Raftery to host Hoosier Hysteria, Gordon and White to be involved

CBS Sports analyst Bill Raftery will host Hoosier Hysteria according to a release from IU sports information. Former IU stars Eric Gordon and D.J. White — who don’t have much to do thanks to the NBA lockout — will also be involved. The release follows.

Hoosier Hysteria Presented By Smithville
ESPN and CBS Sports analyst Bill Raftery will serve as a host of Hoosier Hysteria presented by Smithville for the men’s portion of the event which takes place Saturday evening in Assembly Hall.  Doors open at 6:30, the women’s team will take the floor at 7:30 p.m. And the men’s team will follow at 8 p.m.  Admission is free and fans are encouraged to bring a donation of a canned food item for Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

Former Hoosier All-Americans D.J. White and Eric Gordon also will be part of the program and will take part in the post-event autograph session on the Assembly Hall floor.  Fans will be provided with one item for signatures and may not have any other items signed by the IU players or its special guests.

Student Season Tickets
Only a few hundred student season tickets remain and students are encouraged to purchase their tickets at the IU Athletics ticket office in Assembly Hall.  The student season ticket package includes the 16 home basketball games while classes are in session including the Butler and Kentucky games. Ticket pricing is $240 for the season package and seats can be grouped together for a maximum of 8 students per group.

Students can put the tickets on their Bursar Account  by filling out an application in person at the Ticket Office, which is located in the West Lobby of Assembly Hall.  The deadline to purchase tickets and to have your group seating coupons turned in is Saturday, October 15th.  The Ticket Office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Stop by or call 866-IUSPORTS (487-7678)  or 855-4006 today to get signed up for your Basketball Student Season Tickets!

Mini Series Tickets:
Members of the general public who do not have season tickets may purchase the 2011-12 Mini Series Package which includes 4 games, 12/19 Howard, 12/22 UMBC, 12/31 Ohio State, 1/5 Michigan.

Pricing is $136 – Main Level
and $92 – Balcony
ni Series Parking is available for $40 (includes a parking pass for all 4 games).

If interested in purchasing tickets for the Mini Series please contact the IU Athletics Ticket Office at 1-866-IUSPORTS (487-7678).


  1. Really? No one cares that IU is finally playing up to recruits and likely sprucing up HH (with a host) and likely more individualization/personalization

  2. Did you drop the sentence from the Athletic Department press release where the first 500 HH attendees will receive a 30 second video of Coach TC’s well tanned belly button moved to appear to be lip-synching… “Indiana …Frangipana…Hail to Old IIIIIIUUUUUUU”…as 100 vestal virgins dressed in flowing translucent(but not tranparent) robes surround the visiting prospects and cover them with thrown crimson rose petals…

    The NCAA also released a statement this morning stating that it is now studying what constitutes a ‘vestal virgin’ in the case of Indiana and whether it is a primary, a secondary or a fragrant (flagrant?)violation of its Code Book.

  3. CTC just twittered that “he always tells the truth” so I expect the NCAA to never investigate IUBBALL during his tenure here. Is this guy for real?

  4. Any word on TV coverage for those of us out of state? Big Ten Network has had coverage in the past, but I don’t see it listed on the site.

  5. How about a sworn statement and a certified lie detector test based on CTC’s latest tweet? This would certainly put it to rest.

  6. Fred Glass- For the good of IU, please curtail coaches twitter privileges– have them study the NCAA rules during their twitter time.

  7. Get real, give it a rest already. You keep whining the same old crap and nobody wants to hear it. Do you think if you whine enough, we will all eventually just say “you’re right, let’s fire Crean”?!?

    It’s obvious that you already hated the guy before this incident, and you will continue to hate him no matter how this incident plays out. You are entitled to your opinion but spamming these message boards is getting annoying to the true IU fans.

    Barring any new, MAJOR violations, Crean will be here for a couple more years at a minimum. He’s bringing in the number 1 recruiting class next year and he absolutely earned that time. Once we have some grade A talent in here, he can truly be judged as to his coaching ability. Right now, he’s not going anywhere, so if you really are an IU fan then support the team and the team coach.

  8. For the sake of All That Is Good In The Universe let’s all get behind ‘get real’s idea and take away TC’s twitter privileges. Some people just should not be allowed to instantly transmit every impulsive thought to the whole world. Tommy, dude….we love ya, but sleep on your thoughts and then run them by someone with good sense (your wife comes to mind) before you post them.

  9. From Catch 22:”Major Major had lied,and it was good.He was not really surprisedthat it was good…Had he told the truth, he would have found himself in trouble.Instead he had lied, and he was free to continue his work.”

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