Report: Nick Turner leaving football team

A few reports, including one from Jeff Rabjohns at cite sources saying that Indiana tailback Nick Turner is leaving the team. Turner rushed for 157 yards and a touchdown on 28 carries last year and he was one of the few healthy tailbacks on the roster in the spring. However, he was passed up by JUCO transfer Stephen Houston, redshirt freshman Matt Perez and true freshman D’Angelo Roberts. He moved to safety earlier this fall, but got a carry for a loss of 3 yards at tailback on Saturday against Penn State.


  1. This is one where you never know how a player will flourish in college compared to high school. He didn’t play football his Junior year, Southport was 1-9, his senior year they went 9-2 and undefeated in Conference Indiana on the legs of Turner gaining over 2000 yards and 26 trips to the end zone. He literally ran right by the rest of the conference.

    Wish him the best in his future endeavors.

  2. I agree Mike P.

    Don’t you feel that this is the case for most recruits? The tansition form high school to college is huge. The transition from college to the pros is huge as well.

    The number of players who don’t make it as college football players is large. Are these players busts, no! We should wish them the best of luck and understand that they need to do what they feel is best for them.

  3. I think Nick got tired of getting jerked around. Coach Wilson was on The Dan Dakich Show a couple weeks before the season, and said Nick was his best back. Three weeks into the season, Wilson moved Nick to safety, only to move him back to RB this past week. Nick probably got fed up with this, and decided to hang them up. Would have been fun to see how he would have fared with all of that speed he has.

  4. Dustin – need to ask about him today with Coach…safety 1 week because he is 4th in line and appears has no moves. Next week he is #2 due to an injury but still ahead of Perez. Next week he quits and then the next day might come back.

    BTW – Coming back never works

  5. Sounds like Wilson and his staff went to great efforts to get him on the field despite his limitations. Big Bob, I thought you just watched your Boils.

  6. I was reading through the comments about Nick Turner’s decision to leave the team. They were all good comments (Mike P, Chet, Jay Gregg- nothing surprising there); some I disagreed with but they were making their point and that is also good and always adds to the blog). Great I’m thinking!…

    The Big Bob speaks up…

    I’m not sure but if I were Nick Turner I would consider it an accomplishment that I got Big Bob to make his usual pathetic comment on my behalf. If I were Nick Turner and discovered Big Bob liked me, I’d ask him to keep it a secret.

  7. Not impressed with Wilson and his staff? But he was impressed with Lynch and his staff? Wilson and his staff have done more in a few years then Lynch and his staff did in their careers, winning wise. Whatever the reason is, hopefully he ends up graduating from someplace or gets a chance someplace else. But quitting in the middle of the season is ridiculous.

  8. It is a very different thing to pose in your Hoosier uniform for your press picture, another when commitment and sacrifice are expected (as opposed to requested). I’m not only comfortable with Coach Wilson’s demands and methods, I think it is courageous of him to stand for them.

  9. You could see this stuff coming from miles away. If you were listening to Wilson’s comments back in Spring practice, and again after the summer, none of this should be a surprise.

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