“Or” remains between Wright-Baker, Kiel; Nick Stoner listed as starting punt returner

Redshirt sophomore quarterbacks Ed Wright-Baker and Dusty Kiel are still separated by an “or” on the IU football team’s Monday depth chart and freshman Tre Roberson is not listed. IU coach Kevin Wilson has made a point to say that the Hoosiers will look for opportunities to play Roberson, so that obviously doesn’t mean he’s out of the competition.

There were few other changes on the roster. Defensive end Fred Jones is listed as a backup defensive tackle with Mick Mentzer out following knee surgery. Javon Cornley is listed as the backup defensive end to Darius Johnson.

Perhaps the most significant move is at punt returner. Freshman Nick Stoner is listed ahead of senior Dre Muhammad, flip-flopping the situation from the rest of the year.

The rest of the depth chart follows.

72 Andrew McDonald, 6-6, 285, Sr./5th
74 Charlie Chapman, 6-6, 292, Jr./So.
73 Bernard Taylor, 6-2, 278, Fr./Fr.
65 Marc Damisch, 6-7, 285, Sr./Jr.
60 Will Matte, 6-2, 282, Sr./Jr.
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 263, So./Fr.
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 263, So./Fr.
76 Cody Evers, 6-4, 310, So./Fr.
70 Justin Pagán, 6-5, 294, Sr./Sr.
59 Peyton Eckert, 6-6, 295, Fr./Fr.
88 Damarlo Belcher, 6-5, 213, Sr./Sr.
3 Cody Latimer, 6-3, 208, Fr./Fr.
13 Kofi Hughes, 6-2, 205, So./So.
82 Dre Muhammad, 5-10, 180, Sr./5th
81 Duwyce Wilson, 6-3, 196, Jr./So.
84 Jamonne Chester, 6-2, 199, Jr./So.
7 Edward Wright-Baker, 6-1, 220, Jr./So.
8 Dusty Kiel, 6-2, 216, Jr./So.
12 Stephen Houston, 6-0, 228, Jr./So.
20 D’Angelo Roberts, 5-10, 187, Fr./Fr.
83 Ted Bolser, 6-6, 245, Jr./So.
41 Max Dedmond, 6-5, 250, Sr./5th
95 Bobby Richardson, 6-3, 263, Fr./Fr.
25 Ryan Phillis, 6-3, 244, So./Fr.
97 Larry Black, Jr., 6-2, 305, Sr./Jr.
93 Fred Jones, 6-4, 265, Sr./5th
98 Adam Replogle, 6-3, 290, Jr./Jr.
75 Nicholas Sliger, 6-3, 291, Sr./Jr.
44 Darius Johnson, 6-0, 243, Sr./5th
24 Javon Cornley, 6-5, 235, Jr./So.
39 Brandon McGhee, 6-1, 226, Sr./5th
37 Mark Murphy, 6-2, 202, Fr./Fr.
53 Jeff Thomas, 6-1, 239, Sr./5th
46 Mike Replogle, 6-2, 221, Fr./Fr.
47 Chase Hoobler, 6-2, 232, So./Fr.
33 Zack Shaw, 6-3, 232, Fr./Fr.
9 Greg Heban, 6-1, 186, Jr./So.
6 Brian Williams, 6-0, 178, So./Fr.
4 Forisse “Flo” Hardin, 6-1, 198, Fr./Fr.
29 Chris Adkins, 6-1, 190, Sr./5th
8 Drew Hardin, 6-0, 200, So./Fr.
27 Alexander Webb, 6-0, 193, Sr./Jr.
23 Lawrence Barnett, 5-10, 191, Jr./So.
17 Michael Hunter, 6-1, 170, Fr./Fr.
16 Mitch Ewald, 5-10, 174, Jr./So.
9 Mitchell Voss, 5-11, 177, Jr./So.
18 Adam Pines, 6-0, 184, Sr./Jr.
9 Mitchell Voss, 5-11, 177, Jr./So.
91 Matt Dooley, 6-4, 251, Fr./Fr.
67 Zackary Young, 6-6, 267, Jr./Jr.
17 Teddy Schell, 6-5, 230, Sr./5th
18 Adam Pines, 6-0, 184, Sr./Jr.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 153, Fr./Fr.
22 Kenny Mullen, 5-10, 166, Fr./Fr.
14 Nick Stoner, 6-1, 167, Fr./Fr.
82 Dre Muhammad, 5-10, 180, Sr./5th


  1. Hard for me to believe that Matt Perez isn’t a 1 or 2. I followed this kid all the way through HS and watached him run T to T and or veer to the outside. He seemed to be doing well in games 1 and 2 then disappeared off the depth chart. Hustle? Lack of speed? Loafing? Doesnt seem like the Matt Perez I know.

  2. ABC,
    I don’t think he’s loafing, but I think they’re holding all three tailbacks to high standards. You can argue all day about which of the three — Houston, Roberts and Perez — is the best option, but it’s obvious each of them brings something different and something useful. I don’t know if Perez’s spot in the rotation means they’re unhappy with Perez or if they’re just happier with Houston.

  3. Yeah, I’d like to see more of Perez, too. But Dopirak is right to point out that we bystanders really don’t know why he is not getting more plays. Actually, one of the most amusing things about this site is reading all the comments about how KW should be doing this, or that player should be benched, etc., when in fact we are naught but fans with keyboards and an internet connection.

  4. Good comment Davis! I think many think the same, few (that I’ve seen) have the fortitude to say it! Something that’s been needing to be said here for a while (years perhaps).

    These guys (coaches) are professionals, in every sense of the word. They put decades of years into study…theoretical and practical; preparation (can you imagine sitting in a little dark rook with a black/white film and run the same 20-second play segment for 45 minutes, for 20 years of your life?; spend a career lifetime evaluating, succeeding and failing (just like a priest, an MD, a lawyer, a physicist?)and then, analyzing the results?

    We demand a good program, speculate for weeks on candidates, consult, interview….finally one is selected and within hours… we show up because ‘we know how team should play, who should play it… Rarely do we just do the only sane, rational thing… leave them with the simple phrase “hey, you’re the professional, do your job…see you in 3/4 years.”

    No, we ‘aficionados’ show up with our weekend mail-order coaching diplomas (from the back of matchbook covers I assume) awarding each a [fill in name of sport] Ph. D’s from watching 90 minutes of [sport], 10 times per year and with the deep knowledge revealed through …Divine inspiration, I assume.

    Your right Davis, lets let the professional do their work… we can comment on what we like or dislike, but first acknowledging we find it hard to even begin to know what we don’t know.

    Good comment! Needed comment!

    (Can I let you know on Tues/Thurs by this Sunday evening. I am back). The location is fine.

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