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Indiana DB’s losing 1-on-1 battles, Dustin wrote.

Wilson talks attrition, mandatory drug testing on the team on Monday, Dustin wrote.

Preseason Player Breakdown: Christian Watford, I wrote.

An extensive Q&A with Tom Crean in September, from Dustin.


Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star asks where is IU’s defense?


Inside Indiana’s Zach Osterman updates the site’s 2013 recruiting board

Jeff Rabjohns spoke with Gary Harris about his Kentucky visit on Peegs.com


Wildcat quarterback Dan Persa says he’ll play on Saturday, despite being questionable, Chicago Sun-Times’ Tina Akouris writes


Will Missouri join the SEC after all? They aren’t gone from the Big 12 just yet, Kelly Whiteside wrote in USA Today.

NCAA President Mark Emmert’s changes for student athletes are coming soon, Heather Dinich of ESPN writes.


So I’m a bit of tech nerd at times, and if you don’t know what Siri is yet for the iPhone 4S, you should check it out. You’ve probably seen the commercial. Trust me, it’s cool.

Anyway, here’s a few suggestions for hilarious quips to ask Siri, if you’re looking for a good laugh. Oh, technology.


  1. Please don’t bother posting updates from a pay site. No one here is paying cash to see how much closer Derek Willis is to making a decision.

  2. WOW! WVU to the B12 extremely close. Looks like the Big East which is hanging on by fingernails as a FB playing conference just had another claw break off. This will also alter the significance of BE BB. If this conference disintegrates in totality what becomes of ND and their need for conference affiliation for there non-FB sports? Delaney is smart but maybe far more shrewd than I have ever given him credit. Maybe this keeps Mizzou in the B12 for a longer look-see.

  3. HC,

    The B10 has been fortunate to have 4 commissioners over the last 70 years. Wilson, Reed, Duke and now Delany. The killer for the ND/B10 getting together is TV and football independence.

    There other long lasting problems. OSU and ND have no real desire to play each other. Not sure which school made the deicision.

    NU and ND at one time played in football and basketball. In the late 50’s and early 60’s NU was beating ND in everything. It got pretty bad when NU won a BB game in South Bend and there was quite a ruckus. Then NU/Barnett went into South Bend and beat ND again.

    Anyway, Delany is very good. What makes the B10 strong is the communication and cooperative effort between the league office, the ADs and the universities as a

    ND will be cooperative as long as they get their way. They, ND, could end up being BIG time losers in this entire football deal, or should I just say TV money deal? Can you imagine, ND champion of the Big East/MWC/Conference USA league? Not saying that it is going to happen, but it could.

  4. Jay, I recall that ND history against B10 rivals well. After all they stole Ara out of Evanston after he with the Cats defeated them 4 straight times. So their needing the B10 for their FB program does have a history. I do believe with the fortunes of their FB performance since Holtz(the 1 and only successful coaching choice since Dan Devine 1975-80), Kelly still being scrutinized as marginal by South Bend folk, the growth of Delaney’s BTN, BCS conference alignment fluidity and the real possibility of the next TV contract not exploding in size as in the past will force them to either fish or cut bait as far as their position for conference affiliation sooner than any of us believe possible.

  5. sure lets add notre dame. that will be another w for wilson every year!! i dont see nd ever joining up because of their t.v contract. it would be nice to have them in the b10 though.

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