No. 4 Wisconsin hammers Indiana, 59-7

MADISON, Wis. — This beatdown wasn’t historical, but it was still severe.

Wisconsin didn’t put up quite as gaudy of a point total Saturday against Indiana as it did against the Hoosiers a year ago, but the Badgers still made the point. Led by junior tailback Montee Ball and his 142 rushing yards and three touchdowns, as well as a 25-yard passing score, Wisconsin rolled to a 59-7 victory in front of 80,732 at Camp Randall Stadium. That didn’t match last year’s 83-20 victory, but it was still good enough to beat the massive 41-point spread.

The No. 4 Badgers improved to 6-0 overall, 2-0 in the Big Ten. The Hoosiers fell to 1-6, 0-3. Their only victory so far is over a Football Championship Subdivision opponent and they are already just one defeat away from being eliminated from bowl contention.

The Badgers scored four touchdowns on the ground — three from Ball, one from sophomore James White — two through the air, one via punt return and another by recovering a fumble in the end zone. Senior quarterback Russell Wilson completed 12 of 17 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown and caught 25-yard touchdown pass on a gadget play from Ball. White rushed for 87 yards and a score, and wide receiver Jared Abbrederis took back the 60-yard punt return for a score.

With a devastating advantage in the trenches, Wisconsin rushed for 332 yards on 42 carries, a robust 7.9 yards per rush. The Badgers finished with 524 yards of offense, which is actually just 1 yard over their Big Ten leading season average.

“There were some plays when we lined up right and fit it right that we got zeroes and ones and twos,” Indiana coach Kevin Wilson said. “Then when we’re not aligned properly and they get sound blocks, there are some big plays. Those backs are good players. … We gave up too many good plays. They’re a really solid, complete, good offense.”

Sophomore tailback Stephen Houston rushed for 135 yards and a touchdown for Indiana, as the Hoosiers’ running game was perhaps their only bright spot. Their 223 yards on the ground were the most they’d managed against a Football Bowl Subdivision opponent this year, with the previous high being 148. They didn’t get much from the passing game in redshirt sophomore Ed Wright-Baker’s return after a two-week absence with an ankle injury. He completed just six of 15 passes for just 54 yards, throwing two interceptions and taking two sacks.

The Hoosiers also lost two team leaders during the day. Senior wide receiver Damarlo Belcher and Will Matte both went out with knee injuries. Indiana coach Kevin Wilson said he was uncertain of their status going forward.

AUDIO: Kevin Wilson

AUDIO: Kofi Hughes

AUDIO: Ed Wright-Baker

AUDIO: Stephen Houston


  1. Meh, bout wait you’d expect in this one. I do like Houston. How much eligibility does he have left after this year? Was JUCO right?

  2. P.S. – We have absolutely squat at QB. What are you gonna do? Would like to see Roberson get the start next week.

  3. That, and the fact that we scored 3 or 4 ‘own goals’, pretty much the difference between the two teams. And, these seem to come (and in bunches) just about the time one things ‘they’re not looking bad.’ Our ability to run the ball was unexpected.

  4. That,… and the fact that we scored 3 or 4 ‘own goals’, pretty much the difference between the two teams. And, these seem to come (and in bunches) just about the time one things ‘they’re not looking bad.’ Our ability to run the ball was unexpected.

  5. what’s the latest on gunner kiel? rumors are rampant. is he still orally committed to IU? until he signs on the dotted line, it aint’ over with him.

    especially with brian kelly running a spread and coaching his uncle’s alma mater. not to mention steve spurrier, who got rex grossman when he decided to leave bloomington. and brady hoke rebuilding michigan is out there.

    what would you do if you were one of the top five quarterbacks coming out of high school? go to IU or go somewhere where your talents would e showcased and you would have a chance to play for a national championship?

    blood is thicker than water but not thicker than money and fame.

  6. As late as 2 weeks ago GK publicly reaffirmed his commitment to his future alma mater. There is no buyers remorse for he or his family. In fact what he sees happening with the QB competition at IU is opportunity. The rumors are BS just as the ones who spread them are BS’ers.

  7. Johnny Cee, give it up. I don’t know about your reading habits, (I assume you do read…in English), but I clearly remember reading both in the HT and some others (including the Star) that he strongly reaffirmed his commitment.

    At this point you are no only accepting the rumors (most of which are invented for the purpose of creating controversy), but you are also questioning GK’s ‘honor’ and taking a swipe at his family’s integrity and ability to pass those values on to their children. Yours, is more than a question (as well as others who have continued to repeat the rumor), it is a deliberate attempt to stir the dry doo-doo in your thinking.
    It does not surprise you believe that money and fame trump integrity and values. I would guess you possess none of these four commodities.

  8. TsaoTsuG, your ad hominem attacks, cheap shots and insults say more about you than about me. I am surprised they were not stricken from this site; they must give quite a leeway in allowing personal comments.

    I was not disparaging Gunner Kiel or his family any more than folks in Louisiana and MIssissippi disparaged Peyton Manning for going to Tennessee or folks here disparaged Rex Grossman for going to Florida instead of IU.

    I hope Kiel goes to IU (and Coach Wilson can recruit five or six four star linemen to protect him and three receivers to catch his passes and a fullback to block and get short yardage…) but it is a long time till signing day, notwithstanding Gunner’s comments reaffirming his oral commitment, and he will receive pressure from all sides to go elsewhere to maximize his opportunities in college and the pros.

    The rumors are out there, yes, and will be, because it is news, and sells papers, and the worse IU does this year and the less Dusty Keil plays, the more there will be such talk and speculation that Gunner Kiel might decide to go elsewhere. I don’t want him too; I want him to go to IU and succeed, but after watching IU football for more than 50 years, and seeing how infrequently they get a star of Gunner’s caliber, I am also a realist.

    In geology, there is such a thing as a “geological erratic,” a stone that is in a location where it makes no sense for it to be, a stone that wound up due to glaciers or other reasons being far from where it should be. Gunner Kiel, were he to go to IU, rather than to Notre Dame or Oklahoma or Alabama, would be analogous to such a stone. For IU’s sake, and his, and his family’s, if that is what he ends up wanting, I hope he is.

  9. Actually, I think your psychology of the situation is off the mark. The less Dusty plays (at QB) the MORE like Gunner would come. Assuming they are close, he’s unlikely to want to supplant his brother’s quarterbacking dreams. If, on the other hand, a Big Ten school that may, or may not, be on the upswing with a highly respected offensive coach (and he is) that has no established quarterback could actually be the most enticing situation of all. There’s no guarantee he might not end up holding a clipboard at Southern Cal but he’ll almost certainly throw for a zillion yards at Indiana. If he goes to Alabama, and starts, he’ll throw 12 times a game.
    It’s not all about the name on the front of the jersey.

  10. Exactly, Gunner sees the current QB situation at IU as an expanding opportunity for his talent and skills. In watching this seasons games he has to be saying to himself “I make that throw routinely”, “I read D’s faster than that”, “My release is quicker”, “Why is he holding the ball so long”, I wouldn’t take the sack on that play”, Why did he run, did he not see the open receiver”. Besides the Sooners, Mizzou, Bama and ND have made plans w/o him and moved on. Gunner is very comfortable about his future being at IU because he spent the necessary time evaluating it. The rumors and BS’ers who love them do not phase the Kiel family.

  11. Gunner also wanted to stay close to home. He’s a Hoosier, I give him a lot of credit for wanting to help IU. For those of us that grew up in Indiana, especially, Monroe Co./Bloomington, did’nt we dream of playing for old IU? Could it be just as simple as that? Kinda the same thing with Cody Zeller. Both of these guys gave up instant success for a challenge, to help make a difference. This, to me, shows great character and commitment. I can’t wait to see them play and to cheer them on.

  12. I live out west and this was the first game I was able to see this year. Wow…we’ve got a long way to go! Wright-Baker looked completely confused in this offense and has little touch on his throws. Roberson should have been redshirted. Gunner Kiel will be the immediate starter when/if he steps foot in Bloomington.

  13. My thinking has been along the lines of Chet and Clarion since Gunner committed. I have to believe that if the Kiel family believed that Dusty was going to be the clear #1 QB at IU for the next three years, Gunner would’ve gone somewhere else. If, on the other hand, Dusty felt like he was going to get edged out, and that Gunner would be better than EWB and Tre, then it would make all the sense in the world for Gunner to come and the two of them combine to become a two-headed Kiel-monster. If Tre gets moved to another position, I can easily see the QB depth chart being 1) Gunner, 2) Dusty, 3) EWB especially if Dusty is putting in late hours getting Gunner up to speed and improving his ability to read defenses and execute the offense in the process.

  14. For all those extolling the virtue of Gunner and how he will turn the fortune of IU football around in 2012 solely on having been rated a 5-star I have news for you, “IT”S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”

    Hoosier Clarion, Gunner may be thinking all those things you mentioned, but until he proves it by actually doing all those things you mentioned it is all speculation. Even though I believe Gunner will be star by the time he leaves IU in four/five years, I highly doubt he will perform at the high level you are expecting. The speed of the game is so much greater in college than it is in high school, and until things slow down for him he will be just as ineffective as all the quarterbacks currently on the roster.

  15. That is true of most young quarterbacks. But there is a difference with Gunner. Remember, he comes from a long line of quarterbacks. While it’s a bit of a reach, think the Manning or the Luck or the Sims families. When your family has been in the quarterback business for a long time you tend to be a bit ahead of the game. At least I’ve seen it happen before.

  16. GK, if he does come to IU, will certainly make a difference. But, it will be a marginal difference at best. The talent gap in this program is very, very significant and cannot be addressed by one player no matter how talented. At present, we are outmanned in B10 competition at every position save kicker. KW is rebuilding but the cupboard he inherited is pretty empty and it will take many years to restock to B10 competition level.

  17. I think the general consensus around the Scoop was that BL had been recruiting mid major talent the entire time he was here. Some guys turned out to be pretty good but the factor that really impacted us was size. Just like speed you can’t teach a kid to be big. You can put them in the weight room. Especially if they are freshmen.

    It’s gonna take time.

  18. I think the point is that Gunner Kiel made a commitment to Indiana after quite a bit of deliberation. His family clearly supported his decision and, in a subsequent story, went into some detail in how carefully Gunner considered his options before he made it. It was obvious from his father’s narrative playing, for IU came from deep within Gunner, after careful consideration of his options.

    Almost immediately, the subject was changed from ‘where will Gunner go?’ to ‘when will Gunner de-comitt?’ to shake the rug out from under both Gunner and IU, not by Gunner himself but by those fanning the rumors.

    The gossip became so intense, some two weeks ago Gunner himself reaffirmed his commitment and stated publicly he had not intention of changing it. In fact, he said he was looking forward to coming to IU and playing under coach Wilson; and to playing and competing with his brother Rusty.

    That was not enough for some evil minds. Within days, the rumors were revived and recirculated from, mostly, the same sources that invented them to begin with. The only surprise, is that those inventing say they are Hoosier fans and claim an allegiance to IU.

    I now think this last contention is as malicious and false as the rumors themselves. Worse, they dress it up in scenarios that appear to pit Gunner vs. Rusty displace other players, ignore the competitiveness of other young quarterbacks (EWB, TR) and question the ability of Kevin Wilson and his staff to develop a competitive team.

    The truth? Given the mind set of ‘losers’, even those dressed in crimson and cream (white),…is anyone surprised?…gossip on.

    In accepting the challenge Gunner, Rusty and the rest of the Kiel family, as well as the other players who want to wear the Hoosier uniform are actually saying the challenge in IU football is one of the factors in an environment that attracts them and makes the challenge exciting.

    It is no wonder then that many of the doubters do not understand Gunner’s or, for that matter Kevin Wilson’s choice of IU, commitment and resoluteness while the weak continue to gnaw away at it with rumors and gossip. The concept of challenge, hard choices, mission, success and winning are totally strange to their ‘loser’ mind set. Losing has always been a part of their lives and the possibility of ending the ‘comfort’ they find in losing scares them.

  19. First let me say that I have become a huge fan of Cam Newton. He carries himself with more class and dignity than I have seen in a rookie in a long time. That being said, the Kiel’s are not Cecil Newton. They’ve been down this road before. They know more about what they, and their children, are getting into than any writer or blogger. In the Kiel family this has become a right of passage. People need to let this go. It’s ridiculous.

  20. Waitingforwins,

    Boy you sure read more between the lines than I placed there. So I’ll give you some inside info about what I said. Will Gunner be All B10 as a Frosh? No. Is he a more talented QB than the trilogy presently wearing the C&C? Yes. He will be admitted early to IU in January of 2012 and will take part in the off season FB training program. Brother Dusty immediately starts an accelerated study and practice phase for Gunner to learn college level FB in general and the IU playbook in detail. During Spring FB he will receive the same amount of coaching and perform the same number of snaps as the others. In other words he will have the same % of opportunity to become the starter as the rest, only with more talent to compete with.

  21. Hoosier Clarion,

    No doubt Gunner will have an opportunity to earn the starting position. All I’m saying is that he will still have to adjust to the speed of the game at this level. His brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. may all prepare him for the mental part of the game, no one can prepare him for the speed. That’s something only he can experience and learn to adjust. Of course he will be practicing against IU speed and not the speed of many of our opponents, which is better.

    Gunner has the physical ability to make all the throws. There is no argument there, but the time he has to read the defense and make a decision is a much smaller window.

    OF course this is all meaningless if IU’s line cannot protect him. If he gets as much time in the pocket as our QB’s currently have he will be no more effective.

  22. I didn’t say that was what you were implying. All I’m saying that even though he has the physical tools to make the throws he still won’t be able because of the bad OL he will be playing behind, and the speed of the game and smaller window to make those throws will take a season to adjust. He’ll be better as a sophomore, but as a freshman I won’t be surprised if he looks as bad as EWB, TR or DK when they attempt to make those throws.

  23. Never said it and never believed it. Just commenting on your post speculating “…Gunner sees the current QB situation at IU as an expanding opportunity for his talent and skills. In watching this seasons games he has to be saying to himself “I make that throw routinely”, “I read D’s faster than that”, “My release is quicker”, “Why is he holding the ball so long”, I wouldn’t take the sack on that play”, Why did he run, did he not see the open receiver”.

    He may be thinking it but once he arrives and sees how different it is watching it versus actually doing it on the field he’ll look very similar to EWB, TR and DK.

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