1. I guess not much happened at or developed from Hoosier Hysteria if the only newsworthy aspect of the event is Victor Oladipo doing karoake. Interview with DJ or EJ? Prospects/recruits attending?? Bill Raftery’s thoughts??

  2. There are lots of facts,figures,pictures and video on “Inside the Hall”. They just do basketball while in defense of the scoop they handle football and other sports. I would
    have thought there would have been much more here considering over 16,000 fans were at the event? Very interesting to say the least. Maybe they think only those fans who attended are interested in what happened. IMHO this site has slipped to #2 when it comes to covering IU basketball. The event was not on TV or cable and to get it u had to video stream it so I would think a lot of fans would be interested in what happened.

  3. Why did we have Bill Raftery host the event if it wasn’t going to be on TV? I expected to see it on ESPNU but no such luck.

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