Indiana self-reports violation for contacting recruit in evaluation period

Indiana has self-reported a secondary NCAA violation because basketball coach Tom Crean made an off-campus contact with a recruit on Thursday, Oct. 6, according to an IU release. The release said that Crean was mistakenly informed by assistant coach Tim Buckley that Thursday was still within a contact period, however, it was in fact the beginning of an evaluation period, so off-campus contact was forbidden.

By self-reporting the violation, Indiana agreed to give up one contact with the recruit in question and to reduce the number of recruiting person days from 130 to 128. The illegal contact counts as one of the three allowable off-campus contacts and IU forfeits another. The Hoosiers are allowed one more off-campus contact with the recruit for the rest of the academic year. In addition, Buckley was given a letter of admonishment.

ESPN reported that the recruit in question is Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris, and that almost certainly appears to be the case considering that the Hoosiers haven’t been targeting anyone else in the Class of 2012 who hasn’t already committed. Harris’s father, Gary Harris Sr., would neither confirm or deny the report and declined comment on the matter. However, he said that his son would still be making his scheduled official visit to Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria this weekend.

UPDATE: 10:51 p.m.: Tom Crean just posted about the violation on his Twitter account. “We take the rules very serious and work very hard to stay compliant with them. We made a mistake,” he said. “…In reality there are no excuses and I am glad we realized it when we did so we didn’t repeat it that day.”

A copy of Indiana’s report to the NCAA follows.

NCAA Secondary Violation


  1. How do you “give up one contact with the recruit” if it hasn’t happened yet? Do you simply report back saying you refrained from contacting him when you’d originally planned? Maybe I’m missing something.

  2. Lack of Institutional Control…Need I say more? Maybe he should have called him on his cell phone…

  3. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me. Honest mistake. Let’s try to not do it again.

  4. FireCrean2011, it’s almost as if you are a plant to build support for CTC. Are you really that stupid or is CTC paying you to say stupid things critical of him? I don’t buy into conspiracies but, my goodness, it’s hard to believe someone could really be this obtuse.

  5. Hey Casey, my bad on that. You’re allowed three off-campus in-person contacts with a recruit per academic year. This counts as one, IU forfeits another, and they have one remaining.
    I don’t want to come off as an apologist here, but secondary violations happen so much more than people realize. And they happen about as much as you’d imagine they would with a humongous rule book. This is a slightly bigger deal than some of them, but not a huge thing. We obviously had to report this, but it isn’t Watergate.

  6. WTF? Who’s in charge, Crean or Buckley? This may not be a big deal to some, even me, but we can not be flirting with fire. We do not need this. No more problems or distractions before the season starts.

  7. If you guys think that CTC is responsible for keeping track of visits to recruits you’re out of your minds. You’ll notice that ‘FireCrean’ referred to IU fans as “you fools”. He’s no IU fan.

  8. What a Joke. Like Anyone at all gives a dang about Rules Right? We All Know The Educated are so far Above the Rest of us that they Don’t need to Floow any rules. Don’t you watch the Telly Vision.. It’s Really Imformative for all of us Eneducated morons………….LOL

    Goverment taeches Dishonesty is the best for all of us & Crime Really does pay. Ask Any High official or Politiction

  9. Here’s something to put the violation into perspective, from @JeffRabjohns: “Just for a comparison’s sake, Alabama this summer announced 44 secondary violations committed over a two-year period.”

  10. DD, it may not be a major violation but it is a violation, And, I understand that the NCAA has an absolutely ridiculous set of rules that lend themselves to be violated by their mass and complexity, even unintentionally (the new NCAA president admitted as much last month as he spoke of reviewing the ‘book’)…they are still violations of our obligation to comply.

    How hard would it be for Athletic Dept. compliance at IU to use its computer network to make sure all coaches are aware of ‘open and closed’ periods, keep counts on telephone and other contacts, etc., visits, etc. It sounds as if this issue is an administrative but TC’s ignorance of the ‘contact dates’ does pucker my lips a bit. Nevertheless, I’ll give him benefit of the doubt, the timeline of the violation and the self-report- a week- suggest that.

    Nevertheless, the consequences of poor administration of the rule book(the function) could be disastrous to a program that is barely getting off its knees off a previous set of violations that initially seemed as a record-keeping screw up.

    Just today we (a number of us bloggers) were having a great dialogue on the blog about the pride that is building as we rebuild a badly neglected, even abused, athletic program at IU. You can sense the pride Hoosiers want to have in doing things the right way and in ‘winning’n every way.

    DD, I do not think your position is that of an ‘apologist’ (aside from all the arguments, I believe you have solid integrity); but, your defense of the circumstances in this case would raise an unintended question. I actually think you’d be better off to just report the incident, clarify specific questions and reserve further comment/opinion in the paper or, even more so, in the blog. Hope you read this as it is intended, with good will.

  11. As I was writing my comment to DD, PB was posting Eamon’s…Exactly the point. Eamon is absolutely right. There is a much netter way for compliance over ‘these minor issues’. Rather than announce it by a half-page press release from a deputy-assistant athletic press clerk, the coach responsible should be required to call a press conference and personally announce the violation, the institutional and personal remedy indicated.

    We would see a quick end to these “oops!”

  12. On 9/26/11 Dustin posted a blog titled “We don’t care about that anymore” I am aware that there are different violations concerning the telephone but it appears that folks may be overreacting in this case.

  13. My only concern would be that this may be a probation violation. But maybe we’re not on probation anymore. I don’t remember the exact time line of that. Regardless, I hope Gary Harris commits to IU this weekend!

  14. I did did a quick web search. One secondary violation? Here are some of the hits. Clemson 9, Pitt “a significant number”, Texas Tech “averaged 20 secondary violations a year”, Oklahoma “a series”, Washington “secondary violations are very common”, Florida 14, Georgia 9, Alabama 36 (they keep a running list on their website), Iowa 13, it goes on forever. I didn’t even mention all the schools you’d suspect. There were hits on ALL of them.

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this.

  15. Coach Crean has no business holding a PC to announce this type of violation. That is what media spokesmen in the AD’s office are for. His responsibility is to report to compliance of a violation. Nor should he take over the administration of recruitment from Buckley. That is what his staff is for, each being a go to resource to advise about whatever action the Coach is wanting to undertake. You surround yourself with good people, let them do their jobs and they will learn from their mistakes. Buckley received a disciplinary letter for the mistake and will tighten up in the needed area. AD Glass knows the correct action to take. 1 or 2 minor infractions a year is not serious and the NCAA has said exactly the same. They do not have time for it and that is why they encourage self reporting the same. A violation self reported repeatedly is a different issue.

    Obtuse, Chet I have not thought of that words definition in years. I’ve jotted it down for future possibilities.

  16. If a coach sneezes it’s probably a NCAA violation. If they let Scam Newton and his father slide IU shouldn’t catch any flack over this one.

  17. Chet, He obviously does not, but I do think he is responsible for keeping track of it. I beleive every coach, every year, maybe two, are required to study and take a test to show they are up on current rules and regs. I am more than willing to give Coach Crean the benefit of the doubt. But this was a bad oversight and not needed at this point in time, big deal or not.

  18. Nobody, nobody can commit to memory all the rules established by the NCAA. That is why they wrote a book listing them all. Chet is right, no reason to lose Z’s.

  19. Anyone who thinks that it was a mistake is wearing blinders. We pay CTC $2.3 million a year to know the rules.Making Buckley the fall guy is like Sampson making Senderhoff the fall guy. The bottom line is that CTC apparently is desperate for Harris but realized he was falling behind Calipari. The real problem is that the tan-man is a losy coach and there will be few excuses this year since he used them up over the last 3 years.

  20. HC, thats why they keep that book in thier office. This was a cut and dry date thing. Not an obscure rule.
    I will not lose sleep over this, but it makes me cringe with the season about to start. I have supported Crean from day one and still do. But I can’t look the other way every time a “mistake” happens or due dillegence is discarded. This is not Kentucky, or Alabama. “It’s INDIANA”.

  21. Mass., The only answer to eliminate your fear is to hire compliance officers to be coaches. Feel better. Would that put the program back on top? This is nothing about nothing. Except maybe to cry wolf and complain about falling sky. No one, no one will do better with compliance than IU and the reason for that is because “It’s INDIANA”.

  22. Pease don’t belittle me HC, I keep it respectable on here. I was just disappointed when I heard the news yesterday. Can you honestly say you were not concerned?

  23. Nothing I can do about how you receive opinions. Now, to answer your question, “honestly, with my hand on the bible”.

  24. Well the picture is framed. Do you want a coach or a compliance wonk to coach? It’s either or to attain just half the perfection you require. RMK had damn few violations. But that was the 70’s through the 90’s. In the decade since, the climate has changed(the book thickened),the NCAA was transitioning. The only scenario that would make me hesitant about my analysis about this minor infraction would be if we did not have a coach and an AD both on the same page of compliance. Now I do not want to belittle you again but I hope expanding on my position truly can make you feel better.

  25. That date is set in concrete.No way it was a mistake. Lying about it makes him no better than Sampson. At least Sampson could coach.

  26. H.C,–you probably still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Ctc needs to quit quoting the Bible and live by the Ten Commandments.

  27. I do Believe Crean made a mistake, sh!t happens. Nobody is perfect, and I do understand what you are saying cleary now. To run with your climate change thought, I say this. Coaches are, in a way, compliance officers nowadays. On the heels of the Sampson mess, the duffle bag thing, the Guy eligibility thing last year, right before the season began, and now this, to me is not easy to ignore. Not to mention the AAU and AHOPE B.S. I don’t think we are getting the death penalty. Crean will, and should keep his job. But the bottom line is, he should not have made contact.
    I like the results of this staff. And as others have mentioned, there is probably a better way to monitor and keep track. But, look at a calendar and use some due diligence.
    No, I don’t want a comp person as a coach. And I too think the administrtion(Glass & McRobbie) are heading in the right direction. Both very good men. Anyway, I don’t mean to take your time, we both probably have things to do. All that said, I think we agree on about 90% of the things discussed on this board. I enjoyed the chat.

  28. Too much drama involved with being an informed Hoosier fan currently. I’ll watch the games and cheer on the team but not enough time in the day to get involved with the chats and blogs!! Out!!

  29. Guy’s situation was revealed by a ruling made during the normal NCAA clearing house process to assess player eligibility(in this case prior to JC). It had nothing to do with IU’s lack of due diligence or being out of compliance. As you stated a humans make errors.

  30. So, was that Shooters Fault or Buckleys ? Or was it the NCAA kicking us while we were down? A product of needing a center really bad? Or did we hope it would work out for us? How did they not know, and why did it take so long for it to come out? It was a bum deal, but they had to of known his eligibility was questionable. To me that would be…uh., not doing the homework. I know it’s not cheating, maybe not following through?

  31. Do a quick web search and you’ll find that many, if not most, schools have secondary violations for all kinds of things all the time. SEC schools ALL have them every year, often by the dozens (see Alabama above). Was this CTC’s first one? If it is that is quite a remarkable record. It’s like being upset your kid missed school when they haven’t had an absence in 3 years while all the other kids miss school all the time.

  32. Guys, just talking credibility to fans that give him support. Just bad timing. I would rather lose out on a good recruit, than make silly mistakes trying to hard to land one. Didn’t mean to get so vested in this conversation. I like Crean and fully support The Hoosiers.

  33. Let me just clarify, because at Tsao’s suggestion, I want to stay out of these in terms of opinion. There is a story here. If there wasn’t, we wouldn’t have printed it in the paper. It just needs to be put in perspective. Let’s just say in the spectrum of NCAA crime, it’s a speeding ticket. The analogy there isn’t perfect, but you get my point. I still think it’s our job as reporters to point those out when covering a program like Indiana, because it’s not an entirely insignificant screw up, but when people hear violation around here they think Kelvin Sampson, and it just needs to be pointed out that this isn’t anywhere near that scale at all.

  34. DD, I don’t mind if you give your opinion, especially in the comments. Nothing wrong with that. This is sports, not the world news.

  35. MASS.HOOSIER,and how many of Alabama’s national championships been stripped away because of NCCA violations? Alabama is not Kentucky. I suspect you would take 36 SECONDARY INFRACTIONS any day If IU could play football at that level, and you are correct Indiana is no Alabama.

  36. I absolutely agree with Mass. Hoosier. This is not a matter to be resolved by firing him (or coach Buckley- I still don’t know what Buckley had to do with Crean’s violation) but it is a violation of the rules. The ‘recruiting period”! Our head coach does not know the dates of the permissible recruiting periods? That’s a bit of a reach.

    And, it was somewhat of a stretch to believe that Guy Michel had exhausted his eligibility until the first day (or so) of practice. It is the first thing that a coach should and would check if he was planning to recruit a kid who’s been playing for clubs with ‘professional divisions’ in Europe. (Why not recruit Ginobili for that matter?)

    I also reread TC’s statement on the Dakich show. There is an admission, a transfer of the responsibility to Coach Buckley, a rationalization (rather weak)and, as of yet, NO apology. It needs to begin with an apology to Hoosier fans who support their teams and have suffered the consequences of disregarding the rules. The Sampson mess began with disdain by the Greenspan administration of a record of minor recruiting violations at Oklahoma and grew from there.

    This behavior continues a pattern of behavior that has put Hoosier integrity in question. Good, solid, responsible journalists like Eamon(ESPN) now question our program’s integrity just as we do Miami U.(FL) or OSU’s. The worse scenario, is that they do so with cause.

    For those who find solace in other violators; I also don’t give a rat’s **s what Alabama, Kentucky, Miami, Ohio State,… do. I hope President Mc Robbie and AD Glass make this absolutely clear to the staff at the AD, carry out their due-diliggence, and review the capability and monitoring protocols in Compliance.

    I still would like for Coach Crean to say, for the record . “I apologize for breaking a clearly stated NCAA rule and cause concern within Hoosier Nation.”

  37. Ram, I like to win as bad as anybody, but no I would not. I did think earlier based on Chets research, that all the teams(winning) mentioned are the ones with quite a few violations. Go figure. Kinda like teams with low academic scores, win alot too. Wasn’t attacking the Tide earlier, just don’t want to have all the violations. Especially after the Sampson debacle. Now, I’ll attack Kentucky all day. lol

  38. MASS HOOSIER,The Alabama football program brings in over $72,000,000 a year. It is a big business with many,many employees.The chances are a few of them will make some minor mistakes along the way. They win because they are a well oiled machine run by professionals who know what they are doing and for no other reason. It is a business plan lesser programs should follow. Kentucky Makes deals with the devil.

  39. RAM…Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio State are not my concern. Some of the defenses presented to justify breaking this rule sound like former VP Cheney trying to justify torture. You’ll argue the relevance, I’ll answer you our minds and nature can justify anything, the test is in our willingness to accept our capacity to do wrong.

    Coach TC probably knows (or should given his frequent profession of faith) that repentance…unmitigated repentance is the true test of accepting our nature.

    MASS HOOSIER: I thought you were great from the beginning in defining the issue and getting to its core. Certainly influenced my consideration of it. It’s rather easy to confront some of the criticism you received when it comes from individuals no vision and no clue beyond their own immediate gratification. It’s harder when we need to address and disagree with those we respect, like and consider friends. I hope you don’t slide back a millimeter on your original position. It was right then and it is right now.

    We’ve talked a lot about the need for a new culture…it begins with those of us willing to take a stand and do the right thing. Stay tough!

  40. So you don’t want IU to be limped in with schools that commit NCAA violations? That could be a problem.

    The NCAA Legislative Services Database is the online warehouse for misdeeds in college sports. Since it began keeping track in 1953, the NCAA has accumulated 257 cases of MAJOR infractions involving athletic programs from the six major (BCS) conferences.
    Case No. 258 soon could be filed at Ohio State.

    Only four schools don’t appear in the database: Boston College, Northwestern, Stanford and Penn State. Since BC and Northwestern have point-shaving issues in their pasts, that leaves only Stanford and Penn State without major scandal.

    Want to know how many schools don’t appear in the database if you include secondary infractions?


  41. That should be “lumped” not “limped”. I think I had just read Get Real’s last post when I typed it.

  42. This was and still is a non-issue. It is not even a speeding ticket. It is more like an expired license.

    Who the hell is Shooter

    The reson it took so long for us to know the answer on Guy’s situation was because the initial denial was not made known to us(public)until after the NCAA delivered the 2nd one with same ruling in answer to IU’s appeal of the 1st one. That due diligence is the responsibility of the NCAA clearinghouse not a school’s compliance section.

    Chet it now appears you, Ram and I have no vision. It must run in my family since that is what I told my Dad when he would not allow me to stay out till 3-4 in the morning upon turning 16. There was a solidly negative outcome then too.

    Divine repentance needed for a minor NCAA infraction?

    Truly the only way for this to be resolved is for Coach Crean to make an appointment with Mass. and TTG to meet him at the gates of IU and get on his knees while they are looking down and plead for exculpation for such an egregious action.

    Justified torture equates to dismissing low level NCAA rules violations? Reaching? Not just quite a stretch but a broken vertebra stretch.

    So whoever takes a stand carries the banner for the new culture. On a blog? That is a hell of a lot of stances, a hell of a lot of banners and even more culture.

  43. Yes it does. It says a great deal about your referencing to the same. DH is dead. Who the hell is Shooter anyway?

  44. Im impressed, I have to say. Really hardly ever do I come across a weblog thats each informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, youve hit the nail on the head. Your weblog is critical; the problem is one thing that not enough individuals are talking intelligently about. Im genuinely content that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this concern.

  45. A few people on here, as well as people I have heard think Steve McClain resembles Shooter, myself included. I think it’s the hair.

  46. Norberto,
    Please send cover charge/admission fee in form of check or CC to IU athletics. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

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