1. Thanks guys for your feedback and analysis about the game. I always try to catch it when I can. It looks like IU will end up going 1-11 this year. I know we lost Chapel, but I find it hard to believe we would be playing this poorly under Lynch. Even though we didn’t win that much last year, I always felt like we were right there with the other team and competed. This year, I’m not seeing that. Also, I know we have Gunner coming in next year, but the rest of our recruiting class looks like the same sort of players we had under our previous coaches. Can we legitimately expect to compete in upcoming years with the poor on field play and mediocre type recruits as before?

    Lastly, the guy in the back that keeps playing with his hair horn, who and why is he in the video with you. He always seems so excited to point out IU’s faults. He’s cocky about it too. There is no way he’s a Hoosier. It’s so obvious. Please drop him for your future videos. He adds nothing constructive and takes away from what you guys are trying to say.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hoosier Heart,
    Your paragraph about the hair was on the money.My wife and I got a good laugh from the video and your statement.

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