6 Cm’On.

  16. Seriously, if you were the best QB in the nation would you want to play for a team like IU with Wilson as a coach? I wouldn’t.

  17. The Only reason he was as good as he was at Oklahoma was because Bob Stoops kept him under his thumb. Now the true Kevin Wilson is coming out and IT AIN’T WORK’IN

  18. I told some friends 2 weeks ago that this would happen. You made the right decision Gunner.

  19. Dusty needs to transfer to a school that can showcase his talents in the future. He has no future playing at IU for Wilson!!!!!

  20. I wonder if he is taking some doo-doo in Columbus today? Well, as others have said about him coming to IU, He has not signed with Notre Dame yet either. Either or, he has made some of us look foolish. And some look like they had some inside knowledge.

  21. I had heard this two weeks ago. You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It is probably a good move on his part.

  22. Notre Dame has a good team, but they could be a great team with a QB like Gunner. He will commit to ND after his visit…

  23. The original commit seemed to be based on a notion that Dusty would start for a couple of years and then little bro would take over for him. Now that Dusty is having to actually compete for a job, the whole fantasy scenario seems to have fallen apart. I don’t blame Wilson, he seems to be on a ‘no b.s.’ program that doesn’t coddle the ‘favored’ over the ‘others.’ If Gunner is scared off, then maybe he wasn’t the type to build a new, hard-nosed program around anyway.

  24. Let him go to ND. They haven’t developed a decent QB in years and don’t even throw in Brady Quinn, he was alright at ND and has been non-existent in the NFL.

  25. Is Dusty Kiel still an IU player? In the “Related Content” listed above it states, “Beckum listed as starter, Dusty Kiel not on depth chart.” Is this something that the family knew earlier and Dusty has left the program? Or has Teddy Schell moved up?

  26. These recruiting terms are so hilarious: “re-opened his commitment.” Maybe they can get him to recommit his commitment.

  27. Dear YouWillNeverKnow!!
    Dusty is good enough and has talent enough to play someshere other than Indiana.He should transfer and play somewhere to try and salvage his college career…..

  28. Dustin – I think you need to be more careful in your wording on columns and also when you ask questions. I listened again to the audio from the other day with Gunner and he NEVER said his commitment was solid…you asked if things were cool with IU and he said yes sir. He did not say he was solid. You my say it is the same thing but it is not. If you wanted to know if he was solid you should ask him if he is solid. I have listened to many of the interviews posted on here and many teams you guys are too general with you wording of questions and not as specific as I think you are being….just a tip

  29. Needless to say there are some concerns about the loss of GK. What I don’t understand is the criticism of KW and the 6 players quiting. KW was hired to rebuild a program to the likes of the Mallory days and it sure won’t happen in his first or 2nd year! Let the man get his recruits in, then evaluate him. There are plenty more players out there that will fit KW’s system and will come to IU. If GK has aspirations of playing on Sunday then let him go wherever. I don’t see the Irish being the QB factory as years past! Also, face it IU fans, Dusty is not a top tier QB!

  30. The Columbus Republic printed the same thing on Tuesday about Kiel’s committment being solid. The only people misleading folks here are the recruit and his family themselves.

  31. Fro – no it did not. The interview the other day I believe was with both papers at the same time. It is wordplay but he never actually said he was solid….he said things were cool with IU. A big difference

  32. Have you read the ESPN story? Here’s the quote from his Kiel’s dad:
    “The last week or two especially, yeah,” Kip said when asked if Indiana’s struggles were a major factor. “I think there’s a lot of things that had to do with. I don’t want to get into specifics, but a lot of things are concerning.”

  33. The best thing for IU supporters to do now is to wish GK all the best in whatever decision he makes and move on. As I keep saying, we have a program that needs rebuilding from the ground up and dwelling on what was said, not said, committed or not committed is pointless.

    I firmly believe that Coach Wilson, given time, is the man to build IU’s football program to respectability. To succeed requires our support, not throwing him under the bus because we aren’t winning when he just got here. As stated in previous posts, this is a process far more difficult than building a basketball program and the process will take time and there have been and will be setbacks. If three to four years from now, we aren’t seeing measurable progress, then I will join the ranks of those who advocate for KW’s dismissal, but I predict that will not be the case. Go IU!

  34. In three or four years you will be joining us all in the hope for yet again a redeeming head coach. Why!!! Because the Gunner Kiels, and the Adrian Petersons, and the Tim Tebows, and the Mark Ingrams are not coming to Indiana to play football. Its just that simple.

  35. This is all I hae to say. KW has already proven to the media and his players that his attitude and over inflated ego is way out of line. If I were a 5 star QB or a massive over powering lineman coming out of high school, Iwould not want to play for a failing program with a coach that has the over rated wit and verbal smash that KW has. Nor would I want my son playing for him. You can’t get strong recruits with his attitude.

  36. We have our basketball recruits lined up. I’m happy. Let the kid do whatever he wants. I honestly never thought that he’d make a huge difference anyway. There would be no talent around him at all.

  37. Charles,
    I’ve been playing with that one in my mind all day, and you’re right. I never quoted him as saying the word “solid.” Those were my words. Now, like you said. It is a little bit of word play. He knew what I was asking, and he was confirming that he was still committed to Indiana, which at the time he was. He didn’t give any impression that he wasn’t and he’d reaffirmed his commitment on the record to another reporter a few weeks earlier.
    But “solid” has a much deeper connotation to recruiting fans, and I should know better. My apologies.

  38. I’m sorry concerned former IU player, but I think there are some attitude changes that needed to take place when KW took over. Not sure how long ago you played, but I know coach Mallory did the same thing. Remember he started off 0-11 and 4-7 before getting his recruits in and turning the program around. Ego, arrogance or just a hard nosed coach, you need to give the guy a chance to build the program!

  39. Maybe it was always a bit of an unreasonable hope that brotherly love could be strong enough to withstand competing for the same position at the same school.

    There are no guarantees or crystal balls that can confirm a smooth road. One nasty injury and all your hopes can go up in smoke. We should learn a lesson from this. Remember how we were jumping for joy when Eric Gordon de-committed from Illinois. Look how his decision to come to IU blew up in scandal..And what happened along the way? We took that scandal and we used it to expect even more out of EJ. The same people that praised EJ for going to a “true” basketball school and staying loyal to his home state threw him under the bus when he had a bad game in Arkansas. One-and-done…or One-and-Gunn, we put expect superstars to be flawless. They are not. They are not flawless in their decision processes, nor are they flawless in their games. Please remember that with Cody Zeller this year.

    And for what it’s worth, I don’t think Dustin should be beating himself up for saying “solid.” He could have pulled the word out of him like an infected tooth that didn’t have any roots in solid truth.

  40. Dustin,

    Say Gunner commits elsewhere, do you think Dusty leaves the program after this year? Or maybe Dusty is already thinking about leaving the program after this year and it factored into Gunner’s decision.

    Regardless we shouldn’t let this get us down. We all knew how much of a rebuilding process Kevin Wilson has in front of him. Even though it is a skill position one still has to take into account that it’s one player on a football team. Now basketball would be a different story. Think Eric Gordon reopening after committing to Illinois.

    Honestly, I don’t blame Gunner for reopening his recruitment. Wilson hasn’t been all roses in Bloomy. While I respect the man as a coach, he looks like he isn’t easy to get along with from a player standpoint. Kind of an old school throw back that could rub kids these days the wrong way.

    One thing I love about Wilson is his belief in accountability. It’s much different than last years staff.


  41. PB,
    I don’t have any specific insight on that. It could be an awkward situation for Dusty regardless of what he thinks of his brother’s decision. And on top of that, if he doesn’t think he can beat out Wright-Baker and Roberson, he might want to go somewhere where he has a better chance to play anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

  42. Concernediu4merplayer sounds like Jack Trudeau taking a shot at KW.

    Why all the hate directed at KW? If you think ND’s head coach is warm and fuzzy, watch how he interacts with his players on the sidelines. He makes Wilson look like a Teddybear. If you think IU is the only school that players transfer from, what about the son of former ND QB Joe Montana who left ND after one year?

    What Gunner may not appreciate right now is that he’s going to have much, much more competition for playing time at ND. Every year until he graduates ND will bring in the next great HS All-American QB to try to take his job. And if his coach does not win nine games every year, he’ll be fired and Gunner will be adjusting to another coaching staff.

    I wish him well, but there’s just as much risk going to ND as there is going to IU. It’s just a different type of risk.

  43. All the more reason Tre Roberson needs to be starting the rest of this season. If the staff thinks he’s physically strong enough to run the ball and take some hits, he can get back there in the pocket as well and make plays. Let’s see what he can do. He was a stud in high school, he’s crafty, and versatile. Let’s give him a real look for at least a few games. EWB and Dusty haven’t shown much promise so far. What can it hurt?

    Best of luck Gunner. We hardly knew you (and your perfect QB first name).

  44. IU fans need to read again #11,42 and 46.It won’t be pretty, it won’t be easy and it won’t happen right away but Coach Wilson will get it done just as Pont and Mallory did.

  45. I can’t blame him. I never really understood it to begin with but I was happy about it. But ND? Have they graduated a successful NFL quarterback since Joe Montana? Trent Green was more recent than that. It is a nice environment on Saturdays, though. Sunday through Friday, not so much. You might as well be in Minsk in the winter.

  46. I was surprised when G. Kiel committed, not only because first class recruits usually don’t (ok, rarely) go to IU, but also because I always thought that G. Keil competing against his brother was a negative in the equation. Again, we are naught but fans with keyboards connected to the intenet, but I’d put my money on post #6- big bro gave little bro some insight and little bro is reconsidering.

  47. Losing to North Texas and Ball State certainly did not help. Seeing Memorial Stadium half empty does not help. There are a lot of things wrong with IU football. We can speculate all day. Time to move on.

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