Gunner Kiel: U.S. Army All-American invite “special”

Gunner Kiel already had an offer to play in the Under Armour All-American game in January, but when Columbus East coach Bob Gaddis called him into his office and told him that the U.S. Army had invited him to play in its All-American game in San Antonio, he decided he had to change his mind.

“It’s definitely the one that’s been going on the longest and it’s the one that means the most,” Kiel, the Indiana commitment and the No. 1 rated pro-style quarterback in the country said after a ceremony for his selection Tuesday at Columbus East High School. “The Army being incorporated into it, it definitely means a lot. They support us in so many ways. Just giving back by just playing in the game, it means a lot. Whenever I got invited, it was special. I talked to my parents about it. I thought, ‘This is the one I want to be in. This one’s going to be special.'”

The game will be held Jan. 7 at 1 p.m. ET in San Antonio and televised on NBC.

When asked, Kiel said his commitment to Indiana is still solid. He said he has been in touch with coaches but hasn’t yet begun selecting classes for the spring semester, when he is expected to enroll.

“I’m actually taking an IU credit class now, but I haven’t really talked about school yet,” Kiel said. “I’m still talking to coaches and just chit-chatting every once in a while. I know they’re busy, so every once in a while I’ll give them a call.”

AUDIO: Gunner Kiel



  1. You can only love this kid and his thoughtfulness. The fact that he still ‘talks it over with his family’, and is straight forward when he says ‘no’. We still make them like him in Indiana and you can’t swap them for glitter. You can do something with a bunch of kids with that character. Great choices (both IU and the Army HS All-Star Game).

    So…now we’ll now wait for the 20+ id**t* who will write in with some new rumor, gossip from the laundromat, tale from the tatoo parlor, inside dope from the tanning salon or invented by some assistant coach from Baylor threatening to deport him to…oops, wait, that doesn’t work…(at some point they have to become embarrassed by their own passing gas)…

  2. Yo, Tsao Tsu G:

    I hope your rose colored glasses never get fogged up and that the Gunner is a big a hit at IU as you say. I have no doubt that he is a great kid from a great family, but so were some others in IU’s blank-checkered past. My memory hearkens back to Ted McNulty and Earl Haniford, all star can’t-miss prospects, both, from good families. The lack of left tackles of equal ability is what, along with opposing linebackers, brought them down to earth.

    As good as the Gunner might be, remember where he is, and unless IU recruits several supporting cast members as good as he is, to protect him, he is going to have a rough time becoming all Big Ten in any of his years.

    Still could without your mean-spirited, sniping insults. You feel the need to attack those who express different or controversial opinions. Maybe you should get some therapy.

  3. jc, the only mean spirited sniping I’m seeing is yours. Sure, TTG has his moments, but he’s on here as a Hoosier fan. You’re just on here to dog the integrity and skill set of a really nice 17-year-old kid and demean the program that the rest of us come here to support. There’s no need for you or your kind. You serve no purpose. All you achieved is to make the readers of this blog think you’re a delta bravo.

  4. johnnycee; You walked right into that one. I don’t see anywhere in Tsao’s post where he mentioned your name. You must have a chip on your shoulder.

    And now it appears that you’re twisting the argument in an attempt to save face. First it was referencing the rumors that Gunner would de-commit, but now it’s referencing past top HS recruits like Earl Haniford that never made it big at IU. Think IU’s the only FB program where that has happened? It happens everywhere, with every recruiting class. Besides being “Danny Downer” and just schlepping garbage around this site, what’s your point?

    You think IU is the only place where QBs can get injured? How about a recent Hiesman Trophy winning QB and number 1 draft pick. I think he suffered a year-ending injury playing behind Oklahoma’s all-world offensive line. Injuries happen, it’s football.

    If Gunner Kiel comes to IU and never starts at QB, that’ll mean IU has a better QB playing in front of him. It’s highly unlikely, but if that becomes the case, good for IU. Besides, I think Wilson’s ability to assess QB talent is better than most, certainly better than anyone that posts on this site.

    I’ve seen the kid play. He’s got the entire package. God willing, he’ll stay healthy, become a very good Big Ten QB and be a lot of fun to watch.

  5. TTG, johnnycee doesn’t like what you know to be facts but I damn sure do. Chet and PO articulated all the thoughts I would have expressed. The underlying product of Coach Wilson and his staff is they are engaging in recruiting players with talent across the board of the level we have not had here ever. In other words they are better judges of HS and JUCO talent.

  6. I know Earl Haniford and his family very well. He had offers from every major college in the country. He chose IU because it was close to family and because Mallory played a pro style offensive game. He did not know that Mallory would be fired and Cam Cameron had a different idea about how he wanted to play the game and got his style of QB in Randle El. who was a running style of QB. Earl was not fast enough for that style of play and rather than transfer anywhere he wanted he stayed at IU to get an education and be close to his family. He could have sat out a year and played for Norte Dame or any other school that used a pro set offense but he loved IU and still does. If Mallory had stayed there is no doubt that Earl would have started but that is old history. You don’t have that problem with Gunner and Wilson they fit together. IMHO Wilson will get a team built for better offense and Gunner will lead it. IU’s future is bright!

  7. Thanks Dustin.

    Good to hear from you that the Gunner commit is still solid.
    That good news means a lot more coming from you.

    He is a solid kid. The whole family is. All of them.

  8. Hey Dustin, I don’t mean any disrespect but I didn’t feel there was a lot of clarity with your question to Gunner. You simply asked “is everything still ok there?” Listening to the audio it seemed like he was quick to rush through his answer. Maybe I am reading into it but being an IU Football fan for so many years you start thinking how will this go wrong and when the team is on the field you wonder how will we find a way to lose this one. I guess I am struggling to find certainty with him but we will find out once his season is over. I really am not trying to stir nor start anything by this comment, it was more or less just an observation & some rambling on.

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