Harris Sr. says his son has no hierarchy

Gary Harris Sr. has heard all the rumors that there is a hierarchy to his son’s recruitment, that there are tiers within the four schools remaining on his list — Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State and Kentucky.

But the elder Harris said that his son Gary, the star guard at Hamilton Southeastern and Indiana’s top remaining recruiting target for the Class of 2012, has not made any distinction between schools since deciding that those would be the four that he would take official visits to see.

“What I will say is that everybody seems to think there’s a hierarchy,” Harris Sr. said by phone Friday. “But those are the four schools he wants to visit and that’s all the hierarchy there is. The way he looks at it, he’s in a position where he could choose any of those schools. There’s no clear-cut favorite. He sees himself as being able to play at any of the four. It’s a matter at the end of the day of deciding which place is the place he’s most comfortable with attending. Those are four great coaches. They are four very good basketball programs. I’m sure people have different opinions from a fan standpoint that one is better than the other, but they’re all true basketball programs. Basically, there’s no clear-cut favorite and those four are all in good position.”

Harris Jr. visited Indiana last weekend for Hoosier Hysteria. He had already been to Bloomington several times and had been to basketball games and toured the campus, but Hoosier Hysteria gave them a different perspective.

“We had some good conversations with the coaching staff,” Harris Sr. said. “The atmosphere obviously was tremendous. Hoosier Hysteria was very entertaining. It gave us a chance to get in some good solid discussion one last time before the period ends.”

Harris was obviously the biggest recruiting priority of the weekend. There were five other members of the Class of 2012 in attendance, but all five — Hanner Perea, Yogi Ferrell, Ron Patterson, Jeremy Hollowell and Peter Jurkin — were already verbally committed. The decision to hold Hoosier Hysteria on Saturday, Oct. 15 instead of Oct. 14, which was actually the first day of practic, is believed to be in large part to accommodate Harris, who is also a football player at Hamilton Southeastern. The students chanted Harris’ name multiple times, a tradition at Hoosier Hysteria for high-priority recruits.

“It was real cool,” Harris Sr. said of the chants. “It just speaks to how much the Hoosier fans love their university first and foremost and how much they think it would be cool for him to be there as well. It’s definitely something you don’t expect, but it’s nice to receive.”

Harris will visit Kentucky this weekend and then Michigan State on the weekend of Nov. 5 and 6. He already visited Purdue on Oct. 1 for the Boilermakers’ football game against Notre Dame. Harris Sr. said the family will sit down together to evaluate options after those visits. The early signing period for basketball runs from Nov. 9 to Nov. 16.


  1. Well guess any recurit would be a year or two cause there is no NBA to go to. So good luck Gary i know you will make the right decision….

  2. Looks like Cal will be heading back to the bank for a larger withdrawal in order to try and entice GH to Kenyucky. I don’t believe GH will fall for that, though. I believe he is above taking Cal’s Cash (is that like Kolh’s Cash, BTW?) and selling his soul to the devil.

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