1. PS Sad thing is we would most likely all get along if we were together…easy to be a jerk typing on a key board. The internet has helped us to lose our identity in the IU sports world as good solid decent human beings! -JPat

    I just wanted to tell JPat that Scoop would not be the same without him. There are thousands of words that may attempt to steal the effortless eloquence in JPat’s voice, but the dissertations upon dissertations seem to fall very short of a knowledgeable Hoosier fan that brings honesty and heart to a blog in serious need of a genuineness lost. Just my opinion…for what it’s worth.

  2. Lots of good things. D line, and the D in general, looked vastly improved so I assume they are understanding the schemes better. DK looked pretty solid, though I don’t know if he’s better the EWB or not. The coaches know who to play. Who would have ever thought our receiving corps would be our weak link (along with the O line)? When you are stocking the line with freshmen it’s gonna be ugly before it’s effective. At least they know they can physically match up with a quality Big Ten opponent.

  3. Chet, Did you watch PUke’s performance against the Irish. Pretty negative for Boiler fans to believe. AD had to make many promotional discounts with ticket $ to fill Ross-Ade for a game featuring ND. I question the financial health of PU’s athletic department over the next decade. You can only fiscally restrain to a point and after that point you need to increase revenue. The BTN can’t cover it all.

  4. I have seen this over and over again…You can pick the reasons….This game was not even close except for the score. Penn State should have won by 2 or 3 touchdowns plus a field goal. Next week IU gets beat by 20 or more. The following week it will be closer than expected but IU still loses. Maybe, they get an upset win before the Purdue game where they will have about a 35%-40% chance to win. So for the 2011 IU football season the record will be 1, 2, or 3 wins and 11, 10, or 9 losses. Go IU…Hope the upcomming recruiting class materializes and the next classes continue to improve.

  5. t, I think you’re mistaken.
    HC, No, I simply can’t watch the Boils. I’ve always kinda liked ND as they are in Hoosier country and I had a girlfriend at IU whose family members are big real estate folks in South Bend (their initials are C & E for you SB people), which allowed me to have good seats at ND games. Hard not to develop an attachment. A side note, said girlfriend’s dad built a mall in SB with Ed DeBartolo, who owned the 49ers during their glory years.

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